Sheila and Poppy

The other day I took the door from between Sheila and Poppy’s areas. Leaving only a piece of hog fence between them.  They had touched noses a few times between the bars, and it all looked promising so today I opened the hatch in the fence and let Poppy in with Sheila.  sheila-and-poppy-039

Poppy leapt forth and practically turned somersaults around Sheila. Cartwheels. Jumping Jills! She squealed and ran to and fro.She got a few wacks for biting at Sheilas ears and a growling for touching the hooves.  sheila-and-poppy-018But all in all I was thrilled with the result.  I left feed in Poppy’s smaller pen and her light on in case she wanted to return but when I slid about the barn in the dead of night to check on everyone she and Sheila were sleeping together.sheila-and-poppy-044

Isn’t that just lovely.Sheila finally has a baby. Well everyone else seems to have one.  Speaking of sleeping pigs I saw Tima asleep on Boo’s foot twice today. Boo stays very still and wide awake as the little kunekune sleeps with his round head resting softly on Boos foot.  No photos yet of that one I will get it. sheila-and-poppy-023

I am also trying to get a shot of Marcel sleeping with Daisy’s Bobby.  They are a very contented pair and O have quite given up trying to get Marcel to settle with the other sheep. He wants to be with his Bobby.


So when the sheep go into the rat house paddock I am going to put Marcel AND the Bobby in with them. Mama likes calves too.

As I write, Tima is resting on my clown pants right at my feet. She is a very pig headed piggie and squeals when I try to take them back so I can dress to go out to work.  This animal is nothing like what I expected.  Nothing at all. She has the mind of a dog.

I hope you all have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farmy




61 Comments on “Sheila and Poppy

  1. I’m very glad that Sheila and Poppy are friends. Boo will be delighted to have Tima as a dog pig 😉

  2. I was wondering if all the maternal hormones in the barn wouldn’t bring Sheila into heat – but now there is no need 🙂 Will Tima be staying in the house? 🙂 Laura

    • Until I have her pen ready, there is rhubarb somewhere in that run and I have to find it and dig it out first.. but she is quite fun to have in the house. c

  3. That’s really good news that Sheila is ok with poppy, makes for a very happy little pig! Hopefully all the babies will get on ok x

  4. All these lovely youngsters and aren’t the piggies great! Oh, I could have me a kune kune I think…but don’t tell Kevin!

  5. I’m loving learning about Tima and kunekunes!!! Talk about different and special!!! xo

    • Remember I will be breeding them in a year or so, keep it in mind, they are not cheap to buy but incredibly cheap to run!

  6. The hen in the header looks like an old cast iron tea kettle – the kind you use on cast iron stoves with claw feet. Got a chuckle seeing that. Everyone seems to be settling in. Pigs are smart and you see why some like them as companions. What personalities. (Good, Boo!)

  7. It’s such a joy to watch all them grow and thrive. It’s quite a menagerie you have there and I can’t wait to see them all out enjoying the spring sunshine (if and when it arrives). Hasn’t Marcel grown? He’s quite the young ram now. 🙂

    • He is a wether now, his, um.. ramness is gone. But he is still a good big lamb. I am trying not to wish away my life but I am longing for a day in the warm sunshine now. Though overcast at least today is still and not too cold, so we are slowly getting there.. c

  8. What is so special about your blog is how surprising each of the animal’s personality is so very different from what you expected. Here’s the little lamb preferring the Bobby and TIma a total surprise, and well Boo !! And Poppy doing handsprings over being with Sheila when she could have been terrified.
    Tell us more about TIma–how she is so different from what you thought. I know you said she is like a dog…

    • She is quiet, and plods about the house with gentle feet, she is a bit fussy with her food but has no fear, not of the dog or strangers, last night she came up to me and screeched and whined, it was so unusual that i led her back to her room and put her to bed, closing her dog gate, she immediately crawled into her hay and went to sleep. She was just crying tired. She needs to get outside though, finding a pig trying to crawl into the dishwasher is a bit of a surprise!.. c

  9. So much fun on the farmy right now! At least that’s how you make it sound, with this menagerie of funny youngsters. Do you still have homeschooled kids coming to visit?

  10. Those photos make your job look easy, but we know the long hours of hard work you put into the farmy. May you never be short of energy.

  11. With your permission, may I borrow the photo of the hen, please?

    Good morning, C! Happy wishes to all the farmy. xx

  12. We call it howdy contact at the zoo – when the animals can see each other, smell each other, touch through a fence, but don’t quite know each other yet. I’m so glad Sheila has a friend!

  13. I knew people whose kine kine Was their dog – lived inside, as she got bigger had her own sofa, and was much better mannered than her dogs, and more intelligent she reckoned….

    • they are a very interesting pig, very different from my other pigs. I could see this one wanting her own couch.. c

  14. Such a warm, feel good post today, Celi. In just a few weeks, you’ve gone from farmy to nursery, with Boo playing nanny to quite the collection of little ones.
    This morning, one of the talk shows had a segment with a zoo rep bringing in a few animals. Two that he brought were mature kunekune pigs, both black and white. They weren’t the best guests, however, and left a bit of a “mess” on the faux grass, much to the host’s dismay. Their one chance to be in the spotlight and they left the wrong kind of mark. 🙂

  15. Great post today C – really painting us all a beautiful picture of animal life on the farm. Also showing us what great personalities animal have. Post made me smile lots today.

  16. One always talks about ‘feel good’ films these days . . . . well, this must be the most ‘feel good’ post on the planet – one clicks on and the sun comes out for the day!! Amazing friendships . . . and almost every day you seem to write the news you seem to have one or two of them hugging your feet 😀 !!!

  17. I’m so glad Poppy & Sheila get along, it’s nice for creatures to have a buddy. I still have some guilt over having only one mini donk even though he lives with the dwarf goats. I’m also enjoying your insights to TIma. While I did have a potbelly farmer Bob told me the kune kunes were much more personable. Hopefully your experiences will have me be better prepared!

  18. The cast of characters changes almost daily. How sweet that Sheila and Poppy are buddies. Marcel has grown! He has a lovely wool coat.

  19. Oh dear, bless Aunty Sheila, she is such good sort, and she’s in good company. All of you are 🙂

  20. Its always like a marathon run trying to reach your comments box, but its always worth the wait…Congratulations to my dear friend Sheila on becoming a foster mummy..they look so sweet together and it is good that Sheila has someone to take care of. Marcel and the Bobby are getting along fine. It is good to know that all the farm babies are so happy and contented.
    I have read before about the intelligence of pigs and how they are so closely related to the high interlect of dogs..what an exciting reading future we all have

  21. I love all the new babies on the farmy and all the mothers and would-be mothers, and you – the mother for them all. There is love on your farmy, all over the place.

  22. The thought that Sheila now has a “baby” too brought tears to my eyes. Sweet Sheila, she can’t be left out of the maternal fun!

    • She is very maternal with poppy too, poppy bunts at her belly like a piglet and Sheila rolls onto her side so Poppy can cuddle up against her belly. I am so relieved..

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