The Tiny House – First Drawings

The Kiwi Builder and I have been spending a lot of time arranging and rearranging walls and condensing, decanting and extending ideas.

The pea hens watch us at work from the verandah. 

In fact yesterday the doors were left wide open, because it was another  beautiful  day and Pania and Kupa, being the opportunist peafowl that they are, just walked inside, through the kitchen and up to the table to inspect the drawings themselves.  The matriarch is still calling it the Chicken Coupe and, as you can read, I have changed the spelling of the Chicken Coop to ‘Coupe.’  For my own amusement of course. And hopefully to discourage any birds from thinking it is THEIR new house.

I have taken these little preliminary images from the computer screen.  Next time I shall consult with my IT team and come up with better versions for you.

I am especially thrilled with the rooflines. The little box on the side will join to the house and have a bathroom in it with a glass corridor as an inside entrance to the Coupe. 


This View (from the West ) shows you the Verandah on the left (North side) that will run around in an L shape and join the existing  porch on the front of our house. Giving another entrance. The raised area you see will be a screened porch, and french doors into the Tiny House. This will extend the living areas.

This next view is from the South side.  The ridge at the top of the roofline is designed to let in winter sun, there will be windows across that top eave, and the eave will shade the summer sun.  My builder has read of a man in Chicago who has designed a little house that is entirely warmed and cooled through its design, using the environment (and a lot of mathematics) not electricity,  and we are aiming at a similar concept, though the floor will be heated for really cold periods. 

Next we will draw in the windows and doors. As usual I have too many doors. I hope this is not too confusing the next drawings will be even more exciting. Plus we will have the final floor plan soon.

The cladding on the Coupe will be vertical white wooden barn timbers, which will sit well with the house which has horizontal cladding and match the out buildings which have the vertical.  The windows  and doors will all be trimmed in recycled barn timbers. I have found an old wooden floor stored in someone’s shed. I do look forward to showing you the pictures of the Coupe with its doors and tall church style windows.

On the grass you can see a screen from one of the top windows; it was blown down in the big winds the other day. It is on it’s way to the rat house where I store things I might have a use for but don’t yet know what that use may be. 

Good morning. It got even warmer than this yesterday.  And I believe we still have a few more days of glorious weather. Do you think it might last until the Third of December, when you and I fly out to California on the first stage of our International Wanderings?

The Writing has reached  and surpassed the goal of 50, 000 words. Nanowrimo was an excellent challenge. (I am ready to  hand in my manuscript for counting on the first date – 25th of November). I know now that I can create the draft for a book in 18 days. And that knowledge is very powerful.  I am starting at the beginning again now, going through to make it more coherent, adding all the new passages here and there. So far it is very one dimensional and way too linear. Then I will print it and chop it up into chapters, using good old fashioned scissors and pen and sticky tape. Then back to the computer screen to begin the real work of editing, extending  and magicking.

I am working on an excerpt for you. Just a tiny taste for your perusal.

I hope you all have a lovely day.



51 Comments on “The Tiny House – First Drawings

  1. Excellent, and how wonderfully exciting! We’re going to bash out a few walls starting in January … unless the weatherman is correct – in which case we’ll have the worst winter in 100-years. If that happens we might freeze to death because we’re also knocking down the dining room exterior wall and putting in a long length of folding glass doors to the patio. And I’ll be without a kitchen for a month! A month! OMG, a month! (panic).

  2. Oh I love that you were getting expert opinions from the peafowls! The design looks fabulous – can’t wait to see it with the windows and doors.
    Have a lovely farmy day.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  3. The Matriarch and you will love that little house. You must be so excited! It is simply elegant. We built our passive solar house 27 years ago and it absolutely does work and has saved us a ton of money in heating costs all these years. It is situated south with lots of windows and a heat sink in the form of a large brick hearth and and an insulated tile floor. On the coldest days of winter, we don’t light the wood stove until dark on a sunny or even partly cloudy day. In summer, the angle of the sun is shallower and there’s a row of oak trees in front that shade, making it very cool. We have always wished we had installed heat between the tile and the insulated slab but the technology was too new in 2005. Last summer our son renovated the upstairs bath and installed a heated mat under the tiles. We love having warm feet! On another note, our sons are experimenting with building a Cob, or rocket stove for our new starts greenhouse. Google these terms and check it out. It is an ancient technology using masonry to create a large heat sink which only requires a small fire once a day to heat a whole house (or greenhouse overnight, we are hoping, stay tuned…) The cob is made from mud and straw or other materials and is very strong. You can incorporate benches to sit on as part of the heat sink. Comparable to warm feet, warm sit! …and congratulations on achieving over 50,000 words — an amazing accomplishment!

