TonTon races to watch whichever animal I am pointing the camera at. He is not waiting for instructions like Boo does though. Ton’s job is to find them and then watch them. This is his self appointed job. The animals are so used to him flitting in fast and close that they pay him no mind at all.

Without me cosciously realising it, he moves so fast; he is in about all my shots yesterday. You can see Lady looking behind me in this shot – she is looking at Boo. The animals pay all their attention to BooBoo. His job is to move them and they definitely move when they get him behind them. 

Lady Astors milk has come clean again though her udder is still a strange shape – I think there is swelling there.  And it is definitely longer. She has ligament trouble. There is a possibility that she stood on it.  It is incidents like this that mark the end of a milking cows career. She is in danger of standing on it for the rest of her life now.  

The little hereford is called Stupid. I know we named her Roxy at the beginning but she really is the most stupid animal. Always standing looking the other way when the little herd is being moved. She is never quite sure what is going on.

I know I have to sell Txiki and Alex (not shown) but I am dragging on it as i really like little Txiki. However – there have been words about me carrying too many unproductive animals  and not generating enough income to sustain them, so today I will photograph them and put them on one of FaceBook farm pages for Dexters. Such a shame the bull was no good and this line of breeding has failed.

But – ah well – must move on.  I have learnt that buying calves from reptuatble dealers is a much more efficient way to go for me. 

Molly is still a few weeks away from farrowing.  And the weather turning cooler.  I will begin to build her baby creep today with old straw.  

Boo will have to be cleaned with  Skunk Off this morning after chores.

Poor BooBoo finally got caught by a skunk. We went out to lock up the chickens last night and he always races into the chook house first to check for minks. There were no minks but there was a very pretty and very fast skunk just behind the door.

Boo got sprayed right in the face while Ton and I high tailed it out of there.

So poor Boo had to spend the night on the chain in the barn. It was late and dark and I was worn out and he was absolutely not going to come into the house smelling like that.  He slept in his milking corner in his big mattress of loose straw very quietly all night. Today I will clean him up. I use SKUNK OFF. And never let my supply run out. It is best sprayed on the animal after the spray has dried, otherwise the spray will just spread it. Then once the SKUNK OFF spray is dried he will be bathed and shampooed using  the skunk off shampoo.  Though Dawn will work just as well for the shampooing at that point.

Over the years I have cycled through every one of the Tried and True, Never Fail  home remedies I see people advertise  but nothing gets that smell off better than Skunk Off.

I hope you have a lovely day.


WEATHER: We have a whole run of perfect days ahead.

Friday 09/08 0% / 0 in
A mix of clouds and sun. High near 75F. Winds WNW at 5 to 10 mph.

Friday Night 09/08 10% / 0 in
Mostly clear. Low 51F. Winds ENE at 5 to 10 mph.

6:26 am 7:13 pm
Waning Gibbous, 94% visible 8:52 pm 8:48 am






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29 Comments on “SKUNKY BOO BOO

  1. Oh NO! (About Lady’s udder, about being forced to sell an animal you don’t want to, and most definitely about poor Boo! ): But really good to know about Skunk Off, thanks for the info!Oh NO! (About Lady’s udder, about being forced to sell an animal you don’t want to, and most definitely about poor Boo! ): But really good to know about Skunk Off, thanks!

  2. Hopefully Lady Astor’s udder will recover. Good news that the blood is gone from the milk! I’m wondering if she may still be a good milk cow after a year’s hiatus?

  3. Poor Boo, such a good boy to sleep quietly in the barn. Have a great day!

  4. Perhaps you should sell Stupid first, sad to hear Alex and Txiki have to go 😦 Poor Boo, hope both of your days are less smelly today. Laura

  5. I’d heard of skunk off but never knew anyone who had actually used it. Great to hear it works so well! Thank you for the recommendation!

  6. Is Boo’s eyes okay? Friends dogs eyes swelled and got bumps on the eye lids due to a skunk to the face.

    In other news, Daddy passed on Wednesday morning. It was a beautiful & cooler day with a sunrise to cherish. It’s been 23 months since all this worry and fret started with my parents. I’m consoled that they are together now….. Thank you everyone for your well wishes and prayers.

    • Oh – Pat. How wonderful that he was able to die with relief on a beautiful day in bed with his beloved daughter there with him. Everything has happened so fast for you – 23 months is not that long. Do you have lots of help and support out there? i do hope so. All my love. I shall spend some time today down in your mothers wild flower garden to mark his passing.

    • I send you my sympathy, Pat. How sweet to pass in a beautiful sunrise. I was at a beloved aunt’s bedside once when she died just as a beautiful day was breaking. It seemed a special blessing, as it must have to you too.

    • Warmest wishes from Down Under . . . . . as each day passes it will get a little easier. But the wonderful memories of bygone days will remain: I lost mine in my twenties – a long time ago: we still have quiet talks and he still teaches me . . . .

  7. Skunked is a hard way to spend the night. Maybe he will slow down now. 😦 I too was worried about the eyes. There are animals that are born “slow” . I had a dog like that once. Husband took it to the site he worked at where it was safe and protected. Sorry you have to let go of them. I get how hard that is. Best of luck with a profitable sale.

  8. Hmmm 🙂 ! Never having been near a skunk to the best of my knowledge I’m just trying to imagine what the smell would be like!! Poor guy: he would not understand why he suddenly is persona non grata !!!

    • Hmmm, the smell of a skunk – well try to imagine the smell of 1,000 rotten eggs all broken at once, add in a little rotted meat and multiply by somewhere about a million. That’s the closest description I can think of – but it is really it’s very own smell.

      Okay that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but not much. It’s quite eye-watering and definitely memorable! Even a day or two (or more) later, you can still get a whiff of it, but fresh skunk is . . . well, it’s . . . umm . . . yup, no words.

      I hope that dogs can’t smell it the way humans do, because having to spend a night with that smell is just unbelievable. However we know dogs have incredible noses – so poor Boo.

      Chris S in Canada

  9. We’ve been lucky not to have been skunked here. I have never heard of skunk off, but I think I will see about having a bottle on hand just in case! What a tough decision to make about Alex and Txiki. This is why I don’t have livestock… they’d all be my pets and damned be the finances!

  10. in the night I will wake up and sometimes smell skunk….but have yet to see them in the day. Since we do not have a sweet dog like Boo or Ton
    I guess we’ll never see them or have any “up close and personal” olfactory moments! Big hugs to Boo from us!

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  12. Hello, I have a question. Has the first newsletter gone out? Because I’m signed up but nothing has shown up in my e-mail. On another topic, skunking up close is not fun but the first skunk smell (from a distance) after a long winter, smells like spring to me.

    • We just sent out the second newsletter the day before yesterday – have you tried to sign up again? Also check your junk mail though i am sure you have done that already. I will sign you up from here again and see what happens.

  13. Pingback: Skunky BooBoo – SEO

  14. Hi! Our long-haired pomime-lhaso tangled with a skunk and it took more than a week to get the ‘perfume’ out of his hair. It was so bad, my daughter’s costume jewelry changed color. It also absorbed into her leather handbag and she went home smelling like a skunk! So sorry to see your gorgeous animals go, Ceci – that’s hard, but it may help to balance out the loss of your field of hay due to the rain earlier.

    I, too, have not been able to find your Newsletter, though Samantha says I’m signed up for it.

    Curious – can you put a ‘bra’ on Lady Astor’s udder to keep it up and out of harm’s way?

    Wishing you the best of everything!

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