Bridge on Route 66

Yesterday we were on Route 66 and we found an amazing working drawbridge.  I am now a confirmed drawbridge stalker. I am gobsmacked by the engineering and sheer weight of the components and how they all link into each other. Plus as the traffic roars across, the bridge jiggles something terrible which lends a certain amount of excitement.  (Not to mention wild camera shake.) This photo here is really only a context shot, so scroll past this one at speed.

The bridge goes over the Des Plaines River.

The colour of this bridge is really government.  Utilitarian.  Quite Intense.

Just plain, hardworking.  Look at all the grease on these um…. what do you call those things that guide the cogs?  Or are they the cogs? Someone will know and maybe drop the info into a comment box for us.

And here is the pier where our Riverboat and my darling little Tug (see yesterdays page) are moored.  Marooned at a mooring.   You can see the wall I walked along yesterday with my camera. If you follow that long straight wall right to the center of the shot you will see where the boats are hiding.  Pretty hidden, aye.

It is possible that this river feeds into another river that feeds into the Mississippi. Which means that my little Tug could take me right across America maybe even to New Orleans.  If only I could find a way to liberate Little Tug from its chains! ( What is that children’s book about the little Tug boat that ended up out at sea.  Nope that memory is too distant for me.)

I am going to find a way back in, you know. The locks on the gates were old but there must be someone who knows something –  so I can get the key and have a proper look and maybe get all the way out onto this pier.  I desperately want to know the story.  There is a story here.   I will keep you posted.

This morning we awoke to a gentle warm rain. How I love that sound. All the weeds will be easy to pull  under the grapes today so once the bread is rising and  I have  started the tomatoes  cooking  – off out I go!

I am very tempted to write  ‘Toot Toot’  now, but I won’t. Too weird.


16 Comments on “Bridge on Route 66

  1. Oh, go ahead. Being adult means being able to write “Toot Toot” whenever you want. Great set of pics, too.

  2. Kelsea and I drove old Route 66 from Oklahoma City to Santa Fe (as much of it as we could find) last summer and we saw some AMAZING old bridges. I’m so glad you shared this one with us.

  3. great photos! we’ve a drawbridge or two here in seattle that i enjoy walking across just because i love the mechanical marvel of the whole thing (got to remember to bring my camera next time i walk across it and snap a few photographs).

  4. What magnificent photos C – brilliantly done! I really can’t wait for the day that I get a “real” camera – might have to come and visit for lessons though.
    Have a happy week.
    🙂 Mandy

    • Thank you, Mandy. When you get that camera let me know. My Dad always said never have a camera that knows more than you! So look for something with a manual override so you can control the camera instead of the other way around. Your food is so lovely that you have a head start anyway! c

  5. Little Toot was just a tug
    Just a happy harbour tug
    And he came from a line of tugboats fine and brave
    But it seems that Little Toot
    Simply didn’t give a hoot
    Though he tried to be good he never could behave.

    Chugga chugga chug he’d call my lad
    I’m a big toot just like my dad
    Pull big boats with the old heave ho
    And away we go!

    He made the ocean liners wait
    While he made a figure eight
    With the greatest of ease
    He’d cut through the seas
    And slide …

    But he went too far one day
    When he slid in Big Toot’s way
    And it wasn’t a joke
    For it nearly broke Big Toot’s pride

    Won’t you ever grow up Little Toot
    Won’t you ever grow up Little Toot
    When there’s work to be done
    All you think of is fun
    Won’t you ever grow up Little Toot

    Ohhh Little Toot had quite a scare
    He decided then and there
    That he’d try to be good as good as he could be
    So when his dad came puffin’ slow
    With a mighty ship in tow
    Little Toot went to help to take him out to sea

    Chugga chugga chug he pulled my lad
    I’m a big toot just like my dad
    Push big boats with the old heave ho
    And away we go!

    Won’t you ever grow up Little Toot
    Won’t you ever grow up Little Toot
    When you get into trouble
    You get into it double
    Won’t you ever grow up Little Toot

    What a shame
    What a shame
    You’ve disgraced your father’s name
    Won’t you ever grow up Little Toot

    He was threshing all around
    When a storm came crashing down
    In the billowing sea he tossed and tossed and tossed
    And his heart was filled with fear
    For he knew the rocks were near
    With the waves in pursuit Little Toot knew all was lost

    Then he saw a rockets flare
    Come a-bursting in the air
    And he suddenly knew that he must do or die
    For a ship was in distress
    And as he pumped an S.O.S.
    He raced to the rescue of the ship nearby
    Try try try, do or die , do or die, do or die

    Well it seems you’ve grown up Little Toot, toot toot
    You’re a brave brave Little Toot
    Can’t you hear that cheering crowd
    You have made your daddy proud
    You are now a Big Toot, Little Toot!
    Yes you’re now a great Big Toot, Little Toot!

    Call me and I’ll sing the melody for you.
    Gayle in sunny Sacramento, California 916.804.0005

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