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A Surprise for The Matriarch

I kept this a secret from everyone until The Matriarch came home because I wanted it to be a surprise. (And she reads the blog every day so i could not even whisper it) So after we picked her up from the airport and… Continue Reading “A Surprise for The Matriarch”

Piglets leave home and Day One of the Home Grown September Challenge.

Today, Red Hat Matt,  one of the American builders who worked on The Coupe, is coming back to pick up his two piglets. He has bought the gilt (female) and one of the little barrows (castrated male) as company for her. So I am… Continue Reading “Piglets leave home and Day One of the Home Grown September Challenge.”

The Kiwi has Landed and so has a new Moggie

The roof on The Coupe, the most beautiful little apartment being built for The Matriarchs retirement that will be a guest house until she gets old,  (which is not yet) has finally been finished, every gutter, every cap, every little bit of every little… Continue Reading “The Kiwi has Landed and so has a new Moggie”

A Tiny Tour through the Tiny House

These shots of The Matriarchs Coupe were taken to send to the man who we hope will plaster our dry wall. This is a very specialised job, not for the faint of heart.   I thought you may be interested in the rough shots… Continue Reading “A Tiny Tour through the Tiny House”

The Kitchen’s Garden’s 2013 Garden has Begun.

Is that even a sentence? There must be about four grammatical errors in that title!  However: the broccoli is up. The cabbages, leeks, celery and onions are sown. And  the first wave of tomatoes have been sown too. The gardens have begun. No spring… Continue Reading “The Kitchen’s Garden’s 2013 Garden has Begun.”

Whose tracks are these?

This is not a rhetorical question. Are these from a rabbit?  Have to be a rabbit. Our snow hung around for most of the day but it was one of those calm, warmish cold beautiful days that slowly melted into the afternoon. Here is… Continue Reading “Whose tracks are these?”

An exciting development

We had all these plans for yesterday. I even made a list. Silly me.  Three things intervened.  Firstly it rained. Hard.   An inch fell. I am not complaining about that.  Then  the milking parlour pump spat the dummy. It did a proper job… Continue Reading “An exciting development”