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So Tired Now

Every few hours for the last few nights I have been up to check Poppy’s Sty TV but nothing. She is way past her due date now and there is milk in that udder but still no babies.  Poppy does not have a perfect udder.… Continue Reading “So Tired Now”

Flying pigs

Not this pig. Sheila does not fly. She too much of a lady for such things. This pig. Molly. She would fly.  Molly has the most red on her body.  Red legs and the whitest little face. She is a beautiful wee pig. Very… Continue Reading “Flying pigs”

The last day before today

After such a long time waiting to have piglets I am still waiting.  Do you remember trying to breed Sheila to no avail (she does not like man pigs preferring her own company) in fact as you will remember she did serious damage to… Continue Reading “The last day before today”

Raw Milk

In the evening, just before the pigs dinner I let them out into the field for a run and a grass munch. There is not a lot of grass yet so there is still a danger of them rooting. So their grass break is… Continue Reading “Raw Milk”

The Kitchens Triangle

Kitchen, Garden, Table.  There is a lot of canning going on right about now. They call it canning in America. In New Zealand we call this bottling. Though neither makes sense when the food is put in JARS  – so it should be called… Continue Reading “The Kitchens Triangle”

Boo will have to mind the baby today, it will be a busy one.

Dawn across the sea of snow. Marcel is doing very well. By yesterday afternoon he was following me about the kitchen. Boo Nanny is having to adjust to her lambie rising up and standing and being almost a tall as his Nanny. Boo is… Continue Reading “Boo will have to mind the baby today, it will be a busy one.”