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YESTERDAY I moved the calves slowly through the corridor paddock and into Pat’s Paddock. I just opened gates and let them wander at their own pace as the little pigs Tima, Tane and WaiWai live in the corridor paddock and I did not want… Continue Reading “A MOVING MINERAL BLOCK”


Before I even fed him yesterday Wai had decided he was moving house. For the last few days I had opened the gate between him and Tima and Tane the Kune Kune couple and the kune kune had come across chatting and complaining but Wai… Continue Reading “WAIWAI MOVES HOUSE”

The Dishes

Now that Alissa is gone and the woofing is finished I have to do all the dishes by myself! Dammit -I  forgot about that. There is quite a bit of blood in Lady Astors milk now – whatever the trauma was to her udder… Continue Reading “The Dishes”

Wai’s eyes

While we forked hay up into my hay wagon and dragged the trailer up to the corridor paddock to make the hay into a haystack…   A very rough looking beginning to the haystack but it will do.  The grass had been down too… Continue Reading “Wai’s eyes”

Fitness for wounded bodies

My sister wrote to me again yesterday – she is a nurse and like you is following Wai’s recovery closely.  She trained to be a nurse in a period before modern computer based diagnostics and many of their procedures were based on common sense… Continue Reading “Fitness for wounded bodies”


The Pig Vet is coming very early to see Wai this morning. So your story today is in pictures.  And I am not proofing. I will be back in later.  He was brighter yesterday, rising up to greet me each time I came in… Continue Reading “Fast”