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After I had dropped the last visitors for this year at the railway station, I arrived home to find Molly in the midst of another breakout. 

Today for hay?

The hay is not in yet. We had threats of storms all day long yesterday and  it takes a good hour for the hay man to get here in his tractor  and I pay him by the hour plus the hay just was not… Continue Reading “Today for hay?”


This post is at an odd time of the day but I am just popping in to let you know that I am home. Boo is home.  All the animals are present and correct.  I have been around everyone and they are ll glowing… Continue Reading “Home”

Here’s to a new day

Every day is a good day. (Chooks drink milk too.) And I love to celebrate each day. In our own quiet way. Though yesterday was cold there was sun.   Sun is good. Yesterday Daisy milked 40 pounds (at 6am) , then 28 pounds… Continue Reading “Here’s to a new day”

Good morning

I am having a quiet blog day today. I went down to the local pub last night,when I got home a great weariness descended upon me and this morning my brain hurts.  I hope you all have a lovely day. Marcel is very active,… Continue Reading “Good morning”

My Mother called it Crying Tired

That tired. So tired that the yawn splits your face and you forget to cover your mouth with your paw.  So tired that you have to lie down to eat and you don’t care who sees.  So tired that you don’t even talk to… Continue Reading “My Mother called it Crying Tired”