  4. Wonderful news all around! Love that your house plans are coming along. And so impressed that you’ve already completed the first draft of your novel! Congratulations, Celi! Looking forward to reading a bit of oft when you’re ready. Still working on mine. Nowhere near ready though! Thanks for your encouragement 🙂

  5. Did you have a good lie-in? Hubby likes your Coupe. Beautiful weather here also. We’ll be mid to upper 50’s for the next week! A good week for Thanksgiving break. Have a great day.

  6. Oh Cecilia well done, I knew from your blog that you would do it easily… you have such a free flowing, readability about your writing, I love it… I look forward to our travels to NZ and the excerpt from the book… now you know it is easy and 50 000 doesn’t sound so daunting…
    for the pictures on the screen I use “screenshot” which I think comes free with windows it gives a very good clear shot which you can save and then paste into your blog… look forward to seeing the “coupe” when the design is finished…

  7. How I wish more people would use mathematics and the environment to heat and cool their houses. I am able to keep our house cool enough in summer but do resort to a heater in the main room in winter. I’m looking forward to reading your excerpt.

  8. Good morning C! Passing through southern IL today. The morning light is beautiful. Reminds me of many of your pictures. I like the designs for the coupe! It’s fun to build from scratch.

  9. Congrats on completing the novel challenge. What an accomplishment. And the coupe is coming along nicely also. Well done. You have been busy, I mean busier than usual.

  10. Well done on meeting the challenge! (Not that I ever doubted that you could and would do it). Your new name for the house got the song Little Deuce Coupe stuck in my head. 🙂

  11. Love your little coupe! It would be a wonderful place to live. Congrats on meeting the 50,000 word goal. I can’t wait for your little taste of the book. Hope you have a lovely day.

  12. Wow, the tiny house looks really exciting. Congratulations on reaching 50,000 words in eighteen days – that is some achievement. And apologies for pressing the like button so many times my computer is very slow and I didn’t think it had register the first like.

  13. I keep seeing programmes on TV here about passive houses – expensive but worthwhile. It looks gorgeous…will you be taking PGs? (Paying Guests!)

  14. Oh wow Miss C – sometimes I think that you must have some kind of time machine, to accomplish so much with your days!

  15. Wow–the design of the little house looks very interesting: quite modernist, really–no longer a gingerbread house!

  16. You are a writing machine, Miss C! Can’t wait to see a bit of the novel. How you’ve accomplished that with everything else you do, I can’t imagine. I’m too easily distracted. I love the Coupe; I would love something similar, actually, in our back yard to use as a studio (writing, but I also have this unsatisfied yen to paint!).

  17. It’s good to have an extra (pea) eye on drafts of housing plans, don’t you think? The little Coupe looks very cool and I can’t wait to see more of it, as well as the excerpt from your book. Congrats on writing it in 18 days…that is really awesome, celi! 🙂

  18. Drawings are beautiful – I think the clever thingy you are doing with the eaves, is oh so clever, and beautiful for the beholder.
    Love that you took literal screen shots….. is there anyway you can save the drawing (presumably in CAD or some other architecture type programme) and do a save as…. jpeg/adobe, whatist thingy ?

