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Working on the dismount

While the team was doing the milking I was snooping about inspecting my cows and decided that all the signs pointed to Lady Astor being in heat.  I am not going to breed Lady on purpose this year (with a vet and a straw)  as… Continue Reading “Working on the dismount”

Butter made from clover

Amazing that an animal grazing on spring pasture can turn that grass and clover into glorious milk that I can share. Thank you Lady Astor for letting us milk you so I can let the milk chill and stand then skim the cream, then… Continue Reading “Butter made from clover”

Raw Milk

In the evening, just before the pigs dinner I let them out into the field for a run and a grass munch. There is not a lot of grass yet so there is still a danger of them rooting. So their grass break is… Continue Reading “Raw Milk”

A Surprise Baby

A real surprise.  Elsie has given birth to a wee heifer. She was already here when I went out to do the chores yesterday morning so the girls got to see her before departing. They had the best visit. The calf  is a beautiful… Continue Reading “A Surprise Baby”

Gone to the Birds

It seems Camera House is tracking the big birds lately.  January is here, the long winter months have begun. The birds stay mostly in the barn, undercover. As do I. As does Camera House.  I often think that you would want to see something… Continue Reading “Gone to the Birds”

Who is looking in your door?

I am a very lucky girl. A. because I love to have Tima looking through my door and B. because Tane cannot climb the steps – yet! Anyway he is too busy in the frog garden, he has discovered some unharvested beets and has a… Continue Reading “Who is looking in your door?”

Getting Going

Yesterday I could not get going.  It was so freezing cold outside   – hovering around 20F (-6C)  – not that cold compared to what is coming but the wind was screaming and it felt so much colder – I was driven back  inside, straight after… Continue Reading “Getting Going”