Miss C is Miss Ing …

… in action. Or soon will be.

Today she might be laid on her back, under a tree, looking at the cloudless sky. 

And wondering if, now that she has started writing, will she ever be able to stop.  And where did this superb, blissful weather come from?! And how long can she lie here before someone notices.  And if they don’t notice will they step on her by mistake. Or make their OWN DINNER!  

Or she will be locked in her study with the door shut and the window open, tap, tap, tapping on the keys with her stinging fingers. And not feeling a thing.

Good morning, Darlinks.  Tomorrow I am going to sleep in until the ridiculously late hour of 5.45.  So unless something incredibly exciting happens and who knows, this is the Kitchen’s Garden Farmy after all,  there will be no weblog page from me tomorrow.  I will be writing, writing, writing these next few days. Interspersed with farm work in the sunshine – my favourite kind.  It is all coming together.

Maybe soon you will get to read a small portion of The Writing. Once I have made that small portion perfect of course.

Have a lovely, lovely couple of days. Wish me luck. I am going in.



40 Comments on “Miss C is Miss Ing …

  1. How lovely that you’ll get to ‘sleep in’ I do hope you enjoy it; even when such an extravagance presents itself, I wake at the same ungodly hour as usual!
    Glad the writing is going well. Can hardly wait to read some if it.

  2. I love your view of the sky. It was like that here yesterday, but it’s back to dreary drizzle today.

    Before you go to bed tonight, pin a notice to the bedspread, or somewhere handy “DO NOT WAKE ME ON PAIN OF DEATH” I remember the last time you promised yourself a lie-in…
    Enjoy your day, however you spend it.

  3. Good luck with the lie-in…the old body is waking me at 4 these days, no chance of going back to sleep. 😦
    Enjoy the sun, the rest, the writing, and whatever else comes your way!

  4. isn’t the weather something? it is nice here also until right after Thanksgiving. Try to make sure to take a break from typing to enjoy a bit of fresh air before we have to close all the windows for good for the winter!!! Good luck with the novel!

  5. Good luck! I look forward to a glimpse of your writing. Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Hope your fingers are starting to heal, celi. Oooooh yes, please, do share some of the writing! Hope you have a wonderful sleep in tomorrow and a perfect day today! 🙂

  7. I hope you get to sleep in, seems the last time you had that opportunity, things did not go according to plan. Enjoy that cloudless sky and warm weather while it lasts.

  8. Well, it’s about time you took a little time for yourself! The weather for the next few days will not be back until well into next year. Spend some quality “me time” out and about, enjoying it. Having a lie-down so that you can look into that cloudless sky is a good place to start. Now, get to it!
    Have a wonderful day, Celi!

  9. We are wishing you a writing good week-end – and that everyone on the Farmy watches where they put their feet. Virginia and the Good Husband.

  10. We are warmer here up to 54* and the sun is shining. I feel ever so delighted. But also very tired as I’m taking care of my daughter’s place and she has a small wood stove (and several animals) so I must run to her place (2 miles away) every few hours to keep the heat on…as they say.

    She will return on Monday. For now I already tired and looking forward to Monday. Then I’m sleeping in until 6!!!!


  11. Good luck! ENJOY! But DO take some time to feel oh so good under that brilliant blue sky :)!

  12. This is great news! Celi is taking a day off the blog, and so WELL DESERVED!
    What serendipity. I too have been writing-writing-editing-fiddling with the text- etc -etc, and today, being Sunday, I decided to give myself a day off. The sun is shining here too, although the wind is blowing rather fiercely. I’m sure it’s good for the writing brain to relieve the pressure sometimes. Have a wonderful day under the blue sky.

  13. Good day, good night, good morning, good day, good night, and good morning. There, salutations until Monday……
    Have a lovely day writing!

  14. No luck needed C, you are naturally talented and a brilliant writer, although I am sending lots of happy, loving healing for your ouchied fingers. Happy writing.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  15. How exciting that we might get a peek at what you’ve been tapping away at this month. I bet it is hard to stop once you’ve built up this kind of momentum. I’m glad you were able to take a moment to stare up at the sky before diving back in — it’s good to air the brain out once in a while, isn’t it?

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