Two perfect babies + three perfect babies

I am too tired to say much.

I checked Poppy every couple of hours during the night. She was definitely not her self in the night and in some pain. Panting. But no pushing.  No babies. She did pass a small  bloody  bag about midnight then after that everything settled back down and she went to sleep. This had me worried.

She had been up and down remaking her bed but no sign of any real labour other than the blood.  No real distress.

I checked her at five then still fully clothed fell asleep on the bed. waiting-018


Then at 6.30 I went back out and peered through, she is lying with her back to me and I can see two perfect babies roaming up and down a very well stocked milk bar. They are big babies. With big floppy ears, vigorous.  There might be more that I cannot see. Or even more on the way. It is hard to tell when piglets are born they are born ready to go like little trains. Legs pumping away.

But I am going no closer today.  I have had lots of good advice this time. The best being stay away for the first 24 hours. So I will.waiting-003

There now – Later I will go up into the loft and take a picture from there, she does not react to noises from up there. Other than that the barn is on lock down and will stay quiet until milking time at 7 tonight.

We go to pick up the new boar today too!

I will be back

Much love


PS. 8.23 am There were two when I wrote this early this morning but as of 8.00 there are three MORE live babies. (One was born dead after that long wait of almost three hours) So we have FIVE live babies all  squirming and  fighting for the nipple. She has eight teats! No need to shove guys.  She has cleaned (the afterbirth has come away) and now hopefully she will sleep while they feed. So  there we are. Phew.





81 Comments on “Two perfect babies + three perfect babies

  1. Ooo, how exciting – bet you are itching to get into the barn to see if there are any more babies. Can’t wait for you pics C. Congratulations.
    🙂 Mandy xoxo

  2. Wow, at last!! My hearty congratulations and can’t wait for the pictures of tiny piglets however many or few they are!

  3. Very exciting. I think you need to try and get a rest now x

  4. Gosh, the waiting is tough. Sometimes it seems they come all at once, and then other times is takes hours. Hoping all goes well! xo

  5. Oh, clever girl! Both of you! Strong, healthy, lively babies is such a wonderful result. I’ve been dipping in and out all day, hoping for news, and it’s the best news to go to bed on!

  6. Only 2. Interesting. I thought farm pigs had loads of piglets. My uncles sow never had fewer than 10. So glad all is well and fingers crossed that it continues that way!! Get some sleep. 🙂

    • Yes, I thought the same! I guessed that she would have 9 piglets — that guess was pretty far off the mark! Looking forward to seeing photos. 🙂

    • She is still going! Three more just popped out.. Though remember she did not come into a strong standing heat, we bred her as she walked around the pen right at the end of her cycle just before the straw was past its use by date.. .

      • Good for Miss Poppy for resting up after the first two–smart mama already and wow- 3 more!

  7. I knew they would be born on the 4th of July. Now you have extra reason to celebrate. It’s fortunate you are far enough away that fireworks won’t disturb the new mama and babies. I hope you are taking Poppy’s lead and resting now that the hard work is done. Two is better than none.

  8. Five little piglets and a new boar on the way, what a wonderful way to celebrate the Fourth of July! Now it is time for you to follow the piglets example and have a celebration drink!

  9. Congrats! I am so excited! I have been absent for too long and now I must go back and catch up on all the going ons on the farm. Sounds like a lot!!!

  10. Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant!!! Bet poor Poppy is really tired, and you are probably pretty knackered yourself aren’t you! Take it easy my friend – I will raise a glass in celebration of the birth tonight!

  11. I remember our first litter of pigs, same configuration, two very large ones taking up all the room with three to follow. Five seems like a small litter 30 years later. Our biggest litter born was 20. They didn’t all survive but who would want 20 kids at the same time anyway! There was also the time I helped reach in and pull piglets out! Faye from Ontario…just in case I come up as anonymous again. Congratulations.

    • Wow Faye – 20 is a lot! If she raises all five with out any stepping-on babies-incidents like charlotte I will be so happy.

