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The rain. On my hay. Raining on my winter feed. Every I bring home more free feed than ever for the pigs and every day the grass is growing – still I am feeling the ‘will I have enough hay for the winter’ fear.… Continue Reading “AND AGAIN”


Now there’s a deep subject. Weather Gods let us get one cut of hay in, then last night it rained onto the second cut while watering in the oats and corn.


my own hay, with my own crew, and the co- workers own gear. So after Wednesday’s rain we will cut again. This was the developing hay field of quite light grass and it still took days to dry. Next we get into the heavy… Continue Reading “GOT IT IN”

All Hail. All Hay Under Cover.

236 bales of good hay. Beautiful hay actually. Green and dry and smells divine. Airfreshner for the barn.  The weather yesterday was cool with a stiff drying breeze. No humidity. Good for the hay and the team gathered to make the hay.  I pay… Continue Reading “All Hail. All Hay Under Cover.”

Wai’s eyes

While we forked hay up into my hay wagon and dragged the trailer up to the corridor paddock to make the hay into a haystack…   A very rough looking beginning to the haystack but it will do.  The grass had been down too… Continue Reading “Wai’s eyes”

No Hay Day

Yesterday – an hour before the tractor arrived to bale our hay –  it began to rain, just a little at first then the skies opened up and it rained and rained all morning.  We even went in and worked on rainy day jobs… Continue Reading “No Hay Day”

156 Bales

And all  the hay is in the barn and all of us went to bed early last night.  Kevin was kitchen Mama yesterday making an Argentinian meat pie and banana cream pie.What a relief it was NOT to have to cook after loading 156 bales… Continue Reading “156 Bales”

Calf Playtime!

Bobby T decided his mother was spending too much time with a coffee sack and went over to play too.  Like a kid when his Mum is trying to get ready to go out. Here is a small selection of images from the gardens but… Continue Reading “Calf Playtime!”

Hay is Down

Today the hay man came and mowed the hay down, something a hay man is wont to do.  I will rake it in a couple of days and then he will return to bale it.  All we need is a few days of dry weather.… Continue Reading “Hay is Down”

Hay In The Barn

Hay. The best air freshener of all. I had to turn the field twice to accelerate the drying because of all the rain in the forecast. And Jen and I went back out and gently spread out the bigger clumps by hand so it all… Continue Reading “Hay In The Barn”