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The Cow Bra

Has arrived but is still in it’s box for the moment.  Can you spot the spelling mistake? We need to wait until the wound is past the cracking scab stage. Sorry to be so graphic. But the bra will push the teat sideways and… Continue Reading “The Cow Bra”

Grass makes me Smile

And animals out of the barn and onto the grass makes me smile even more.  That wonderful chomp, chomp sound.  And laying down where it is clean. Ah yes, I love animals out on the grass. Sheila and Poppy are officially Out of the Barn… Continue Reading “Grass makes me Smile”

Onwards and Upwards

I am still trying to capture the murdering bastard who has caught and eaten seven of my chickens. Yesterday there was no mink in the trap but the cat food was gone. So last night John set the trap just to be sure. He has… Continue Reading “Onwards and Upwards”

Sheila and Poppy

The other day I took the door from between Sheila and Poppy’s areas. Leaving only a piece of hog fence between them.  They had touched noses a few times between the bars, and it all looked promising so today I opened the hatch in… Continue Reading “Sheila and Poppy”