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Gone to the Birds

It seems Camera House is tracking the big birds lately.  January is here, the long winter months have begun. The birds stay mostly in the barn, undercover. As do I. As does Camera House.  I often think that you would want to see something… Continue Reading “Gone to the Birds”

Are peacocks noisy?

Tui the peahen very kindly clambered up on top of one of the Car Carcasses so I could get a better shot of her for you. (Crouching down is still out of the question for me). I was asked the other day whether the… Continue Reading “Are peacocks noisy?”

Rainbow at the end of the Farmy

The Big Dog still rules the verandah with a firm hand. While the peahens still sneak about avoiding their motherly duties. Thank you for all your excellent ideas for hatching the eggs safely. Giraffe has her own little private run now. Shortly after I… Continue Reading “Rainbow at the end of the Farmy”

The Kitchen’s Garden’s 2013 Garden has Begun.

Is that even a sentence? There must be about four grammatical errors in that title!  However: the broccoli is up. The cabbages, leeks, celery and onions are sown. And  the first wave of tomatoes have been sown too. The gardens have begun. No spring… Continue Reading “The Kitchen’s Garden’s 2013 Garden has Begun.”

The Tiny House – First Drawings

The Kiwi Builder and I have been spending a lot of time arranging and rearranging walls and condensing, decanting and extending ideas. The pea hens watch us at work from the verandah.  In fact yesterday the doors were left wide open, because it was… Continue Reading “The Tiny House – First Drawings”