Pigs do not bend

Pigs do not bend in the middle. When they walk they do not curl around the corner like dogs – they shuffle like little fat buses. Here WaiWai’s head is quite still while his rear end tap dances across to get in line before he can continue around the corner.

Alissa and I threw up ninety bales of hay yesterday. With just the two of us we did it in batches of ten.  She would throw them up one by one onto the clatter box. 

They would slowly rise up to me waiting in the loft. 

These little pins help grip the bales. 

So we are careful they do not grip us.  I pull off all ten at the top. Then we turn off the clatter box.  Alissa climbs onto the wagon and throws down another ten while I stack the ten I have gathered into the rising piles in the loft. I love stacking hay. 

Then we start all over again. We worked methodically, no great spurts of energy, just plodding along. Our muscles warming and stretching. The bales just the right weight. We are both farm fit now. We could have worked for hours more but there was no rain in the forecast  and we were hungry so we will finish this morning.

I hope to cut more tomorrow so if all goes well we will be loading hay all next week too.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

Weather: Dammit – Just looked at the weather and there is rain forecast on Monday and Tuesday. So no cutting hay on Friday.  And I cannot cut today as my hay man does not work on the weekends due to his religion.  Have to wait for next Friday. The alfalfa is perfect right now. And it is cool so it will still be good in a week.

Thursday 08/24 10% / 0 in
Sunshine and a few afternoon clouds. High 74F. Winds N at 5 to 10 mph.

Thursday Night 08/24 10% / 0 in
Clear skies. Low 48F. Winds NE at 5 to 10 mph.

22 Comments on “Pigs do not bend

  1. Sure and steady gets the job done. Well done. 300 bales (1st cut) + 200 (bought in) = 500 bales, but I am sure you know that. How is Wai Wai doing, healing up nicely I hope? Laura

  2. Never heard it called a clatter box! I like it better than bale elevator though. The view through your lens is sweet. My recall of this task which I may have to do in a week or so is much more sweaty. Especially in the mow!

  3. Great work, both of you. Your muscles must have had a good workout, and you must have been very ready for your evening meal 🙂
    Nice shot of Wai. His face looks more peaceful now, there’s less pain there, and it helps a lot to see his eyes, there’s personality behind his expression.

  4. I never thought about pigs not bending to turn a corner. Interesting observation. Also love the term the clatterbox for your trolley that gets the hay to the top. We are having 2 days of cooler overcast weather before the heat wave comes back. High 90’s and still no rain. So far, one paltry day of drizzle all summer. Smoke from wildfires from every direction. I think I’ll go wash my car and see if that helps the rain issue. 🙂 Good to see Wai moving along.

  5. Such a satisfying feeling to have a hayloft full of hay!!! Well done you two!!! xo

  6. There is a calmness to repetitive movements. I chopped onions last night. It was like the movie Julie & Julia – I started dicing the onion and just kept going. I diced two huge red onions – when I only needed about 1/2 of one. BUT – now I can have onion in my slaw every meal. (i’m having the slaw salad twice a day now as it is easy and no thinking about fixing) When I become stressed – I revert to the same meals daily. Not much variation. Cabbage slaw for lunch and dinner. Ham with lunch and dinner typically just the slaw or maybe some beans or peas.

    Routine – and repetitive is so comforting to me.

    • I thought a lot about your comment, Pat. Strangely enough, it has never occurred to me (consciously) that routine and repetition can be of help in dealing with stress, even though quite unconsciously I find myself falling into a simple routine, especially in the area of food. When I would become aware of that routine, it began to feel awkward, as if there were something wrong about eating the same , or similar, simple meal each day –even though it makes feel good. Of course, as a reader of poems, I know the importance of repetition, and if I ever dreamed of being a writer I would understand the value of routine. And as a parent I have experienced the necessity of daily patterns that provide structure and security for children. Celi points that out too, again and again, with regard to farm animals. Even our cat likes earing the same simple meal at the same time. I ought to have known that this concepts applies to us humans who think constantly about variety and the latest stimulating thing. Reflecting on all this now, I’m already feeling more content and peaceful. I guess in some ways I don’t bend either when faced with emotional corners. Wai’s way reminds me of mine, somewhat. Evudently yours too.

      • Autistic people are very routine driven, it helps to deal with the stresses coming from the world around us. As someone who has Asperger’s syndrome, my little daily routines are my comfort in an uncertain world. Although I like to mindfully break them every now and then too!

  7. I agree with the comment that Wai looks more peaceful! He looks like he is slimmer too. Is he on his full on diet now? You sure make the hay stacking sound easy! Sorry about the rain coming. What a strange weather summer it has been.

    • He still has quite a high protein diet to help with all the new skin he is growing but the amounts he eats match the size he should be. Lots of fruit and veg of course.. c

  8. After reading about your morning, I am motivated to MOVE! Guess I’ll weed the flower bed again as the wet summer has encouraged everything. Wai looks great.

  9. Ha the image of Wai tap dancing so his bum lines up with his head. I could imagine little black tap shoes. 😂

  10. I love the description of Wai navigating the corner. He is looking so much healthier! Good luck on your haying adventures. The method you describe for getting the hay in and stacked sounds perfect.

  11. I love hay in the barn! It’s like money in the bank! How many tons of hay are you planning for this year after your animal downsizing?

    • As much as i can get – one year I ran out of hay and the horror has never left me – i will still jam as much in there as the weather permits me, then downsize accordingly. I still have lots of good pasture so will keep the young beef herd a llittle longer.

  12. Every bale stacked = a degree of mental security looking forwards to winter! Must feel great! . . . . And never knew about the pigs being ramrod straight: must make life a wee bit more complicated . . .

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