Super Pig

I almost took my husbands eyes out with my dirty farmers fingernails yesterday when he said to me there is no way that potbelly pig can survive with all those open wounds.  The skin is coming off in huge clumps now exposing pretty rugged raw areas underneath.  Some as big as a child’s hand. But he will survive – I am sure of it.  He still burrows in and sleeps a lot in the day but it is a good healing sleep. 

John had looked at a picture I had sent to the vet but he does not know the pig at all.  It always looks worse after I have washed it. I know it is still early days but I really do think he will recover to full if scarred health. The risk of infection is great but he is strong and I am determined he will survive.

This is what the vet wrote after receiving the picture of the latest open area.  He named him Super Pig which heartened me greatly.

“Looks like a pretty deep wound but with what looks like healthy granulation tissue underneath…is Super Pig still eating, active, etc?”

And yes Super Pig is still eating, drinking, peeing and pooing regularly and has begun to bash at the doors with his snout during his walks around the inside of the barn, wanting to be out in the fields. But no sun for him for a long time. (Today looks cloudy so far so he might get a long morning out there grazing – the rain will do his skin good).

After he is washed and slathered in antiseptic cream on the open areas and bag balm on the remaining dead skin and the good skin (- more is softening which is good but scary – it will release soon and what is underneath is just awful to see  and has to be cleaned and anointed- I can understand John getting a fright but I was still thin lipped with fury, funny how you can love someone and want to rip their head off at the same time). Anyway, after the ointments I place old thin linen napkins over the open areas. The goop keeps the fabric in place and keeps the flies off for the day. It looks strange but it works. I would tear up old sheets but they need to be hemmed, threads  would get everywhere. Well worn old napkins are perfect.   I need to search ebay for more.

A big thank you to all who have donated to Wai’s care – these creams are shockingly expensive even at cost – and those of you who can, have helped enormously by paying for them. And  all your kind and supportive words are as golden. This is going to be a long haul and I know you are all in it with me.

On to other things. Wai is not the only pig here after all!  Above is Tima waiting patiently for someone to fill the wallow.

And  here are some beautiful pictures of the wild field. I adore this area. 

It is really starting to come into its own, this little field by the ditch, and with today’s rain even more  of the plants will flower.  So I hope you get to see it often.

We are getting lots of visitors this summer. Families too which is lovely.  So I will add the wild field to their tour now that the wild flowers are beginning to bloom.


We have a gentle rain this morning. And a week of rain in the forecast. After that I will start the hay process. The alfalfa John sowed in the big hay field is growing really well and I think I can take the risk of cutting it now. If we get a dry week.

I have been collecting truck loads of turnips and their greens from Jake. They were planted too close together so he wants the lot gone. The cows love them. The steers are getting piles. In NZ we plant fields of turnips and pumpkins and electric fence the cows across the fields in the winter time. I can’t do that here because of the frozen winters but this is the next best thing.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

Weather today

Monday 07/10 80% / 0.51 in
Scattered thunderstorms in the morning becoming more widespread in the afternoon. A few storms may be severe. High 91F. Winds SW at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 80%.

Monday Night 07/10 50% / 0.12 in
Variable clouds with scattered thunderstorms. A few storms may be severe. Low 71F. Winds WSW at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 50%.

5:30 am  – 8:26 pm

54 Comments on “Super Pig

  1. I think if Wai was a human, they would have given him skin grafts, but I don’t think that would be practical with a pig. Your covers are probably the next best thing 🙂

  2. I can’t believe the difference, to be honest. He’s slimmed down a lot, his eyes are appearing, he’s mobile, alert, and best of all, he’s shedding his armour. The latter change is scary but necessary, and you’re doing an amazing job. I can understand your reaction, because your hard work is finally paying off, and to have poor Wai condemned as a hopeless case must be very galling. I firmly believe you’re right, and his survival instinct coupled with your care and persistence will pay off. One of these days that pig will show us all what real determination is.

  3. l am sure John had the best of intentions…but it wasnt the best way to express words..and had l been there l would hold your jacket whilst you did the damage then maybe a frying pan on the head.. Definitely not good words .Wai will recover and as you say he may be scarred…but that after all….

  4. I know I am not seeing the open wounds, but in general, looking at other photos and at the videos on Instagram, it seems like Wai has lots of positive energy. He’s moving so much better. It’s hard for me to imagine that he wouldn’t make it. He WILL! (Love the wildflowers.)

  5. This might be way off, but can Super Pig’s open wounds be treated in the same way as human’s pen burn wounds?
    We used a silver loaded gauze when my eldest pulled a jug over himself – it was made to stick to the open wound and protect it at the same time as healing it. Once the regular gauze covering was allowed off a few days in the silver burns gauze wore off over time. I actually trimmed it the same as you have been trimming his skin as it lifted … Might be worth asking someone in the know nearer to you? <3

  6. No doubt Wai is super freaky to look at now as the healing process occurs. And knowing how voracious and ferocious flies are on a farm, it’s easy to understand Our John’s comment. But he must be proven wrong! The wild field is gorgeous! Super easy to put together beautiful flower arrangements from it, that’s for sure! 🙂

  7. Aw, I love the field!!! I want to give that old digger that messed up that area a big PFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTTT! Are there any interaction with Wai – Tima and Tane?

