The Dishes

Now that Alissa is gone and the woofing is finished I have to do all the dishes by myself! Dammit -I  forgot about that.

There is quite a bit of blood in Lady Astors milk now – whatever the trauma was to her udder it is beginning to show.  I am milking three times a day to keep it from going mastitic. And will call the vet today – so far she is not showing signs of infection but it is very likely now. 

She is milking well though – no kicking, no pain in the udder when I feel around for lumps (none), eating and grazing. Milking right out. But something is wrong.  Really wrong. However she is just as likely to get better with a couple of extra milkings, electrolyte in her water to increase her hydration and tons of fresh food.  I hope we do not need to bring in the vet. 

Aunty Del is showing off her new grass seed earring. 

After the milking, and after Lady has been released back outside, Wai Wai always comes in to inspect the buckets of grain, boiled eggs and hot milk for leaks and counts them for accuracy. Wai hates milk so he never eats anything, just sniffs his way along before wandering back out again.  I cannot imagine Tima being that well behaved.

Wai follows the dogs and I back and forth for the whole period of feeding out. Making little happpy squeaks as he trots along very determinedly on his short little legs. He is worse than Boo for not wanting me out of his sight.

Then after chores he tucks up into his bed and waits for the sun to lose its heat so we can do it all over again.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

PS The latest newsletter is out introducing the latest Farm cartoon.


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45 Comments on “The Dishes

      • I really liked hearing about how he inspects the buckets for leaks and counts them. But I wondered, does Boo keep an eye on him or is he, as you said, just following Boo and you around. You’ve already answered that, but the picture suggested to me that Boo has a major role in the care team for Wai’s recovery– which is astonishing (both the recovery and Boo’s concern for that almost lost little creature).

  1. Wai is such a good pig,especially given his past life situation. He loves and trusts you because you take such good care of him, he has never had it so good! It makes me happy 😊

  2. What in the world is a “grass and seed earring”? I’ve had cows for quite a few years and have never seen such a thing!

  3. Loved the cartoon! I hope you get Lady figured out and things improve for her. Wai looks a million times better and it is quite obvious that this isn’t the same pig that arrived weeks ago. You have worked wonders with him.

  4. Just look how Wai’s hair has grown back on all those patches on his back! One day quite soon, you’ll look at him, and he’ll look just like a little pig who’s had a happy, cared-for life all the time. We (and he) know differently, but you will have worked a miracle together, with grit on his side and hard work on yours.

  5. If it’s not one thing, it’s ten others. You seem to handle the pressure so well. That’s a lot of dishes to do but good meditation time. Your animals understand what you are doing for them even though they cannot verbalize it. I know you know this already. You are so intuitive. Hope your day goes as well as possible.

  6. Ha ha!! I love the “grass seed earring”!! Just this morning Emma deer came along with the long stick-type stick tights all over her ears and back. I asked her if she stopped by the jewel adornment patch on her way home this morning? Ha ha!

    If someone cooks, I’m glad to do the cleanup. I love cleaning up kitchen messes, but I dislike cooking. I think we could work on some kind of arrangement, you and I! 😀

  7. The new cartoon a winner for sure. Hope Lady A recovers soon, Wai’ s recovery fantastic. Laura

  8. If only I could get away from work. I would gladly come cook and do the dishes!

  9. I do so hope your AirBnB venture pans out well for you! My daughter and I tried one down in Florida this past spring when we went to visit our Pittsburgh Pirates in Bradenton, and it was a great experience. We are planning a trip to Chicago’s Wrigley Field next summer and will definitely swing by and stay with you if it’s available!

  10. Sorry about the dishes. Doing them alone is such a dreaded chore): Perhaps your guests might actually enjoying grabbing a towel? I know I would, if I were there; it goes so much faster with someone else to chat with: )
    Also sorry to hear Lady’s udder is sounding worse. Do you have access to Arnica homeopathics? It is excellent at healing and subsequent clean up of bruised tissue.
    And SO good being able to see Wai’s petite, white stocking’d feet and his legs getting “longer”

  11. Love that “busy kitchen” photo. Lovely stainless steel counters and so easy to clean – as in make REALLY clean; )
    Do you do cheese-making as well, C?

    • Oh, or canning? Oh wait, now there’s something you could do… Have classes for those who want to learn how things are put away for winter. Freezing, canning, pickles & preserves. People would love to learn how to grow (and keep) their own food! Just a thought (or two; )

  12. Wow after having 5 children, one dog and a father in law to look after, I dont think I could ever have cows and pigs to tend to…Bravo to you…I’ll take the dishes!

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