The perfect O

Of surprise when visitors arrive, complete with bottles of wine, at dinner time when there is plenty to eat. So everything except food and conversation (and of course the bottles of wine) is gently put aside until the morning. friday-may-027

Today the sun is shining, we are warming up a little and the calves are galloping about the field with poor Marcel trying desperately to keep up on his short wooly legs feeling a little like a piggie in the middle of his coltish friends. friday-may-012

Number Three is still improving this morning and after the milking as I carried the buckets of milk past the middle pen, to my horror, I heard the red pig make a snorting sound and saw that he had a snotty nose. My heart sank and I put the buckets down on a brick where Tima could not knock them over and climbed into their pen. On closer inspection the runny nose was a piece of limp broccoli stalk. My heart lifted, my buckets were lifted and I carried on.

Now I am off outside to pick three buckets of weeds for the pigs Morning Tea.

I hope you all have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farmy


45 Comments on “The perfect O

    • It is slightly warmer, but I am still in my wretched clown pants, tomorrow will be chilly and grim again and then TADA the next day will be warm, proper like!. However today is a perfect day for gardening Viv. Just as soon as I finish my coffee I am off out. c

  1. Could you hear my intake of breath when you mentioned the red pig? Sometimes you are not good for my heart!! 😉 Glad all is well and that you relaxed with visitors, food and vino!

  2. Thats good. I did pray for sunshine for you so its good to see thag it happens

  3. Marmalade perched in a tree, Tima walking in grass that is probably tickling her belly and little piggy behinds. Wonderful pictures to see on a Saturday morning! Enjoy you gardening days in the sunshine.

  4. After rain and thunderstorms the sun is shining here in Germany but a very cold north wind is blowing. I’m returning to California on Wednesday.

  5. Very funny limp broccoli. I know that feeling of always being on hyper-alert. I was in a downtown department store when I spotted someone’s bare legs sticking out from behind a counter. My heart leapt to my throat. In the next instant I realized it was a mannikin lying on the floor.
    Which reminds me of a friend in high school who liked to play tricks on boys. She worked in a dime store in the nylons dept. and when she saw a cute boy coming down the aisle, she’d stick a bare mannikin’s leg into the aisle and caress it pretending it was her own leg–

  6. Ah, the old vegetable up the nose trick! I had a toddler do it with a frozen pea, which thankfully thawed and came out with a good blow. So happy it wasn’t the start of something nasty. Yay!

  7. I really just need to give Tima a big snuggly hug. Or a good cwtch, as my Welsh friends would say. I think she must be the prettiest pig in all of America.

  8. My heart sank when I read that, glad it was food! Is that Marmalade in the tree? Tina looks happy, what a pleasure she must be for you. She sure makes me smile.

  9. Tima…. what more is there to say? I am madly in love with a piglet !!! The other piggies look deliciously chunky, and it really suits Marmalade to sit in a tree….

  10. Oh, how funny! Broccoli stalk masquerading as a snotty nose. Hope all is well, and I’m still loving the green grass shots.

  11. Our weather is turning, at last. I woke up with cold feet, the first time for half a year! I’m so excited, because it means I can start my vegie garden. Give that gorgeous Tima a hug for me, chugging along up to her hairy little belly in grass. I’d never noticed, but broccoli stalks are snot green, aren’t they…?

  12. Glad to hear #3 is continuing to improve this morning. Thanks for the graphic mental imagery of the ploinker with broccoli up its’ nostril. You just added to all the list of reasons I have dislikes broccoli my entire life. Why can fans of broccoli not see that a veggie that is easily mistaken for a stringer of snot is not meant for human consumption? I’ve never liked the taste or smell of broccoli, now I will gag every time I see it too.
    I wonder how many of the farmy animals will end up with identity disorders given that Marcel now thinks he is a calf, Tima thinks she is your adopted daughter with bits of dog & cat thrown in, Shelia is convinced she is your human equal and Boo thinks he is part St. Francis of Assisi & part professional nanny to species of every kind. Even Owl is changes her identity throughout the year. I guess the only thing that matters is if everyone is happy & that seems true enough.

  13. This all sounds like the beginning of a most excellent week-end – as for that broccoli – one’s heart skipped a beat but all has ended well.

    • hopefully, I will not settle until there is no pig colds in the barn anymore.. I am becoming paranoid.. c

  14. Surprise visitors of the best kind when the wine and conversation flows until late. Even the broccoli was a good surprise rather than the alternative. A happy day 🙂

  15. If a piggie’s tail is at full mast the way plonker #3’s is, it just has to denote an improvement 🙂 ! Wonderful you could ‘celebrate’ it with friends and vino, or was it vino and friends!!!!!

  16. “Now I am off outside to pick three buckets of weeds for the pigs Morning Tea”

    Weed tea? That sound interesting….. what does this entail? Can you point me to a post or a website? I think if my “plonkers” knew what they were missing, we might have a mutiny!

    • Oh, no that was me confusing you. I dig buckets of dandelions and lambs quarters every day. Their green for the day . I only add cold water to make it more fun! c

  17. I think the animals stay up late at night to figure out how to pull one over on Miss C. They got you good, this time. 😀

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