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The Bomber Bees, and Daisy goes for a wander in forbidden territory.

Yesterday I was taken for a driving lesson  in the free green 1953 Dodge pick up. So I can drive it to and fro with the asparagus that will soon be popping up if the weather stays this warm!  Did I tell you that… Continue Reading “The Bomber Bees, and Daisy goes for a wander in forbidden territory.”

Sausage Rolls made with Buckwheat pastry.

Look at that! A little dot that has got itself caught in my text. Ah well. In NZ  every little shopping centre has a bakery. They are everywhere. Whereas in the US people stop at a Taco Bell or drive-in Starbucks for lunch and… Continue Reading “Sausage Rolls made with Buckwheat pastry.”

The 7 Links Challenge is well met

I have been writing in the world of Blog since July 4, 2011. So you can imagine my surprise when I was asked to join the illustrious cast of the 7 Links Challenge and have a go myself.  It is really hard to describe… Continue Reading “The 7 Links Challenge is well met”