Today for hay?

The hay is not in yet. We had threats of storms all day long yesterday and  it takes a good hour for the hay man to get here in his tractor  and I pay him by the hour plus the hay just was not drying anyway. So I was not able to commit.  The storms just kept passing us by though!

So hopefully we will bring in whatever is dry today. Today is Alissa’s last day – after this I have no-one to help me throw the hay up until the weekends. Today we have to bring in the hay.

Fingers crossed.


Moving fast!

This morning I have to haul the big Hereford steer out as he has been sold (I loaded him into the stock trailer last night). I need to be driving down the lane  by 5.30am.   Then when I return: milk the cowm  then hitch up the rake and turn the reluctant hay. Then call in the hay men and stand by to throw bale after bale in a hurry.  Thank goodness Alissa is still here to do the chores for me while I am on the road and help with the hay. .

Yes. A busy day.

I hope you have a busy day to.

Love celi

PS – I found my glasses after a couple of weeks of them being lost and MY GOODNESS – this house is filthy!!!

WEATHER: Better not be a chance of rain!!!

Tuesday 09/05 20% / 0 in
Except for a few afternoon clouds, mainly sunny. Slight chance of a rain shower. High near 70F. Winds NW at 10 to 20 mph.

Tuesday Night 09/05 10% / 0 in
Clear skies. Low 46F. Winds NW at 5 to 10 mph.

6:23 am 7:18 pm
Full, 100% visible 7:13 pm 5:33 am


52 Comments on “Today for hay?

  1. My word! You certainly have a day and a half ahead of you. Thank you for the lovely photos, and best of luck with the hay.

  2. Oh happy day! I guess those clouds did have strings after all! The photos are beautiful. Do you think Boo knows that there is a woman in Italy with a very soft spot in her heart for him? Please tell him.

  3. Well on your by now; bon journée!
    Wishing you drying winds and limitless skies for a happy Haying Day! Silly Boo: ). Wonderful WaiWai – he’s looking great! And thanks for the full moon reminder! (Full Harvest/ Mabon Moon in September: )

  4. OMG! I laughed when I read that you found your glasses, I found mine in a kleenex box just as I was about to recycle it. They were lost for more than 6 months!

  5. You will have several days of dry and cool this week. I really like the pictures of the dog with chewed up frisbee. Get it a new toy!

  6. Super busy day!!! Hoping all goes well and that the hay is safely in the barn by day’s end!!! xo

  7. Good luck with the hay!! Hope it finally comes in right. Enjoyed the pics too. And glad you found your glasses!

  8. Poor Boo! No more chasing and jumping for the frisbee for him. He really did love it but I guess chewing on it will have to do.

  9. Loved the photos today C! Everyone looks so happy and healthy…Wai Wai is just looking wonderful..what a miracle! It’s so ironic…you praying it doesn’t rain and we praying it will…We are burning up out here on the left coast! Ugh! We’ve had no rain all summer…even here in Western Washington it is dry, dry, dry! 🙁 This morning the sun is just an orange globe from all the drifting smoke from eastern Washington.
    Anyway, I hope you have a good hay day and that the rain holds off till it’s all in…better yet hope it just drifts this way instead!

  10. Glad it looks like you’ll get the hay in all right. That was very naughty of Boo to snap at a kitten, he really does know better. I’ve found I’m much happier only wearing my glasses to read, write or work on the computer, the rest is best left a bit out of focus. If the spouse isn’t happy with the cleaning the job is available and Smoky doesn’t care as he provides most of the stuff (shed out fur) to sweep up anyway. Have a productive and happy day.

  11. Great photos today. It all looks so calm and peaceful and like it is chugging right along. it is, of course, but with a lot of behind the scenes planning and working. It is a sad statement that most people that are on farms nearby are “off to work”.

  12. I really need to go and get new glasses but if the light accompanying our shift toward summer is anything to go by, this house is well due a spring clean. August-September winds and no rain since June haven’t helped the dust situation. No time yet though, so we won’t look too much. It will wait.

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  14. Happy haying and great pictures. At first I thought Boo had a cone on and wondered what had happened. Closer inspection revealed the happy grin. Trickster!

  15. I had the same experience recently when I wore my glasses into the bathroom and realised how dusty things were. Cleaned it immediately but I won’t make that mistake again… wearing the glasses, I mean 😉

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