Whistling lungs.

Whistling wind.

By  mid afternoon yesterday the whistle in the lungs of Number Three Plonker had begun to recede. The Gatorade tip went down very well. (Thank you Marla) His favourite is mango. Orange came a close second.  He was not interested in his grain so I made a huge pot of vegetable soup and every few hours he woofed down a serving of that.  And his milk and eggs of course. Little bits at a time. With 6 drops of oil of oregano twice a day.  His lungs are still noisy but a lot better. abc-011

The other plonkers looked at their oats and eggs and milk, eyed the gatorade and contemplated pathetic coughs.


It was a dark, drizzly windy kind of day so all the animals had to stay off the soft fields. abc-012

Today will be a better day for the farm animals. Yesterday their quality of life went into a chilly pause.

All the chooks are well on the grass. Tima is learning to sit up and beg (I am not kidding, if I had another person I would take a photo for you) and Sheila is trying to convince me that I don’t need to clean out the chook house before putting her and Poppy in there. She will do it, she says. abc-002

Today  would be a good day she thinks. But it is like a charnel house in there. Feathers everywhere.  Horrible. I left it as is in the hope that we might trap the predators who drove us out. But no sign of bastard Mink to date. He is out there though. I know he is. I will start cleaning the chook house out this weekend just as soon as I can get the tractor over the field.  Sheila will wait. The chooks are on the grass within sight of the verandah where the dogs sleep at night.  So far so good.

Here is my witches cauldron. It has been brought down out of the hay loft at the old farm. We will use it when we clean all the fattening chickens for the freezer. After I give the pot a good clean that is.  Here in America this is called a kettle.


It is a wonderful old piece of iron. So much history.

I hope you all have a lovely day.

Today will be better I am sure. Soon it will begin to warm up. I hope so, if only for Number Three’s sake. He needs warmth.

Your friend on the farmy


56 Comments on “Whistling lungs.

  1. Just wondering if you lived on a farm in NZ? You certainly know how to work a farm. Also think Queenie and her calf are just gorgeous together.

    • Morning Pippa. Nope. I grew up on a beach. I swam in the sea all my summers as a kid. My GrandPa had a farm of sorts. One of the reasons I am blogging is to show people that if they can get back to the land lack of experience should not stop them. Common sense is a wonderful thing. c

  2. Sweet little Plonker #3, hope he keeps improving. Fancy the other two feigning coughs for Gatorade 🙂 Laura

  3. If you turned shelia into the chook house for a day or so she would loosen up all the packed parts. yesterday while mucking out the buck run I earnestly wished for the assistance of a Whuffling snout or two.

    • I do use the pigs to clean up ahead of me at the end of winter. I just throw a bit of whole corn around and they dig the lot up, very helpful.. Yes, maybe I should do that with the chook house too.. c

  4. who knew gatorade would help a plonker? well, i guess a few figured that out! it looks like warm/hot weather is in store for the middle of next week. glad to hear the plonker is wheezing less.

  5. “The other plonkers looked at their oats and eggs and milk, eyed the gatorade and contemplated pathetic coughs.” I burst out laughing!
    I am toasting my coffee to WARM, CALM weather! Very glad to hear the lil’ one is improving.
    What does oil of oregano do?

  6. So, Gatorade is to Plonkers as the Black Doctor (Coke) is to people! Back when I was on chemo, Coke was the only thing that would cut through the nausea and give me a tiny portion of energy to just keep on keeping on. Young Master Plonker is looking a bit perkier – I do love the frilly ear notches accessorising his Urban Black!

  7. Is the new Plonker a Hampshire? My Dad raised hampshires on our farm and he looks a lot like I remember ours (the white belt around his tummy)…….they were cute babies,,,,I used to feed them corn from my hand but then, oh my, whoa was me since I got a rather nasty case of worms from them…I was about 7 and just couldn’t seem to remember to wash up really good after feeding them, cause I was thinking how much fun I was happy….LOL…the feeding, not the worms…LOL! I loved growing up on the farm and learned so much about life and nature. Sure hope this little guy makes a good recovery…and hope Auntie Sheila warms to him a bit 🙂 Warm weather coming this weekend so have a great one, Celi !

    • He is a Hampshire cross and when he is better he will go back in with the other two and then once settled out they will go into their field. i cannot wait to get them outside.. But not with Sheila. She and Poppy are on a lean mean diet..c

  8. Never heard of Gatorade before, had to look it up, don’t know what the uk equivalent would be. Glad no 3 is feeling better. Do plonkers do silly things? As over here if you do something silly you can be called a plonker, like in the English sit com, only fools and horses, set in south london. Del Boy used to say to his younger brother if he did something stupid, you plonker Rodney! x

    • They do do silly things, they will get into and chew anything at all. Somehow the pigs I raise for meat got to be called The Plonkers. It is kind of a collective name to distinguish them from the pigs that I keep (who have their own individual names). The plonkers are raised for the freezers. c

      • Ahh silly me I thought all young pigs everywhere were called plonkers! Thanks for putting me right x

        • The same stuff here is called Lucozade – an electrolyte replacer. Of course there are many, many drinks now sold in sports stores. Laura

  9. Herbal (natural) medicine is my new love!! For me, it’s all about escaping the hold of the pharmaceutical industry and getting back to our roots (pun intended). So I’m thrilled to hear that you are using oil of oregano on #3.
    Now, if that natural healer – the sun – would just come out of hiding, we would all feel better.

