The 7 Links Challenge is well met

I have been writing in the world of Blog since July 4, 2011. So you can imagine my surprise when I was asked to join the illustrious cast of the 7 Links Challenge and have a go myself.  It is really hard to describe the feelings that are generated when you watch your readers popping in and out of the pages on your own blog. It is not like sending work away to be edited and printed. This is instant coffee. This is personal.  This is right now. This is sitting around my table.  This is just so much FUN with a little pressure thrown in just to keep me on my toes.

And  this 7 Links Challenge is so hard!  My body of work is so slim and most of it still cooling. It is like having to pull SEVEN really excellent shots out of ONE roll of film. However the challenge gives me a chance to look back and do some searching myself.

Thank you ChgoJohn from the  Bartolini Kitchens for issuing this challenge and consequently scaring me half to death.  His food is great so pop over there and have a look. I love him because he loves tomatoes!

Most Popular Post :

Even reading the word popular is exciting for me and  sexy on the farm has been the most popular so far. And a good one to start with as it is a wee roundup of all the characters on the wee farmy.  Now,  you have to do the voices.  With all the accents. I will be listening. No cheating.

Most Controversial Post:

Not controversial really, just funTen tips on surviving a heatwave   People were awfully hot this summer, suffering from the heat, the news was full of it. It was murderous outside and then I publish this flippant piece.  I did not mean to be flippant. OK you got me. I did.  But I have to say that some people would moan if their arses were on fire.  It is either too hot or too cold or too something. So I bite my thumb at them.  How did the weather become NEWS anyway.

Most helpful Post :

How about this one.  capturing a swarm of bees. Well, I think that should you ever wander out into your yard or onto your terrace or into your bathroom and discover a swarm of bees sat in your tree or your pot plant glaring solemnly back at you then you would find this a very helpful page. Don’t you think? Nice little fluffy bees. 

Most beautiful post:

For me piles of fresh vegetables at a farmers market in chicago are the most beautiful. If you are not into vegetables just scroll past them and look at the naughty naughty sheep at the end of that post! But I love this post. I do see the irony (these are not MY vegetables) but oh they are gorgeous. However just out of interest which post did you think was the most beautiful because I had a really hard time with this criteria.

Most surprisingly successful post :

This one I put together for a new bloggie friend who is going to get her first bees next year and asked me what flowers to plant hence flowers for bees  It was quick and easy and pretty. This was the first page I wrote that attracted readers who I did not know. Which really did surprise me.  And pleased me! Of course. And now look!

Most under-rated post :  

This was a little story  about some cows in church.  It only made a wee splash. But I just love it. I loved the sounds in it.

The Post I am Most Proud of :

I have agonised over this. I do not have a post that is perfect yet.  I am still working at getting it just right. Now, I know it should be a post, but it is actually a shot in a post, that I am most proud of. I took this out of the train window as I was being whisked up to the Big City a few weeks ago.  

 I love this shot because it roars along just like you and I do.  Here is the post that goes with this image  taken on the way to chicago   I love this city and have only just begun my exploration of it.

My last task is to pass forward this challenge. If any of you have done this before I am sorry, I did not know. Mainly I am nominating you because I want you to show us your work.  And I want everyone to see your work because you are some of my favs!

Bird Light Wind

The Dassler Effect

Mini State of Mind

Camerahols/Food, Photography and France

Chica Andaluza

Most blogs are new to me and these ones strike a chord. I do recommend a look.

Whew!  Now back to work. I had better get out and do some weeding.  There are huge weeds actually growing IN through my bedroom window.  I don’t think they are meant to be doing that.


18 Comments on “The 7 Links Challenge is well met

    • Thank you Tanya. I love the cows too. and as soon as it is a little cooler i will make more cheese.. promise c

  1. You are so right: DO NOT SAY.. “God, I am hot” because The Gods will make it hotter… I missed quite a few of these, but cows in church was the post that hooked me! Don’t sweat over posts being perfect. It’s a work in progress, a chronicle and sometimes the oddest things tickle readers. You’re doing wonderfully.

    • Thank you. I love it that you say sometimes the oddest things tickle readers. This is very true. And I will remember. c

  2. See? I told you it was fun, maybe a little daunting but still a lot of fun. And yes, the challenge was “well met.”

    • mm, maybe I should rephrase that ‘well met’ bit John, I was referring more to you having met and passed the challenge to me at exactly the right time.. ah well, as Mr Rufus says don’t sweat over it being perfect, it is a chronicle. And you are right. It was fun. Thank you.. Now I am actually going over to your blog .. i think you have a pasta recipe that i need for tonight .. c

  3. Absolutely well met C. Well done on being nominated, rightfully so. I am thrilled that you were nominated because I can get to have a look at a couple of posts I missed!
    Have a happy evening.
    🙂 Mandy

    • Thank you Mandy, am having a great afternoon, making more tomat conserva as I am hooked on the stuff. You would think it was wine the way it disappears from my fridge! c

  4. I like the cow story! I can see why you liked it to and not sure why it was underated! you have a great blog and love your writing style! So glad you visited me the other day! Hope to visit you often and hear from you soon!

  5. Congratulations for this exciting challenge, dear Cecilia! Some of them, these 7 links I know but some of them are new for me and I am so glad to find them now. Your photographs and your writing are amazing and I am one of your fan now. Especially this bee photograph, how beautifully standing, like a little jewelery or toy that I can hold it…. Thank you so much, it is always enjoyable to be in your blog. Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

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