  12. Well done both of you 🙂 Ooh looking forward to seeing our new little boar too. Hope everything continues to trundle along happily. Laura

  13. I can’t believe I actually guessed right! 5 on the 4th!! Do I get one of the Poppy babies as a prize?? 🙂 Whew is right! Congratulations Cinders and Poppy! You did it! Now off for an afternoon Siesta for you!

  14. Birth, it seems, is always on its own accord……babies , piglets, and puppies arrive when it’s time……..let’s hope all is well in Poppy’s new family ! Thank you for sharing and allowing us to witness the miracle of new life on the farmy ! Hugs all around !!!

  15. Five piglets – now you can sing “this little piggy went to market” with real pigs 😉 Hope they all continue to do well and that you get some rest x

  16. Yay too!!! I thought about you and Poppy all day yesterday!!! Cheers and much comfort to the new mama and her wonderful caregiver!!!

  17. Yay three! Congratulations to all! I have been telling whoever will listen (and no one really is) about how Poppy would soon become a mother. I am so excited to see the babies. Best to you and the new mama!

  18. Can’t wait to see the photos! Imagine how crazy it is going to be around there with all of those little Poppy juniors running wild, just like their mama!

  19. I have just been texting with my co-worker that is also a farmy follower — had to tell her about the piglets. Hope all is well and Poppy stays calm!

  20. Oh hooray! Well done Poppy and well done you for getting thru that nerve-wracking farmy addition. Much love to you and mama and babies. 😀

  21. Whew! I thought we were going to have to stop looking at her for a spell. 5 is not 13 so hopefully Poppy will have an easier time avoiding them underfoot.

  22. Great news, Celi!! Congrats…and on the 4th of July!! Have a great day!!

  23. What a surprise it must have been for you after your short nap to see that long awaited healthy piglets and that wonderful milk bar. And then even more babies. So you’ve had a very hard night. I hope you could have find some sleep since then and take a rest. I am glad that all went well. Congratulations!
    Have a happy 4th of July, Celi. Same to Our John, of course.

  24. So Happy for Poppy & You & the Piglets~ and hoping, hoping for everything to go smoothly & well from here. Thank Heavens for Darling little Yankee Doodle Dandies, born on the 4th of July!

  25. Hey what a 4th of July celebration!! Way to go Poppy!!! five little Poppies ~ can’t wait to see them!! be a good Mama!! you’ve already lit your firecrackers for all of us!!! We’ll lite ours tonite for you and Miss Celi!! Hope you get some good rest tonite Celi!!


  27. I’m so proud of Poppy… and you, Celi. It’s difficult being the human critter mama/grandmama. More positive energy headed your way from the woodlands in the South!

  28. Snap, crackle, pop, zip and zing. All sounds fireworks make! Congratulations to all of you.

  29. Once they’re a bit older and strong enough to avoid being lain on, do we have a Poppy’s Piglets naming? Lots of names beginning with P? And does Poppy’s new boyfriend have a name yet, or is he burdened with a long stud name and will need something a bit more friendly? I’m so happy for you, Miss C, a successful Farmy birth, and a comfortable Poppy, and five healthy squealers.

  30. All was well enough! I’m so pleased. And the piggies will soon get the measure of their Poppy mum, and so her dynasty will begin, possibly sooner rather than later seeing as the arrival of her new beau… err… boar is imminent 🙂

  31. Yaay! So happy to hear all has gone well! ❤
    Now little piglets, hope you get good at dodging your excitable Mummy! 😉

  32. What a very ‘farmy way’ to spend 4th of July 😀 !! So I was the other one to say 5 on the 4th and was accidentally right – well, logical enough: I just counted the spigots in the milk bar: I only saw five but there were six and one bub did not survive – congratulations to all!! Oh, after getting the boar, you must be so very tired! May everyone sleep in peace tonight . . .

  33. Finally! I’m catching up on posts, and so glad I can read them all at once. The suspense was killing me in the short time I’ve been reading, can’t imagine your wait!

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