A garden in the city

Up the back of a lovely old house, on a hill in Mirimar, in Wellington, New Zealand – is a wild garden. Wild.


You could get lost in this garden. So I did. (You can tell I am talking to my middle sister on the phone in that picture. My back is very straight.  You have to keep your wits about you when talking to the Middle Sister.)  miss c

While I was talking Senior son took Camera House for a walk. We did a lot of gardening yesterday.










I can see that there will be more gardening in my future. Plus a lunch date with Middle Sister.

News from the farm is comforting so far.  Jake tells me that all is well. The chickens are laying, the baby chicks are growing,  Sheila is being taken for walks, and Tima is looking fat. The calves are growing. The dogs are behaving and all the cats are accounted for. The Lady Vet tells me that Queenie is not bred which is not so good, I am now on the hunt for a bull for her to visit.  Today Jake is going to sidle up to the peahens, who refuse to give up sitting, and he will gently take all their eggs away. Hopefully this will get them moving again.

I am getting to the stage where I am almost ready to get home again. After a week with my children we will be on our way.

I hope you are all having a lovely day. I am happy in the city garden.



36 Comments on “A garden in the city

  1. Good morning, c. How wonderful to see spring and sun and bees and flowers … It’s decidedly grey and gloomy here. Sending much love … m xx

  2. Looking at your pictures I really want to go and visit New Zealand . It looks so gorgeous . Have fun and soak in the sun shine.

  3. Glad the weather is lovely: my parents are in Kilbirnie visiting my sis & family at the mo. That garden is absolutely beautiful!

  4. Oh Celi, thank you! I miss apple blossom and the sound of the bees getting busy in spring, and you’ve brought it all back. And thank you for letting us see that you are not wasting away, but on the contrary, are blooming in the wild garden.

  5. Lovely garden, perfect weather 🙂 Glad to hear all is well on the farmy. Laura

  6. Ohh lucky you in spring time again! It’s dull and windy here but very mild, have fun for the rest of your hol x

  7. So glad to see you feeling well again. Beautiful place to be right now. Senior son is a good photographer.

  8. You might be ready to come home but I hope you enjoy the warmth and fragrance of the spring garden as much as you can before you have to the return to cold and dreary weather. Soak it all up and hold it in your heart, 😀

  9. Looks gorgeous there Celi!!! So happy you are enjoying being with family and that the farmy family is doing well!!! XO

  10. Middle sister, very funny! You look so pretty in the flowers.

  11. You look gorgeous daahling! And all those gorgeous spring blooms everywhere! Senior son takes some beautiful photos like his mama! I just love that dog!

  12. Beautiful pictures and I absolutely adore the shaggy dog…Are you missing the farmy as much as I am?

  13. I could feel that Spring sunshine on my face and it did my heart good. Enjoy your week with family before returning to the hustle and bustle on the farmy.

  14. So enjoying your trip from afar…everything is so beautiful and green and lush. The waxing and waning of nature is ever fascinating. Safe travels.

  15. I am thrown off. I always imagined you in coveralls, wellies and some kind of hat. Cell phone with braclets and fashionable belts …. Doesn’t fit! Too funny. I am enjoying your time in New Zealand, have always wished to go there since I was very young. One never knows…..

  16. Gorgeous! What a wonderful garden and great shots by Senior son.

  17. I was surprised to see you sitting in the garden, talking on the phone, and not bent over, weeding it. You really are on holiday! Yay!
    So nice to see sunny, warm days. Still dreary here but hope springs eternal for tomorrow. 🙂

  18. Oh Celi: what a wonderful gift to your Community! Two photos actually showing you face-on!! Yes, New Zealand in beautiful springtime, but that was the best to wake to this Sunday morning !!!!! A very fashionable ‘Soho’ lady is still there . . . and you have brought joy!! But no talk of going home quite yet, Milady . . . enjoy the family and the warmth . . .

  19. Lovely wild, raggedy spring garden. You look really at home there (nice to see you being snapped). Are you going to pop my book in the post now that you are in civilisation? I’m looking forward to it.

  20. Lovely garden, lovely lady in the garden. Glad you’re having a good time. I’d love to visit New Zealand. Enjoy yourself.

  21. I dream of sitting in wild gardens like that. Maybe it’s because I read The Secret Garden numerous times as a child and an adult. You look just beautiful Miss C. Our glimpses of you are rare, and these are quite lovely.

  22. I would feel good in that wild garden. You look beautiful sitting there… as if the rare wildflower that you are. Lovely prose again today. You flourish in this setting!

  23. What a lovely wild garden. Your son and camera house appeared to get along just fine! You look great! Glad to hear all the good news from home. Poor Jake, I hope the peahens take kindly to him sidling up to them.

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