Shopping in Wellington

No! Not for clothes. No point in doing that. No point in shopping for clothes unless it is a new carhart jacket.  When I get back to the farm it will be work clothes all the way – until January when I return to New Zealand for Senior Son’s wedding. So I am leaving my suitcase here.  My ‘good’ clothes can sit here and wait. It will save me all the bother of dragging them back and forth across the world.



Gardening makes me hungry so I was shopping for food. Food in New Zealand is expensive.  Meat is very expensive.  New Zealand is not a cheap place to live. But the food is fresh, home grown and wonderful. So we just eat less of it. After another day in the wild garden (I kept my fingernails clean for all of 10 days) we went to a wonderful super-market in Wellington today.  Moore Wilsons.

supermarkets- new zealand gardens-and-supermarkets-02




All is good  – just as long as you stand above the Tsumani line!



Piles of vegetables and a little lamb.

I hope you are all having a great day.

Love your friend in New Zealand,


34 Comments on “Shopping in Wellington

  1. Look at all those wonderful cheeses. I hate how limited my choices are here, after living in Melbourne with the Queen Victoria Market to shop in… I like making cheese, but can’t find a reliable supply of non-homogenised fresh milk. The tsunami line made me laugh, until it made me think seriously. We are a bit vulnerable here in the Pacific Basin….

  2. I feel sure that with your expert fingers , some veggies and a bit o lamb will become a feast…In Bulgaria lamb is few and far between and you can never be certain that it really is lamb….I decided a few years ago to leave my clothes at my daughters ready for the next years visit but when I went back I did not like any of them so had to dispose of them, a year is a long time and tastes change as does fashion…. Have a lovely day Celi and love to the family

  3. oh yes …and supermarket looked great….Tsunami line…is that where the water came too

  4. And mint sauce? I miss NZ Lamb, we had it especially at Easter back home. With new potatoes and spring peas – ummmmm.
    I’m with Kate, look at those wonderful cheeses! Some crusty bread, Branston Pickle and I would be in heaven. Ploughmans lunch.
    I leave a lot at my Mum’s – mainly PJ’s, sweat shirts and stuff like that. As you say, beats dragging it half way round the world all the time. Plus my cases are usually full of things I can’t buy here (real Cadbury’s chocolate, English Mustard etc.)

  5. The food looks beautiful and so fresh. The tsunani safe line is a little creepy, but good it’s there, I suppose. Very smart to leave your clothes…Funny, isn’t it, this business of leaving one home to go to another, where both are so deep and important and valid and part of who we are. Do you breath differently in New Zealand? I always find that I breath just slightly easier when I get home, and feel a few years younger. It’s a strange phenomenon. But mostly I love having that “twoness” inside me. It makes me feel more stable. Do you know what I mean?

  6. I remember the “mist’ being sprayed over fresh veges, I was impressed! Nice to see a lot of the veges are not packed in Styrofoam trays and plastic wrap 🙂 I do hope the tsunami has read the book and keeps to the rules. Laura

  7. I leave my clothes in Germany , it’s so much easier. Lamb and veggies, nice. Have a wonderful time and guten Appetit. 😃

  8. Tsunami line? How does the Tsunami know to not cross that line? The market looks wonderful! So January here – will be full summer in New Zealand right? Nice time to depart from home 😉

  9. I completely understand about the oddity of clean fingernails. Oh, I love the shot of the cheeses… for a while I lost my train of thought!

  10. The food all looks yummy and yes, pricey! I wonder what the difference is between Molesworth honey and Manuka honey. Does the Manuka honey have a more queenly queen? Perhaps the Molesworth honey’s queen is a little bit homely therefore does not bring the high prices of the Manuka. hmmm All of those cheese wheels made my mouth water, wonderful! Enjoy! Now I’m hungry…must go make breakfast.

    • Manuka honey largely fetches a higher price for being a medicinal honey – not just to ingest but to put on wounds, burns etc . . . supposed to kill all the ‘new’ bugs for which no antibiotic will work also! Yep, have used it for years and happy to pay the higher price!!

