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Shopping in Wellington

No! Not for clothes. No point in doing that. No point in shopping for clothes unless it is a new carhart jacket.  When I get back to the farm it will be work clothes all the way – until January when I return to… Continue Reading “Shopping in Wellington”

Use the wind

This is why I milk a cow. Ricotta cheese, Butter,  Parmesan cheese, Farmers cheese. Icecream, Cream, milk for my morning coffee straight from the milking – perfectly homogenised, Yoghurt, Sour cream, Cream sauces. Um, what else? Actually I am not going to talk about the milk.… Continue Reading “Use the wind”

The trap

Yesterday morning I found the chewed carcass of another murdered  chicken where John had parked his truck overnight. Something had eaten it under the truck in the dead of night. Plus another was dead in the run.  Something bad was in the chook house again. Something… Continue Reading “The trap”

Sheila and Poppy

The other day I took the door from between Sheila and Poppy’s areas. Leaving only a piece of hog fence between them.  They had touched noses a few times between the bars, and it all looked promising so today I opened the hatch in… Continue Reading “Sheila and Poppy”

Here’s to a new day

Every day is a good day. (Chooks drink milk too.) And I love to celebrate each day. In our own quiet way. Though yesterday was cold there was sun.   Sun is good. Yesterday Daisy milked 40 pounds (at 6am) , then 28 pounds… Continue Reading “Here’s to a new day”

Walkabout To Bed

Marmalade Cat spends all her time on the bed in The Coupe. In fact I think she thinks that The Coupe has been built just for her.  She is thinking of taking up a career in modeling. Marmalade is developing quite the mouth. I… Continue Reading “Walkabout To Bed”

All Is Well

TonTon, our darling Border Collie is fine. The growth under his chin, big enough to fit in my cupped hand, is a cyst. Possibly the result of a heamotoma or maybe something else, the Doc said. However he has antibiotics for the next ten… Continue Reading “All Is Well”

The Low Moan of a Cow

Daisy needs lamby kisses. Poor Paisley Daisy. So large. So ripe.  Just about ready to fall out of her tree. She stands in the center of her straw bed pushing sheaves to and fro, eyeing the walls and the door, centering herself. Then she… Continue Reading “The Low Moan of a Cow”

I am calling him Marcel

I might be a little premature. But I think he will live, he must live after that terrible day, so I am calling him Marcel. His mother died yesterday morning. His sister died the day before. Marcel must live. I really am of a… Continue Reading “I am calling him Marcel”

“But, I’m a GIRL! Miss C”

All along this wee lamb has been So Noisy. Now I know why. I changed their coats yesterday, Mama hates when I do this, she will BAA straight into my face when I put smelly clean clothes on them but the hand fed ones had… Continue Reading ““But, I’m a GIRL! Miss C””