  19. You are busy constructing all sorts of things.
    People used to pay more attention to the environment and build appropriately: window on opposite sides of house to take advantage of prevailing winds, window positioned to take in warmth from sun in winter – but shaded by porches or wide overhangs during our broiling summers – even open “dog trot” corridors through the middle of houses to create a tiny wind tunnel for hot weather days ( but those were cold in winter!). Our last house had a rood line like that – the windows up high were so wonderful – although kid worried vampires would peek in at night.
    Really interested in your projects: words and wood! Glad you have local supervisors keeping a bird’s eye on it all

  20. I adore the pictures; the shadings on the pea-hens; is that what you call them, the gutsyness and the nerve of going straight into the kitchen, and i adore the house. I live in 2 room pool house with my husband, and it’s in a fancy schmancy part of town, low rent, we live on small income, and i’m so grateful, but at times i surf the computer waves for photos of small livable spaces and pug dogs; at the moment – pugs are ahead; what can i say; i go weak in the knees when I spot one; total best wishes and kudos on your novel; i’m working on my last year’s Nano; it’s going slowly; get too distracted;but who knows!@

  21. Oh Cinders…your little coupe is so nice…even on paper…to look at! It will be absolutely beautiful when finished, I’m sure!! Who wouldn’t want to live there?? Love that your peas are keeping an eye on things and congrats on your writing…you are so talented…in so many ways!!

  22. I just had the most delightful conversation with a young girl from NZ. I was putting in an order for a Christmas gift and I got her as my contact! I was delighted! And she even KNEW where I lived —which is a huge surprise—how she came about living in the USA is she worked for an Adult Beverage Company, they sent her all over the world and even to Grand Junction and parts of our little county (we have lots of wine here). Eventually she grew tired of the travel and took a job in California. What a Hoot!


  23. Nice, nice, nice. Bet you’re so looking forward to a space of your own. I love having my own spaces in Vancouver and Oxfordshire. Also love that I can have stargazer lilies in my studios as Robert finds the scent too strong but I love, LOVE it. (There, you can see how a space of one’s own is a benefit, don’t have to antagonize your love with flowers.) 🙂

  24. I love the way you multi-task the multitude of daily & farmy tasks, words and coupe project – at least you don’t have to look far to find project managers 😉

  25. I love it! Such an exciting project to mull over and twiddle with and otherwise savor!

  26. Enjoy the editing: such a joy and satisfaction to know the basics are in the bag and now one can let the magic of cutting and pasting and addding and subtracting commence. Love the shape of the ‘coupe’: I am a totally thwarted architect: was drawing house plans instead of playing with dollies by 5-6! Funny world: seem to have done all else in my life but put people in houses 😀 !

  27. The more I see of the cCupe, Celi, the more I like it. I’m sure The Matriarch is going to love it. So will the pea hens if you’re not careful! 🙂
    Hope you enjoyed your day off yesterday. We could not have asked for better weather. Have a good evening, Celi.

  28. What a great little house, I’m sure the Matriarch is pleased as punch! I can’t believe the luminescence you were able to achieve on the birds, very nice. Congrats on the writing too, I have a blogging friend in California who is suffering from a block, maybe you can send some positive writing her way!

  29. Yay on NaNo! And way ahead of schedule. Good for you! Love those peafowl. The Tiny House is looking good. I should show it to my daughter, maybe she will build one for me some day. 🙂

  30. Congratulations on finishing phase one of the writing! It will be so exciting to cut & paste and start making it shine. I love the Coupe. It’s like a little Kiwi house, and even reminds me of a little country wooden church with parish hall attached – though that may not be the association you were thinking of. What fun to be planning this, and I can’t believe you found a kiwi builder! Does he say ‘four-bi-two’ and you know what he means? And many other Kiwi-isms no doubt. Does he say ‘she’ll be right’, when you are wondering about some detail? (I find this very funny, as you can see).

    • 😀 ! Hey, these are very much Australianisms as well! Actually thought the whole English-speaking world used them 🙂 !

  31. I love your concept drawings. How exciting to be working with a builder/designer who is interested in making sure the house is designed to take advantage of aspect etc to lower heating bills etc. And congrats on completing the writing challenge. What an enormous accomplishment xx

  32. Wow, Congrats on Nano and thanks for stopping by my blog. I am detemined to finish mine. And, now you have given me hope that I can. Thanks again.

  33. Celi,
    So much excitement on the Farmy! Congratulations on your first draft completion, and on your rough sketch of the Coup. ~Lynda

  34. This birth of a book – how exhilarating. It is as if you have climbed Everest – for this has been an enormous challenge and you are totally on your own expedition here. The Coup is sounding wonderful. So important that you are keeping to the vernacular of the farm… something many builders and architects could learn from you. as always – Virgiia

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