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YESTERDAY I moved the calves slowly through the corridor paddock and into Pat’s Paddock. I just opened gates and let them wander at their own pace as the little pigs Tima, Tane and WaiWai live in the corridor paddock and I did not want… Continue Reading “A MOVING MINERAL BLOCK”



Wai’s eyes

While we forked hay up into my hay wagon and dragged the trailer up to the corridor paddock to make the hay into a haystack…   A very rough looking beginning to the haystack but it will do.  The grass had been down too… Continue Reading “Wai’s eyes”

Two lost heifers and a steer

Today we will finish chores quick-quick  and then drive up to the airport to collect the fourth member of our mid-summer team. Michael – he is Scottish. And will be staying a month. That should be fun.  So today I will leave you with… Continue Reading “Two lost heifers and a steer”

Life’s criss cross

As long as it does not roll its criss cross over me!! The gardens are full. We go out picking for our dinner every evenng. Alissa is good at this. Foraging.   Wai slept under his sheet just a bit more than usual yesterday.… Continue Reading “Life’s criss cross”

Super Pig

I almost took my husbands eyes out with my dirty farmers fingernails yesterday when he said to me there is no way that potbelly pig can survive with all those open wounds.  The skin is coming off in huge clumps now exposing pretty rugged… Continue Reading “Super Pig”


Today my new farm worker arrives.  If all goes well she will stay a few months which will be nice.  She has been working on a goat farm so I look forward to hearing her story. We all have a story.   Many of… Continue Reading “Eclectic”


The Pig Vet is coming very early to see Wai this morning. So your story today is in pictures.  And I am not proofing. I will be back in later.  He was brighter yesterday, rising up to greet me each time I came in… Continue Reading “Fast”

Rocks in the fields

The kunekune in their little field. They looked like rocks didn’t they.  Poppy  (in heat) broke out of her field and into the kune field the night before last looking for a boar. Poor Tane hid in his little house again and Poppy was… Continue Reading “Rocks in the fields”

Guest writer: Rosy

Hi There, I’m Rosy, C’s farm helper for the week! Today is my last day here so I wanted to say a quick hello before I left. I’ve heard so much about you! I love the supportive community you have all built here. I’d… Continue Reading “Guest writer: Rosy”