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Wild Flower Garden

The wild flowers have begun to get all blowsy and over blown – going to seed  – with traces of last nights makeup and tired feet from dancing.  My plan was to fence it off and put the cows in there but I am… Continue Reading “Wild Flower Garden”

Super Pig

I almost took my husbands eyes out with my dirty farmers fingernails yesterday when he said to me there is no way that potbelly pig can survive with all those open wounds.  The skin is coming off in huge clumps now exposing pretty rugged… Continue Reading “Super Pig”

Storms of Flowers

Amidst the storms in our skies – there are flowers in the garden. When I as young and had about the same amount of time for the flower garden as I do now, I used to plant piles of annuals that  grew from seed.… Continue Reading “Storms of Flowers”

A garden in the city

Up the back of a lovely old house, on a hill in Mirimar, in Wellington, New Zealand – is a wild garden. Wild. You could get lost in this garden. So I did. (You can tell I am talking to my middle sister on the… Continue Reading “A garden in the city”

Sometimes a Little

We are still fencing.  The Fencer and I. Missing Berit. Gracie has the weekend off so she went shopping with The Matriarch so they could work some more on improving her English. (Grace’s objective is to improve her spoken English in preparation for studying… Continue Reading “Sometimes a Little”

Bobby gets the Boot

We streamed along yesterday.  At first it was so hot we were pouring back the water. Everyone on the farm that is, not just me. I have to say you were absolutely right, my days are so much better with someone out here to… Continue Reading “Bobby gets the Boot”

I was wrong last time. Skunk Stinks.

When TonTon got dealt to by a skunk last time… That smell was nothing to the hideously mind bending stink he tried to bring into the house last night after tangling with the skunk again.  An absolutely gut wrenching smell.  It has sucked the… Continue Reading “I was wrong last time. Skunk Stinks.”

And I want to see your garden too…

I will show you my garden and I hope that you will show me yours, even if it is a gorgeous solitary pot on the balcony of your condo… or a grand allotment by the sea or a corner by the shed,  a patch… Continue Reading “And I want to see your garden too…”

Water in the garden and an important discussion.

I have always been fascinated by water in the garden. And butterflies, bees and birds, not to mention toads, frogs, snakes and our collection of  little garden inhabitants share my fascination.  Water adds a reflective shimmer to the ruffled, vibrant, undulating collection of colours… Continue Reading “Water in the garden and an important discussion.”

First : plant flowers for the bees and butterflies

 First:  When we began to develop  the place I planted flowers. The flower garden is such an important part of ANY property.  Especially any place that I am. I was new here so I had to do my  homework and find the flowers that… Continue Reading “First : plant flowers for the bees and butterflies”