The Riverboat and The Tug

Yes, yes I know that an abandoned river boat and a tug have nothing to do with sustainable little farms. However I could slide these shots in if we put them in under the banner of preservation or .. um.. recycling!. We had to drive up to Chicago today and on the way back we wandered a little on  Route 66 and it took us along the river. I saw a bridge I wanted to investigate and then another one (I will show you those shots tomorrow) and as I walked to the bridge I peered through an overgrown padlocked gate  and I saw this. Hhmm I thought to myself. As you do. 

I walked along the road a bit trying to get shots over the top of a 12 or 15 foot concrete wall  and Look ..

and then this.. 

Well. So with the help of Our John and a pallet and some other junk that he found and turned into a ladder, then the infamous leg up – I managed to climb over the No Tresspassing sign. And the You Have Been Warned sign, No Go Area sign,  the One Way Street sign and the We Shoot Stray Dogs sign, way up onto this enormous, very high but wide concrete wall. I have to add here that of course I was wearing a vintage 1940’s dress, but I had just kicked the silly heels off in the grass. Over this wall was a wonderland of junk.  I LOVE JUNK!  This place was heaving with piles of  stuff.  Abandoned. Like someone walked away to get their lunch 10 years ago and just never came back.

I could see no way across this strip of water so I had to be content with my concrete wall. I walked down further, trying to get a better shot of this amazing decaying riverboat but now of course I was TOO CLOSE!  But then I found this.  Well here was a treasure indeed. An old Tug. Such a beautiful little dinky toy of a boat, just big enough for me.

This completely darling little rust bucket. Isn’t it gorgeous. I would be queen of the tug boats!

Everything paled into insignificance when I saw that little boat. I want that little boat. I want this one.  “I found a little boat, it is just right. Can I take it home?” I called back to John waiting on dry land for me. Our John said No.  No? NO!  No boats.


So I stomped all the way back along my wall, climbed back down  in a pretend  huff refusing his helpful hand and ended up with the skirt of my dress flying up over my head, and landing with an Alice of Wonderland thump on the grass. That was OK.  Teensy bit unglamorous. At least I had let John hold the camera.  So we laughed at me for a bit which is always fun and off home to the animals and the gardens.

This afternoon we are sowing more lettuce seed, and spinach in big pots close to the house where they get a bit of shade in the afternoon. It is still hot. Summer is still here. But we need greens for the Fall.


ps. and yes I can see that hair on the sensor.  I didn’t think you would mind. Out with the huff and puff tomorrow.

14 Comments on “The Riverboat and The Tug

    • I am going back. I am going to go into investigative research mode and get onboard the darlings! Then we will get some shots i think. Plus there is a pier, i will show you today! c

  1. I have no choice but to give you a score of 8. True, you performed admirably and the pictures are great but I had to subtract points for your dismount. Now, had John captured the moment on film …

  2. Morning USA,
    Found your thingy through the Rassay/Hebrides blogsite of Paul. Those boats look great. But why settle for the Tug? Go for it – make John’s day – have the full-blown, blousey Riverboat! You know it makes sense! And don’t our US cousins love these ‘don’t come near, or else’ sort of signs! My favourites are the grand old ‘Posted’ thingies: don’t know what they mean but they’re just made to be ignored!

    • You are so right. I could have the riverboat resting comfortably in the little creek down the back and I could put signs that say ‘Climb aboard, The beers are in the back!, I mean STERN’ (My dad used to build fishing boats!)

  3. Hi Cecilia! Loved the post! But, I do understand our John when he says No Boats! Pictures can show how precious the boats are!!! The good news is that we are FINALLY getting some veggies from our garden! And believe it or not (as we had almost given up) honeybees have come to help us out!!! That’s after 2 months of our garden growing. We are so delighted to see the bees!!! And, yesterday we picked 2 cucumbers, 4 peppers and more basil. (I’m still so proud of myself for the pesto I made with your recipe!) My John has just planted our fall garden in another garden bed he has carefully prepared. We are hoping to eat broccoli, brussel sprouts, beets, cabbage and all kinds of lettuces and chards and delightful green munchies in October. Sadly, still not a one tomato, but maybe the bees, now that they have finally arrived, will work their magic. Fingers crossed!!! I’ll keep you informed!!!

    • EXCELLENT. Your winter garden sounds like a winner too. Tomatoes don’t need bees they only need a breeze so fingers crossed.!! However.. the bees.. hmm.. wonder where they are coming from. Very very cool . Once they have you on their map you will get lots of them maybe. Bees make a garden feel so HOMEY. c

  4. Yet another lovely read C. You have turned somebody else’s “junk” into an art form with your shots! Beautifully done! Maybe you can swap them your pictures for their boats – just a thought.
    Have a happy Sunday.
    🙂 Mandy

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