The last day before today

After such a long time waiting to have piglets I am still waiting.  Do you remember trying to breed Sheila to no avail (she does not like man pigs preferring her own company) in fact as you will remember she did serious damage to a very expensive prize boar and was quite cut up herself in the fight) then we got Poppy who was a runt, nursing her back to health. And now she is pregnant and I am creeping up to her pen like a commando to peek in and see if anything is haappening- more often than not she is snoring, or bashing up her water barrel, or eating like there is no tomorrow wondering why she could not have had these extra rations all along.  After all this time we have finally arrived at the day. The day the little piglet calculator tells us Poppy’s piglets should appear.

While we waited yesterday Sheila and I went for a walk down by the creek. pig walk

Through the asparagus patch.

big pig

I mean she really is a big pig and for the summer she lives on forage and kitchen scraps and a little grain on the lean days.

pig hiding

She spent some time hiding behind her tiny tree. Then steaming off in some random direction. Sheila is allowed to come for walks along the creek with me because when I call her she Always comes back. Trusting your pig is a wonderful thing.  I love this pig.


Of course when she hides behind tiny trees I pretend I cannot see her. Life is more fun when you join in.


In the evenings now I open the chicken caravan doors and let them roam for a while. They come when I call them in for dinner.  Though my sometimes my bad roosters try to steal my dinner away.

pregnant pig

Poppy was dripping milk  yesterday evening. I have been up and down checking her through the night – she slept- dawn is a popular birthing time so I will run across in my wild nightie right now, to check her, before I begin my early morning writing for the day.

I hope you have a lovely day. If anything happens I will report it in the Lounge of Comments and on my Facebook page.  I am terrified. They will be such tiny babies and she is such an excite-able Mama. The plan is to keep well away and not cause any undue excitement.

I hope you have a lovely day.

love celi

58 Comments on “The last day before today

  1. How exciting and trust in your momma, I was so scared that my big girl would have trouble with those wee babies, but she would grunt and then ever so slowly lower herself, if a babe was under and sqeaked, she would freeze and then slowly start again. I did a piglet barrel with a little door for them and almost from day one, they would sneak under their little door, borrow in the fluffy straw and pile sleep, safe but so close to momma

    • I have a lovely little piglet doorway too, it is a very old clay tile fitted into the wall and from the piglet view she can see her warm light and deep hay bed on the other side. I have found pregnant poppy lying on the floor looking in on a number of occassions.. If they go in there they will be safe.

  2. Sheila better not ever have a temper tantrum: that huge lady could do serious damage to man and property . . . yes, yes, I know she is a good girl 🙂 ! Poppy: methinks tomorrow not today and five in number . . . let’s see! [Ignorant city gal that I am . . .]

      • Next morning: our 4th: an early happy holiday to all reading in the US 🙂 ! Trust me – before I went to bed last night I actually Googled pig litter sizes: well, on commercial farms both in the US and UK they are looking at 14-16 with ‘proper’ breeding!!! So I may be way out – just guessed from the look of her belly 😀 !!

        • Ahhhh, you see? I don’t know how I thought that piggy litters were really large in number, but seems I must have read it somewhere at some point long ago… lol Imagine, 4th of July piggies; that must be a good omen. Come on piggies, it’s time! 🙂

  3. I guess it’s a good thing we’re not all there. We would all be sneaking and peeking. Ever so quietly, of course!

  4. Oh this is so exciting! And I have to go out and cant keep checking! I think we are all pacing like expectant Fathers at this stage. Good Luck Poppy, you have a lot of people routing for you!!

  5. I’m going for ‘Born on the 4th of July’, squared, so four of them. I’m hugely enjoying the image of you stealthing across the yard in gumboots and nightie, flattening yourself against the barn wall and then peeking round the corner, only to see Poppy nose down and bum up in a bowl of something, with never a care…
    Out of hospital, sore, a little dopey, but otherwise fine. I just *had* to check in on the Farmy before I go to bed, and it looks as if I may miss all the action anyway…. Rats!

    • Big Gongs for the quilt, hope you are feeling much better very soon. Laura

  6. Yeah, The Matriarch will be packing your 4 July lunch into Tupperware to be eaten discreetly on a nearby hay bale 🙂 Eight, at least, for me. Sending you both hugs from South Africa. Laura

  7. I’m thinking there will be six! Can’t wait to find out! Wow, that Sheila IS a big fat pig!!! She is just as big as our adult Gloucestershire Old Spots! And a good looking pig she is! xo

  8. I peeped in earlier and went off to pace the floor. Now it is difficult to type with my nose sI am sitting on my crossed fingered hands! A safe delivery of healthy piglets is my wish no matter how many. Don’t forget to eat Miss Celi, you need your energy too.

  9. I love that Sheila comes when you call her. She is truly enormous, especially in relation to Ton… And that tree. Well we are all rooting for Poppy and for healthy little tykes. We will all be checking in and out.

  10. The excitement builds, 8 healthy piglets born today into tomorrow !! 3rd and 4th !!!

  11. I’m sending gentle easy vibes for Poppy. Wow, Sheila is a big pig, beautiful, definitely not fat, healthy. I showed the picture of her with Boo to my husband and he said are you sure she’s not photoshopped, she looks like a hippo, ha ha. No just a big girl. 🙂
    I say 7 piglets on the 4th.

  12. I love it when animals think they are invisible because they’re under or behind things. Sheila…what a character! Fingers crossed for all smooth sailing for Poppy and her litter. I’m going for 7 on the 5th…7-5-15.

  13. This is too exciting C. I’ll be hopping back and forth to the computer all day to check on Poppy! And I learned another new thing today in the lounge…Porcine Cheese! Who Knew! My vote is 5 on the 4th!

  14. like everyone else- I am on tenter hooks waiting….I am guessing today sometime and 6 babies….

  15. I could hardly see Sheila behind her tiny tree 😉 Fingers crossed for Poppy. PS. Big Man is home & doing oh so much better x

  16. Today I sunk deep into YouTube and into the Sixties with “The Animals“ and Eric Burdon – what songs that were! I’m deeply moved…still. “Sky Pilot” is such a touching song. And “San Francisco Nights”, too. And of course “When I was young”… Oh, how was I that young then. That was one special time.
    And that’s why I’m late today. – It was so hot all day long, we still have 29°C (95°F) in the evening (9.45 pm). What else could one do than sitting inside, all doors and windows closed and a fan on, with good music?
    Oh, your shoots are so great today – wow! How big that pig is! In relation to Boo Sheila is such a tall lady – my goodness. Huge. In think I would be a little afraid coming next to her side… It is a blessing that she goes to your command. Like a dog (or as my cat did).

    As I have found out by skim-reading the comments until now nothing has happened yet, did it? And is there some betting under way concerning the number of piglets? I’m off to read the comments in detail now…
    Have a happy waiting – don’t be scared so much… All will be well. Oh, yes everyone is so excited and curious how it comes out. I wish you both a wonderful and an easy birth to you and to Poppy…

  17. Time the trickster… speeds up, slows down. It seems like only yesterday since Poppy came to the Farmy, her gestation period seemed to slow down, and now suddenly like her name… pop… it’s time. All will be well 🙂

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