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The Kitchen’s Garden’s 2013 Garden has Begun.

Is that even a sentence? There must be about four grammatical errors in that title!  However: the broccoli is up. The cabbages, leeks, celery and onions are sown. And  the first wave of tomatoes have been sown too. The gardens have begun. No spring… Continue Reading “The Kitchen’s Garden’s 2013 Garden has Begun.”

Showers and Fat Sheep (still)

Yesterday was another gentle day of sky watching on the farmy.  The root cellar is looking mighty fancy with its new coat of grass. But no rain Now will you look at this Rude Rooster.  I mean really.  Looking up her dress like that.… Continue Reading “Showers and Fat Sheep (still)”

Racing Cow and How to take photos of bees

Yesterday was a gentle farmy day. Queenie who spent most of the day on her string down the back in the long grass by the creek, and who protested loudly when she was brought back into the Corner Paddock, was in a high spirited… Continue Reading “Racing Cow and How to take photos of bees”

The Bomber Bees, and Daisy goes for a wander in forbidden territory.

Yesterday I was taken for a driving lesson  in the free green 1953 Dodge pick up. So I can drive it to and fro with the asparagus that will soon be popping up if the weather stays this warm!  Did I tell you that… Continue Reading “The Bomber Bees, and Daisy goes for a wander in forbidden territory.”

My Big Fat Mama

Good morning. I am up here in my loft with the vaulted ceiling and big South windows.  Sitting at my desk. The fire in the big room below is keeping me warm and I can hear rain outside.  The windows are still dark. It… Continue Reading “My Big Fat Mama”