  10. the things you do for love of your animals..it is sheer magic! Would plonker no 3 like to have a blanket to keep him warm, I seem to remember another pig wearing a blanket coat….Isn’t Sheila wonderful, so helpful too wanting to clean out the chook house.
    I ,for one , would love to see Tima doing her party trick…haven’t you got a timer on your camera…or a spare pair of hands laying around somewhere….. love p

  11. How cute! You know those oinkers hold a special place in this little piggies heart. And Tima begging – I so believe it and would love to see it. I think mommy has some of me so called begging to – how embarrassing – snorts. Have a great day my friend. XOXO – Bacon

  12. Maybe I must get the recipe for the med food for the lungs and see if it will fix mine… suffering badly and looking for any thing that will help…

    • my favourite is eucalyptus oil in a pot of boiling water, towel over head BREATHE.. or in the shower.. poor you.. hope you feel better soon..

      • With the emergency operation I have managed to get collapsed lungs… and all I can say is its hell… trying to re-inflate them ain’t easy…

  13. I’m with the plonkers: I’M contemplating a pathetic cough myself!

  14. I wonder how many of us will ever be able to hear the word “mink” without thinking “bastard”?

  15. Glad ‘Plonker #3’ is feeling better. Another herb that is good for the lungs is Thyme
    Thyme: A natural way to lessen chest congestion is to use thyme. This herb has the capacity to remove the junk that is filled up in the lungs. It accelerates the movement of mucus and eventually removes it out of the lungs. To make thyme tea, take a cup of boiling water and then include 2 tablespoons of dried herb (thyme powder). Let the mixture boil for about 10 minutes and then filter it. Have this tea for at least 3 times a day. Continue drinking thyme until the chest congestion is completely eliminated.
    Not sure if making tea for the plonker is a viable thing LOL
    I did drink this back in the winter when I caught a chest infection and it certainly worked for me.
    Hugs, Lyn

    • well i am making him another batch of vegetable soup, so maybe I will just throw the thyme in there to steep, when it is done. Something has to start working, he is still wheezy, better though, but not clear yet.. c

  16. I am glad he is doing so much better! I love garlic’s antibiotic properties, too. I haven’t tried oregano. I’ll spend next winter smelling like a pizza!

  17. Good news about Number 3! Glad the Gatorade is doing the trick. I guess it could be the Pedialite for Pigs? ha Hopefully, Plonkers 1 and 2 will get over their envy soon.

    Sheila and Poppy are in training? You are raising Poppy for breeding, right? Are you planning to try AI with Sheila again as well or just feeding them the same as they are pals and Sheila could lose a few anyway.

    You MUST figure out a way to photograph Tima’s new trick for us! 🙂

    Have a wonderful Friday!

    • If Sheila did come into heat I would probably breed her, so they are both on the breeders low fat diet. (Learnt THAT lesson). c

  18. So glad Plonker # 3 is perking up! With all that tlc, he was bound to recover! I’m curious too as to why he has antler ears…I think he should be named Moose! 🙂 Well at least let’s hope he gets to be as big as one! C’mon Sunshine for the Farmy!

  19. Can #3 wear a jacket? Thank you for sharing all the photos. I look forward to them every morning. Have a great weekend.

  20. #3 is a handsome boy. The veg soup cure sounds wonderful. Sydney is dull, drizzly and cool, so hopefully the nice weather we’ve had for ages has arrived safely on your door step, with our very best wishes 🙂

  21. As and aside for natural remedies: I’ve discovered coconut oil is wonderful for cuts and abrasions and I was able to rid my brother’s french brittany of black, smelly stuff in her ears with it. A hot spoon to melt the oil if it is solidified, a few drops in the ear at night and swab them out in the morning Apparently it is antifungal and antiseptic. My daughter had a nasty burn she used it on, healed quickly with no scar. If it ever warms up here I plan to use it on Percy’s dry skin too. It has been cool and drizzly and dreary here all week, at least the high winds have subsided and they’re predicting actual springtime weather by midweek. I’ll believe that when I see it! I can believe Tima is learning tricks, these kunekunes are amazingly bright and quick. Percy picked up feeding times real fast and is very vocal until he gets his meal! Makes us laugh every time.

  22. So Boo taught Tima to beg: hmm 🙂 ! With the last of our warmth departing with gale force winds towards you in a couple of hours I better do some more study on oil of oregano – sounds just like the kind of thing my constitution would appreciate. I have been more a ‘huge amounts of garlic’ and Chinese herbals kind of gal. And tho’ I have never been interested in the Gatorade/Lucozade family of liquids, I AM willing to learn. Thanks to the Fellowship 😀 !! All the best to #3 . . . .

  23. The plunkers’ hospital wing gives the best of care. No wonder the others are getting jealous. Wishing you a warmer spell really soon.

  24. It’s so unsettling to hear an animal struggling like this. All you can do is treat them and hope for the best. Sounds like you caught it in time, though, and No. 3 will rebound just fine. It’s always something on the farmy, isn’t t?

  25. What is the deal with his ears? They are scalloped! So happy he is on the mend. I had to go back and reread this because I had a dream that things didn’t go well. Phew! It was only a dream!

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