Topping and Tailing

Sheila and Poppy.

Marcel and the Big Bobby.
barn-003 following-along-057

Queenie and the Little Bobby.following-along-039Tima.following-along-026

Nothing like a sleeping baby. Good morning. I hope you all have a lovely day.

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67 Comments on “Topping and Tailing

    • The kunekune can get very fat, way too fat, so their diet has to be as close to what she would eat in the wild as possible… greens, they are grazers and foragers. If this is strictly adhered to then they should not grow much more than 200 pounds and are about the size of a big Fat dog… c

          • They are grazers, they eat grass in a field or greens in the bush, but they should never be fed grain or meat. They just turn it to lard.. but they are a very small breed also.. and quite chubby regardless.. c

        • yes, that is the plan, I will breed her and sell her piglets to people who would like a most affectionate and unusual pet. c

  1. Companionship brings comfort this morning. Tima looks content as well. Boo must be eating breakfast. 🙂 Happy day!

  2. do you just have to stop and pinch yourself sometime? i could just stare at them all day!

    • The milking is going very well. Daisy is being very well behaved. about 70 pounds of milk a day. however I did find traces of mastitis in the milk this morning. So I am taking her back to three times a day until that clears again, she might have a short season.. we will see.. c

  3. I can’t wait to see the latest pictures every morning and today was no exception. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Marcel. My husband agrees he is adorable. Every morning when I lie in bed with my laptop checking posts I nudge him to show him Marcel and Marmalade (my two top fabs) and Bobby, and Sheila and Queenie and Boo and all the rest and he grins and agrees that it is pretty darn wonderful. Today he asked me if I wanted a little farm of my own. 🙂

  4. Ahhhh. So nice to start the work day with a cute overdose, thank you! Interesting to me how Marcel favors Hairy McLairy’s coloring rather than Mama’s clan. Seems like all the girls have had the dark muzzle and ear characteristics. Is this predictable?

  5. This must be what’s known as the calm before the storm. How peaceful it all is. Amazing how they’ve all paired up like this, Celi. It looks like we’ll be dodging raindrops all day. I don’t mind it one bit. This time of year, it could easily be the “S” word and I do not want to see that again until Christmas Eve. Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain. 🙂
    Good morning!

    • Coming down in buckets here, we had quite the wild squall after the milking and I had to stay in the barn for a bit, the winds are gusting very high, but this warm rain should bring up my grass! wonderful.. c

  6. Its a pity they have to grow up, isn’t it? I appreciate also that things dont just happen on their own. You invest a lot into your animals and these pictures show the results. Well done, Celi. Joy

  7. Life is so wonderful when it is full of happy contented farmy babies…I love it… Good Morning Miss C

  8. I dreamt I had a litty piggie of my own last night – I thinkn it was wishful thinking! How adroable they all look. Hope you’re getting some rest too 🙂 PS. Have been using your wonderful soaps – my hands are having a blissful rest from building work and look almost respectable again!

    • excellent, sing out if you need more. Won’t be long and I will be cooking up another batch.. c

  9. Impossible to choose a favorite photo… the last one almost killed me with excessive cuteness…. what a sweet sleeping baby!

  10. Unique pictures. You got that really tough one of Big Bobby and Marcel. And to see Sheila and Poppy together warms the soul. Reminds me of that wondrous series ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL. One mother sheep’s lamb died but she was fooled into feeding a lamb whose mum rejected him by covering him in her dead lamb’s coat.
    Oh I wish little TIma would stay tiny forever–Marcel too. And The Bobbies.

      • A good spot out of drafts and cold tucked up behind that big…..well, behind! All heartwarming today. I’m sure it wasn’t a hardship to have to stay in the barn longer until the rain squall passed 🙂 have a lovely day.

        • Sheila was probably a little lonely for one of her own kind.. (even though are her mom). Nanny Sheila.

  11. Awww, love them all … give everybody a kiss on the nose from me xxxx , don’t forget the doggies and kitties 🙂 Laura

  12. I can’t help but think how much nicer our world would be if we could all get along as well as your barnyard creatures do. I LOVE seeing these photos and hearing how all all getting by.
    Now, if only spring could get a foot hold.

    • I know, I LONG for a little warmth and am wondering if we are going to get a wet cold summer!.. c

  13. I’m in Germany right now and your adorable pictures are the last thing I see before I go to sleep.

      • My mom is 91and I’m taking care of her. She is a strong farm woman. It is spring here in northern Germany. The trees are blooming and we have short sleeve sunny weather. When I was here last year it snowed the entire month of April. Last night my brother ‘s sheep got out of the pen and we chased them throughout the village.

  14. Words fail me… Poppy, Marcel, Tima… oh oh oh… adorable doesn’t doesn’t even begin to describe them all, including the solemn bobbies and big shelia of course… the only one missing – dear Boo… hope spring gets sprung for you very soon….

  15. Beautiful pictures of “the gang” to wake up to this bright, sunny morning…..seeing all of your animals fills my heart with joy, thank you Celi!

  16. ‘If we could talk to the animals, learn their languages,
    Think of all the things we could discuss,
    If we could walk with the animals, talk with the animals,
    Grunt and squeak and squawk with the animals,
    And they would squeak and squawk and speak and talk to us’
    ‘Dr Doolittle’
    Leslie Bricusse

    Ans Celi will say – ‘But we do’ 😀 !!

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