Wai’s eyes

While we forked hay up into my hay wagon and dragged the trailer up to the corridor paddock to make the hay into a haystack…  

A very rough looking beginning to the haystack but it will do.  The grass had been down too long to mold into a waterproof shape. 

Wai shouted out from his door – LET ME OUT! 

The little rescue potbelly, who cannot be in the sun as he recovers from massive burns to his back and head, hates sunny days when he is locked up in the barn with the common pigs. If you look carefully you can see his eyes. He is so cute when he looks at you – he lifts up his head and peers through the bottom of his bifocals. His neck held up at an awkward angle as his brain slowly arranges focus for his eyes. 

Last night when I went out to put him to bed I found him in the vegetable garden. Just puttering about in there during his twilight freedom.  He had followed a ribbon of grass along the track and down past the barn. He will still not cross the driveway to the house though. He will place one tiny foot on the track trying to follow my voice and whip it back to his body the moment he realises he is off the grass. There are many mysteries attached to this little fellow.

Today we will bring up the last of the dried salvaged grass hay from Daisy’s field, then set up the electric fence and put the pigs and the cows in there to finish cleaning up.

We are going to make the pigs a big pad of ruined hay to play in out there in their new back yard. More lemonade from this lemon.

The mouldy hay in the alfalfa field has been turned and turned and mostly pushed off the field. We will finish that today too with our forks. The pressure of rain coming in tonight will get that job finished.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

Weather: A little bit of everything.  With a cloudy afternoon for Wai. Wai loves deep cloud and rainy days.

Wednesday 07/26 20% / 0 in
A mix of clouds and sun during the morning will give way to cloudy skies this afternoon. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. High 86F. Winds S at 5 to 10 mph.

Wednesday Night 07/26 90% / 0.79 in
Thunderstorms this evening, then cloudy with rain likely overnight. Low 71F. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 90%. Locally heavy rainfall possible.



30 Comments on “Wai’s eyes

  1. You’ve all been working hard! Poor Wai – I bet he’ll be tempted to cross the path before Christmas 😉

  2. Oh, Wai’s adorable fuzzy nose! How lovely to see his eyes again, and know that his world is expanding: sight, smell, taste and sound. He has such character and inner strength, this battered little person.

  3. Oh Ce, I love the photos of Wai. Isn’t it amazing how a heartbroken pig can bring together a worldwide following?

  4. Sounds like he may associate the gravel drive with whatever(whomever) happened to him? The poor little fella! And, after your (apt?) description, I begin to wonder if he is nearsighted? It truly must’ve felt like being blind, what with all that extra flesh hanging in his eyes? *sigh*
    Great to hear you’re getting the haying debacle sorted! (Enjoy your R&R when it’s done: )

  5. Well, my eyes are on three things: the joy of seeing you having three helpers cleaning up the rain-soaked mess, the health of the green underneath the cleared areas and the generally wonderful weather forecast for your area of Illinois for the next fortnight! Oh, hello, Wai – yes, am looking at you too!!

  6. You seem to be having an extraordinary amount of rain. Everybody is going to be fit very soon. Bless Wai 🙂 Laura

  7. I see you Miss C – and I think I like you too! Come and sit with me a little while, please. Don’t all animals ask that you come give them time when they have that look? I know mine do. Angel the beagle gave me that look this AM from the comfort of her place in the living room. She is a pup who loves to be near people all the time.

    So so sorry about the hay. Make hay while the sun shines is such a true statement.

  8. Oh Wai! So cute with that nose poking through. Sorry about the hay but you are truly making the best of it. Here’s hoping the rain holds off a bit longer.

  9. Oh look at those eyes! It’s great to see them finally….the expression on his face is sooo cute.

  10. I just watched a show about a young woman who tried to remove an unwanted tattoo with the acid used for facial peels, but she used it undiluted. Interestingly….and horrifyingly…….her arm looked just like Wai’s skin, and had gone through the same process of hard damaged skin coming off and scabby, scarred underneath, with some pink and healthy. How lovely he calls to you so he can come out to play, must be hard to resist him.

  11. “More lemonade from this lemon” – there’s a feeling of triumph to that. I wonder if the driveway gravel or rock bothers Wai’s hooves? The deer do not like crossing our crushed rock driveway. To me, it always seems that their hooves are tender to it, or maybe it makes trodding a bit unsteady. It is the same way on any hard surface like cement or flagstone. At least in my experience with the deer.

  12. such a lovely post- and to see Wai’s eyes…what wonders you are doing! WE all love Wai and are amazed at how well he is doing.

  13. Just caught the “Daisy” in Daisy’s Field and remembering that beautiful cow. So glad that you have the woofers to help you with that ruined hay that you have found good use for.

  14. I wonder how long it has been since he could really see. If he has vision problems, that might explain his reluctance to try a new substrate.

  15. He really is mysterious little fellow. I love how Boo is overseeing the work!

  16. I’m so upset for you with the hay situation ~ and worried about poor ole Wai. What a terrible situation for him AND You. Most impressive is today is my Buddy Ton ~ driving my John Deere!!!

  17. I’m glad Wai gets to walk in the garden when the sun is gone. I think maybe I’ll come along this evening. He and I can peer over our spectacles and mutter together about those pebbles on the drive.

  18. In case y’all are wondering – I saw on Instagram – Miss C has no internet again today….. Happy Friday!

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