Wild Flower Garden

The wild flowers have begun to get all blowsy and over blown – going to seed  – with traces of last nights makeup and tired feet from dancing. 

My plan was to fence it off and put the cows in there but I am not sure I could bear it. 

It is still too beautiful  – even hung over and a little cross looking. 

Though there is a lot of feed in these sunflowers. I weaned the calf yesterday and even though he has not been with his mother in the daytime or the night-time for  weeks now.  (Just at milking time)  Still he has been crying most of the night. And she, answering every now and then,  Lady’s voice is so big it always sounds like she is stood right outside the bedroom window.

Today I load the calf and his herd up into the Black Mariah (that is looking a little worse for wear) and I will cart them all back to the other side where the good, late summer grass awaits. They get to loiter under the big trees over there for a while now.  It will take two trips. I will let them eat down the good stuff over there then I will see how much hay I have and sell at least three.

The Farmy has a few friends who are right in the path of the hurricane coming into Texas.  Good luck to you all over there. Safe journeys as far away as you can get.

It will be a lovely day here today.  Friday Tidy Day.

Love celi

Weather: Another lovely pizza Friday.

Friday 08/25 0% / 0 inPartly cloudy skies. High 73F. Winds light and variable.

Friday Night 08/25 10% / 0 inClear skies. Low 51F. Winds light and variable.

40 Comments on “Wild Flower Garden

  1. 51 here in central Illinois but feels much colder then that. Celi..your flowers look wonderful.

  2. Fingers crossed for everyone in the path of the hurricane. I love your imagery of the wildflowers as tired party girls…

  3. I am thinking of all the people and creatures down on the Texas coast & hoping they’ll be safe on higher ground. I’m glad it will be a lovely weather day at The Farmy for resettling the little herd. I have an overblown & gone to seed wildflower garden in my backyard too. The bees are still buzzing among the cosmos & cat’s whiskers, eyeing the goldenrod coming on. I can’t cut it any of either because I love looking at it. Even After the Ball is Over.

  4. I’ve got a friend who gets cross because the council plants wildflowers in London Fields each year and people sit in/on them. The area is enclosed until it’s grown and then they take the fence down. My friend is incensed by people in the flowers, but it’s a public park and they’d keep it fenced if it was off limits.

    • And people really need to sit among the flowers and connect with the earth at times. That is super important too!!! 🙂

      • I agree – I think the council intend it to be used as a meadow – it’s enhanced grassland in a city. I doubt it costs much to sow the seeds and let them grow as they please.

  5. Will the Wild Flower Garden reseed on it’s own so it will be there again next year? That would be wonderful!!! 🙂

  6. Love the wildflowers! Did you plant them from seed And if so where did you get it?

    • A whole collection of seeds from all over sown with alfalfa and oats and the sunflowers and an old corn. A pretty mixed bag really – just luck that it came out so well..

  7. I would leave them as long as possible to give them chance to reseed the area again. Morning Miss C, happy herding today. Laura

  8. I love your descriptive words on how the wildflowers are holding on – much like how my little faux prairie is right now. I enjoy getting up close with the flowers and then finding a newly bloomed beauty among the faded ladies with their make-up still on. 🙂

  9. Oh the wild flower meadow is beautiful! And I see that bee! Care to all in the path of this storm, it looks like it will turn a bit and maybe go to Louisiana where I am sure Harvey will over indulge like we all do in Louisiana! 😉

  10. Hi! That ‘a little tired-looking but still beautiful’ Queen Ann’s Lace can’t hold a candle to the freshness of Queen Elizabeth! They are both a beauty to behold!

  11. Weaning time is a noisy business. Poor Panda made herself hoarse. It was sadly comical, a big old cow, whispering for her lost baby.

  12. Over 12 hours since you posted the Texas storm situation has grown even grimmer . . . there is no knowing or stopping nature’s violence and my prayers for the next hours and days will centre on the poor people in the area . . . . so many will not even be insured, so many may lose all . . .

  13. City guy here delighted to learn that flowers are party girls, and have hangovers too. Gives me a whole new approach to gardens, which I always associated with my mother. You know, the boyhood ideal mom, who tucked us in at night and of course never stayed up late carousing.

    Now that I know better I might even cast a few wildflower seeds myself (No, not that way); at the very least I have new energy for helping the resident gardener as she fosters beauty in the smallest of green spaces in our grim world of brick and concrete.

  14. I just love the way you described your beautiful wild flower gardens! My friendship flower bed is doing so well, the lavender is still a draw for the big fat mud dobbers (bumblebees) and now the black-eyed Susan’s are in full bloom taking a bit of the glory, the Rose of Sharon is also still in bloom. Things should get a spurt of energy now that the evenings are so cool.
    I too, hope that the people of Texas fare well in the terrible storm, I hope it passes them entirely.

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