The rain. On my hay. Raining on my winter feed. Every I bring home more free feed than ever for the pigs and every day the grass is growing – still I am feeling the ‘will I have enough hay for the winter’ fear. That you and I go through together every year.

My big field (169 acres) is still too wet to begin work. The top inch or so is hard as a rock and under that is black and wet. A big machine would just make ruts. But the hard pan has begun to crack which is nature’s way of drying so as long as we don’t get too much rain eventually the growers will be able to till and plant a cover crop to begin the lands recovery.

Soon the weeds in the field will be higher than the fences.

What a year. There are many fields unplanted this year. The season will be an interesting one. My farmer and many others have put our field into a govt program, for the season, called Preventive Planting. It is an emergency measure. Quite a long standing program as I understand it. Essentially the govt. pays the tenant ( who has already paid his rent) 275 per acre not to plant a paying crop that year. So, the tenant does not lose his rent, and he can still plant the cover crop and continue to manage the land, clear water ways – weed control, etc. just no harvest.

So that is where we are at.

Airbnb bookings are booming these last few days which is great. The sky is full of clouds and moisture and it is windy.

It is Saturday!

I hope you have a good weekend.

Talk soon


12 Comments on “AND AGAIN

  1. the water the water the water…it just keeps coming. fingers crossed something turns in your favor. Meanwhile, your resourcefulness is your strength! I love it that the airbnb is working so well for you. That’s GREAT!

  2. We are as desperate to get rain as you are to get rid of it, that is Mother Nature for you. Have a great weekend. Laura

  3. I never really thought about rain being too much for farmers. But it’s all in the timing. I hope your hay works out.

  4. Why does the government have a moratorium on the farmers planting crops? There are thousands of hungry people out there! Seems the gov’t should let the farmers plant and harvest, let the packing houses do their thing, have the gov’t pay for it all instead of paying them to do nothing, and then the gov’t can give ‘their’ food away to the needy. Seems simple enough to me…maybe three’s a lot more to it than I am aware?

  5. I think the way you operate is a good example for other farmers. Diversifying into other income streams, added-value and a gentler use of the land is maybe the way to go for a lot of smaller operators.

  6. Preventative Planting sounds like a good plan… ield and soil management then a good weather season will be beneficial. Traditional diversified farming has much merit, and I’ve long admired your approach… and dedication ♡

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