  11. Oh, you are having a good time! And it must be nice to know that, when you leave, it won’t be for long.

  12. Leaving your city clothes there is a good idea. I don’t suppose the two sons could agree to have a double wedding! Maybe they would–but not the brides.
    I heard of a guy taking all his rotten old clothes on vacation and then after each day’s wearing, he’d throw them away so when he got home, he had nothing to wash.

  13. Creamed honey… yum, such a great memory from my childhood. I always end up buying too much when I find a really good fresh produce store or market but because it’s special & better quality (and usually not inexpensive) nothing is wasted. Cheese in particular, I can never choose just one. Good lamb (even lamb shanks that I once fed to my dog!) in Australia is becoming expensive – between A$24 and $45 per kg. Although a Big Supermarket has been advertising lamb BBQ chops for $7 per kg but I imagine they’d be pretty ordinary. I’m happy to pay more for a product that has a better life, and find while farmers market lamb is exxy, not so much as the Big Supermarkets.

  14. I wonder if food is expensive downunder, or just really cheap in the US? I have friends who live there who tell me that they can’t believe the prices! 🙂 It does sound like you’re having a glorious time in the Windy City.. xxx

  15. when we lived in Ukraine, we had stuff in my mother-in-law’s basement in Jamestonw, NY, stuff in Dnepropetrovsk wardrobe and stuff on a closed in balcony in Kiev; i felt like we could have had a belt or two fall off a hanger and land in the Ocean! we did that for about 3 years; smart idea to leave the good clothes there; love the pictures; happy trails

  16. My goodness, so another wedding is on the horizon. You’ll be glad to be out of the cold and back into NZ in January I should imagine. I never thought of food as expensive here, but maybe that’s because I don’t eat meat.

  17. When you come back to NZ seek out the “Farmers Markets” – all manner of wonderful food and very often much cheaper and fresher. I’m glad we’ve turned on some sunshine for you. I love that cat and it has such a wonderful garden to patrol.
    BTW what would be a NZ equivalent of a “carhart” jacket please?

  18. Woke up to a real smile-creating post! Luvverly food photos: like Ella I used to cook potfuls of lamb shanks for my pups . . . now I look at two not so big at some 8-9 dollars well knowing I’m likely to eat both at the one sitting and probably reach for something else 🙂 ! Actually the fore-quarters at our ‘W’ at $8/Kg were quite delicious marinated last week 🙂 ! Well, if you are leaving a trunkful of clothes behind you are not really fully departing this time around . . . sensible!!! A little amused at the tsunami line as one never really knows how far the water will travel . . . but!!!

  19. Who is that sweet kitty? Also, get us one of everything in that store, especially the cheeses

  20. Wonderful photos of wonderful fresh produce and those cheeses—yum!!!! I can not even imagine how wonderful it must be for you to return home!!!

  21. Okay no clothes, yes, but New Zealand makes Brent’s favorite sweater ( jumper ). Tekau. Wool. Sturdy. Perfect for the Gers cold. Work wear. Zelie used to do the laundry when she was two. She washed Brent’s sweater and unfortunately it shrank. We are all recovering from the loss. We want to get the relies to send a few over. Best sweater ever. I know, because the felted version of Brent’s sweater fits me perfectly!

    • OO.. I will get my ‘people’ to look for one for me..Thank you.. My sisters MIL knitted me a big jersey this time.. so i am hoping this will set me up for the winter coming.. she is a farmer too so she might know where we can get a Tekau jersey.. c

  22. I love the shots of the market and have so many questions. What is that white ball hanging down in the middle of the first shot? Will you take John along for the wedding in January?

    • John does not like to travel, so I move about the world in solitary splendour. I don’t know what the white ball is either!..have a lovely day.. c

  23. How smart you are to leave your fancy clothes there! I love shots of grocery stores and shops. Those prices! Yikes! No wonder you eat better, but less.

  24. Tsunami line–I wonder if the water knows to stop there. That is smart of you to leave your suitcase there since you will return soon. That is quite a sum to pay for groceries.

  25. You could bring back some Manuka honey. I’m loving it and it’s so expensive even at my wholesale price? Tell me- is it as healthy as they say? I hope so.
    cheers… wendy t

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