Grass makes me Smile

And animals out of the barn and onto the grass makes me smile even more.  That wonderful chomp, chomp sound.  And laying down where it is clean. Ah yes, I love animals out on the grass.friday-may-006

Sheila and Poppy are officially Out of the Barn too. They are back in Sheila’s summer corridor paddock with access to the old chook house which I tidied.  I threw in some clean straw too. Sheila does like her bed. So do I come to think of it. may-day-022 may-day-028

Their winter pen will be cleaned out and prepared for The Plonkers. I will put them  all together on the day I shift them all in there. lLter this week  probably. It seems to me that the fighting has a lot to do with territory. So if they all go into a strange area at the same time they are less likely to fight.  Once they are a team they will go out on the grass with their electric fence.  Number Three does not deal with stress very well so we will wait until it is warm  and he is back in tip top condition.

I let the pea fowl out for a walk in the sun yesterday. The boys hung about in the loft of the barn but the hens immediately flew out and made a bee line for the vegetable garden.  Causing all kinds of mayhem. John (who is the Head Gardener) made all kinds of  .. um.. ‘get those hens back in their palace’ statements.  There was colourful language.  My eyebrow raised. Then I herded the peahens back in again.  We are in disgrace. may-day-029

But they had a nice walk and some fresh greens, that was the main thing. Godot’s tail is growing. This was a very fast shot as he closed his fan with a decisive snap the moment he saw me creeping around the corner of a hay bale, but you can see those new long feathers.

It will be cooler again today but the warm up is coming! Sunrise is at 5.47 this morning. So much light.

I hope you all have a lovely day.

I am off out to milk my cow.

Your friend on the farmy




34 Comments on “Grass makes me Smile

  1. The Poppy & Sheila pic makes me smile. And the thought that Godot may be shy. A shy Farmy cast member. Nooo. It must be because he’s one of the new kids.

  2. Such bliss on those two Piggy faces 🙂 I dreamt last night that Mama surprised us with 3 pitch black lambs … give the three sheepy ladies a pat or two from me on your rounds today please. Looking forward to seeing Godot and Carlos Whatchmacallit out in the sun soon, naughty peahens 🙂 Laura

  3. Yesterday was so lovely that we did a very foolish thing: started planting outdoors. It’s at least 2 weeks before the safe date, and a frost can still hit us, but that’s what happens when you live through a winter like the one we just had…glad the animals are sharing some spring fever too.

  4. Grass makes me smile too. Every time hubby mows, I collect the grass clippings and put them between the rows in my garden which helps my girls stay between the rows instead of walking over seedlings. Eventually, the grass clippings make their way up around established veggies in the garden. It’s great weed control.

  5. A brief flight to freedom often ends in disgrace. I’m sure, to the peahens at least, it was worth it!

  6. My pig book says that if you have to mix em up together it is good to wash them all in something strong smelling and un pig like. Apparently the fighting is based on smell and if you use a strong smelling shampoo it confuses them for long enough that they forget who smelt right in the 1st place. It is good you are waiting till number 3 is feeling better as mixing them may be quite stressful. As would washing them with strong smelling shampoo I would imagine, if only for you!

    • hmm. they always get their heads in the way of the milk, maybe I should just pour it all over the lot! actually when I think about it maybe oil, they might benefit from being rubbed down with a good oil and olive oil mixed with a strong smelling essence, like peppermint or oregano..hmm, good idea. thank you.. c

      • I laughed at the mental image of three greased pigs smelling of herbs. It just might work tho! They will be uncatchable in that state, so close all gates! lol Great pics of Sheila and Poppy. Poppy is growing up! She looks very healthy and trim. It’s obvious they are very attached to each other. Who said animals have no souls? Not me! Have a wonderful day Celi.

        • mmmmm pre seasoned piggys. A new trend, perhaps?

          • Its like that cheese that comes with the pickle already in it, I always get a mental image of cows munching on pickled onions but it probably doesn’t work that way.

  7. I too keep track of when the sun is coming up (and going down). I am SO ENJOYING these longer days!

  8. I’m sorry you and your peahens are in disgrace but that was just too funny. And I bet those peahens aren’t a bit repentant! Have a great day Celi!

  9. Godot is beautiful! Thanks debweeks for the idea of using grass clippings between rows. I need something to keep weeds down and pathways clean.

  10. I think he entire NE and Midwest are so thankful to finally see spring this year. Right now we are driving through Nebraska on our way to Wyoming and then finally, home to Washington. Last night when we camped in Lincoln, NE it was 77 degrees! Quite the treat for us because it was winter in NH when we left on Monday.

    Thought of you when we drive through Illinois. What a blessing to have such nice thoughts about people we’ve never met in person! I thought about you and Al the animals and what a treat it would have been to pop in and surprise you for a few minutes! Ha

    • Oh How i wish you had!! Imagine! I was picking asparagus this morning and freezing it, we could have eaten it instead! Enjoy the rest of your drive.. be careful.. c

  11. Poppy and Sheila are so sweet together, their ears skimming one another’s, and Bobby with his Queenie, so cute. And Godot! What a lovely Sunday display. I didn’t know that peacocks can snap shut their feathers in an instant.

  12. We had such a long streak of cloudy, rainy days that when the sun finally came out yesterday, I couldn’t believe how light it was so early in the morning. I bundled up the baby today, and we went for a little walk out to our new thirty acres (bought from the people who used to own the land our house is on). It’s almost all hay field, but there’s an electric hook-up perfectly positioned for a barn someday…

  13. That gives a whole new meaning to “greased pigs” ha! I love that Godot does look half swan half peacock…Oh and I’m glad this isn’t the only household around that has colorful language when the animals do what animals like to do! 🙂

  14. Good Monday morning! Laughing my head off at the thought of pre-seasoned pigs 😀 !! We do have fast and witty thinkers in the Fellowship!! Lovely, lovely photos especially that of Godot . . . nice mother-son photo of Queenie and her bobby – am wondering how long he will nurse . . .?

  15. So good to see the animals moving outside. Godot is building up a splendid tail.

  16. Good morning, c. Now that Peder is retired, he is our Head Gardener also. He’s doing a splendid job at it, too.

  17. It looks like Sheila and Poppy had only nice things to say. They appear to be smiling and content. Queenie and Bobby look nice in the green. Those peahens have a good memory! The peacocks are handsome, tail feathers, or not.

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