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Drama in the skies

This little plane was spraying something on a nearby field and banked and turned above the barn a number of times. We had our own little airshow for a few minutes. Though what they were spraying, who knows. Big dog as a shadow. When… Continue Reading “Drama in the skies”

“But, I’m a GIRL! Miss C”

All along this wee lamb has been So Noisy. Now I know why. I changed their coats yesterday, Mama hates when I do this, she will BAA straight into my face when I put smelly clean clothes on them but the hand fed ones had… Continue Reading ““But, I’m a GIRL! Miss C””

The Tiny House – First Drawings

The Kiwi Builder and I have been spending a lot of time arranging and rearranging walls and condensing, decanting and extending ideas. The pea hens watch us at work from the verandah.  In fact yesterday the doors were left wide open, because it was… Continue Reading “The Tiny House – First Drawings”