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How to: BooBoo’s torn ACL

Diane, a founding member of the Fellowship of the Farmy who has been reading since the very first day of the blog asked me a question this week about her blue heeler who has a torn  ACL. (This link has a good picture of… Continue Reading “How to: BooBoo’s torn ACL”

Asparagus Butter

Most of gardening is an amiable battle -we fight to get the plants growing, we fight to keep the weeds down, then we fight to get the plants  growing into the direction we want them growing in. Then we haul hoses and sprinklers from… Continue Reading “Asparagus Butter”

Poppy’s Sweet Nine

Aren’t they sweet.  They are still a little shy but doing well. The North Garden is still not pretty and the plants are still  in the early stages ..  .. but there are literally hundreds of plants in there (and behind the image and… Continue Reading “Poppy’s Sweet Nine”

The North Garden

Just as I cooked up the last of the frozen tomatoes into a scorched pasta sauce, (I was Kitchen Mama yesterday) Ellie and Alex  began to plant the first of the tomatoes for  this winters batch of sauce. Any extras we will sell at… Continue Reading “The North Garden”

Normal storms

Last nights storm was so loud!.  The dogs tried once again to climb under the furniture.  The wind was high and the lightening endless.  But I am over worrying about them. It is always a surprise when the storms roll in after a hot… Continue Reading “Normal storms”

A murmur

A Murmuration.   Not a murmur – a murmuration. Of starlings.  The first of the starlings always come half way through the summer and line up on the power lines watching the crops grow. Waiting for the corn.  By harvest time there will be thousands… Continue Reading “A murmur”

Let’s call the whole thing off

Here is my first tomato.  I have officially won the yearly competition to produce a tomato before the 4th of July.  A little tomato to be sure. But still the promise of more to come. How to grow a winning tomato? Allow any size in… Continue Reading “Let’s call the whole thing off”

Prone Cats and Sleeping Calves

John has so much work now that he is working six days a week, leaving at 4 in the morning and not getting home until after seven. Lady Astor and I wait for him. John has an habitual cough and when she hears him… Continue Reading “Prone Cats and Sleeping Calves”

The Kitchens Triangle

Kitchen, Garden, Table.  There is a lot of canning going on right about now. They call it canning in America. In New Zealand we call this bottling. Though neither makes sense when the food is put in JARS  – so it should be called… Continue Reading “The Kitchens Triangle”

Peahens on the Catwalk, Kitten in the Garden

Pania and Tui. Posing for the paparrazi. Signatures later! Maybe. Lots of flat-out farm work again yesterday. Working on the little hoop house, and bringing in as much produce as is left in the gardens, tonight it is meant to freeze down to 35F… Continue Reading “Peahens on the Catwalk, Kitten in the Garden”