  8. The old napkins seem perfect to mold to his skin to protect it. I’m surprised the skin is not healed beneath it if the armored skin is coming off….interesting that is…and it would worry me too.
    Wai does seem slimmer and that Tima is sure cute. Hoping for the day that Wai is as well as Tima and with perfect skin to wallow in the mud.

  9. Sigh …. sitting so far away I would love to send a spell that transforms supportive words into necessary dollars. Your wildflowers filed is so pretty and interesting, will the flowers keeps blooming or will it be a big flush and then be over till next year? Laura

    • The one I know for sure is a fancy Tickseed/Coreopsis (the lovely bright orangey-yellow with a red-brown eye) is a perennial and should also self seed… But perhaps Miss C could gather some later, just in case it won’t? (If you happen to have a spare moment, that is; ) The Sunflowers will be pilfered by the birds, of course; ) but I think that I also see gorgeous Cornflower blue – but that colour might also be Bachelor Buttons or Flax, not sure, sorry:/
      Hopefully some(most) will be perennial?

        • So wonderful that they’re bringing such beauty in spite of the ugliness that was their beginning; )
          If, at some point, you can get some close ups, I’m certain we’ll all do our best to give you their names: ) I know you’ve got my curiosity piqued with the tantalising glimpses you’ve showed us so far. Lol, pretty sure I saw some corn mixed in there too? Beauty and healing from destruction and harm… Your little Farmy is truly a wonder! Many hugs, Miss C!

  10. Super Pig will make it – we have no doubt in your care. And of course there are other piggies – Sheila <3 Snorts with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon

  11. I love it – Super Pig !! ; o ) And I am sooo jealous of your ‘wild area’ with all the wildflowers coming in. I tried doing that twice… and it never worked, even though I’m usually good with plants/flowers. So I’m enjoying living vicariously’!!

  12. J > I have to say I think I understand where John is coming from. SuperPig’s condition is not a regular condition with a known pathway to recovery: it’s a condition from which animals, and that includes humans, are known to die from serious infections, even in hospital. That’s not to say that what you’re doing has no chance of success, or even that it is more wishful thinking than practical: it’s more that in general experience that pig would not be expected to survive, or perhaps more typically – is not economically worthwhile spending so much trouble – especially with uncertain results. John’s words provide you with a baseline of reasonable expectation. That baseline might to you seem cruelly low, but that’s how things are, and seeing your achievements to date in that perspective makes them all the more remarkable.

  13. I like the frying pan to the head — after the eyes come out, of course. Better yet. the vet’s take –SUPER PIG.

  14. Hello Cecilia,

    I don’t usually comment but do read your blog most days. I have a couple dozen linen & 100% cotton napkins that I would like to contribute. I’ll give my email below. Please provide a mailing address & I’ll get them shipped this week. p.s. Love the wild field.

  15. If your pig blanket lady is able, she should put a large S on his “cape”. that would be a sight, wouldn’t it? I can see it! Suuuuper Piiiiiig!

  16. I’m sure super pig will be fine, he looks and acts so much better, in what is really a relatively small amount of time. Hang in there!

  17. I feel for John. I’ve almost gotten the frying pan to the head many times for “just trying to be reasonable and helpful.”

  18. Yes the “S” could also stand for “SOME PIG”!

  19. You know better than anybody how fragile life is on the farm so John’s words struck a nerve. He was voicing what you already know to be a possibility, no matter how much will you put into Wai’s care. He reminds me of someone I live with…:) We are all rooting for Wai, and it really looks like your care is going to bring him back to health. Its wonderful to witness his emergence. He is already having a better life, no matter how long he lives!

  20. Obviously John’s brain was NOT in gear when he engaged his mouth! Super Pig will prevail with all your TLC! I am envious of your wild field.
    I wish we could have your field here-but we are now too dry to support such glorious greenery and blooms! Have a great day!

      • So, did he find anything that took his fancy? I can’t help but think that all the ‘wildlings’ he’s rooting up are having an impact on his recovery? And I just got a flashback of that picture (d’you know the one?) of Christopher Robin and Eeyore; walking away…

  21. Would men’s hankies work? We have lots of them we don’t use. I’m at the po up your way this week. I could send some out with your carrier.

  22. I think an that an animal that receives a lot of TLC, and great medical care will recover. It is wonderful that you are caring for Wai like this. Reminds me of Charlotte’s Web and the sensitive, intelligent pig. It makes me so irritated that human beings can be so wonderful at one end of the scale and such @#$#@ at the opposite end of the humanity scale.

  23. Celi, just imagine how nice it will feel to be able to say ‘I told you so’.

  24. Is there a way I can contribute to the cost? Wai is most certainly getting better with your care and love. Please send a link so I may make a donation.

    • I have a PayPal button hiding below the comments section, scroll right down into the black and thank you so much – these donations really are enabling me to do what I am doing..

  25. I’m sure you’ve already considered the human OTC product called NewSkin? For cuts and scrapes…I see it comes in a spray now and it “replaces” the skin for several days. Would likely be cost prohibitive but if you go there, I’m in with a donation. I do recall it burns for a few seconds when you put it on.

  26. I wonder about over-sized t-shirts for Wai. They are inexpensive to come by at the thrift stores, and you can tie a knot in the tail to keep it from dragging.

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