Before I even fed him yesterday Wai had decided he was moving house. For the last few days I had opened the gate between him and Tima and Tane the Kune Kune couple and the kune kune had come across chatting and complaining but Wai had decided he had no time for that kind of pig and was leaving the barn to find other more comfortable and secluded quarters.  waiwai-003

The work on his new house was far advanced by the time I realised what he was up to. waiwai-007

My first clue was seeing him trudge across the field with a mouthful of long weeds: just like a sow building a nest I thought then realised  he was preparing himself a nice big dry bed in the old hut. He had chosen an old tin hut that no one but roosters had used for years.

I brought him flakes of straw and he grabbed each one jamming them into the Nor’West corner where the wind was coming from. Once he ran out of the straw I had carried in, he made several trips back to the barn himself and actually began to steal the straw bed from below Tima herself.  Squeaking the whole time.  He has a very high pitched determined squeal when he is up to no good. waiwai-027

TonTon tried to go in and see what was going on but the little pig shrieked at him in fury and Ton took off. waiwai-028

Later in the afternoon after a full day of building he crept into his bed, wriggled under the straw and went to sleep.  Did you notice how his bottom is a bit crooked – his tail no longer in the middle.  A result of his injuries. waiwai-030

I bought a full bale of straw from the barn and closed off one side of the hut so his straw did not drift back out into the field – keeping his mattress intact. I was not thanked – rather  I was told to Bugger Off.  He has never been a particularly friendly pig. Honest, he calls it. waiwai-035

Tima did not come close to the new condo in the back of the corridor paddock. She speaks pig and knows better.

Perspectve is everything.



WaiWai does not like other pigs and is not fond of humans either. And he has made up his mind to move out. My next task is to insulate his house somehow. It has holes in it and is not even rainproof.  I wonder if he will stay out here when the real winter cold hits. We will no doubt find out soon. waiwai-057

Fair enough.

Sleep well little grouchy friend.

Love celi

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71 Comments on “WAIWAI MOVES HOUSE

  1. He’s like a cantankerous old man, who will not be looked after and prefers his cold, drafty solitude. But as you say, it will be interesting to see how things change when it gets really cold and really wet…

  2. Well… In view of his history, are we surprised he doesn’t like humans? It’s good that he’s not positively aggressive towards people he doesn’t know. Shame he doesn’t like Sheila though – another independent spirit. How is she now?

  3. Wai is such a funny pig!!…I bet if he could talk, he would tell you how grateful he is to be living on your lovely farm. Pardon my ignorance, as I am a new follower, but if Wai had a really bad experience before you saved him, maybe that is why he is the way he is?..we need more people like you to help save poor animals from distress and mistreatment. Have a lovely day x

    • I am sure that is why he is- we are not sure of the details of his abuse but he was brought here with horrific third degree burns. The pig shelter people had expected him to die but Wai knew otherwise.

  4. Glad he found his own space but now that means more work for you to make sure it is safe for him in all kinds of weather. What a funny grumpy pig.

  5. What characters live at your farm! Wai Wai reminds me of my father – that when he got an idea in his head there was NO STOPPING him and he complained and muttered the whole time. That man could not read a book over a period of ‘days’ or ‘week’ – once he started a book – he read it from start to finish even taking it to the bathroom and coffee pot. So we made sure to buy him short stories and short books after a 2 day marathon one winter.

    Our high today will be 74 with blustery winds….. Fall has arrived in Texas.

  6. Smart pig, very self-determined. I’d probably put a good tarp over the whole thing and maybe a blanket of bubble wrap under that for insulation and leave the poor guy alone. He’s been thru hell. His trust factor for the world is pretty well shot I would imagine.

  7. God bless Wai! I think I remember he came from Kentucky so it will be interesting to see him handle an IL winter. If there is enough snow maybe that will provide an igloo effect for him. Nice that he is comfortable enough to pick his own living quarters.

    • I thought that too. And that he knew Miss C. would go along with his wishes & let him make that decision. I think he’s come far in healing his wounded spirit.

    • I have thought of that too. He is a young pig though so he will be working on instinct. If the weather gets very very bad I will put him in a sling and carry him inside – but we will see.

  8. Wai may well march into the sun room and tell the Kunes it is their turn for the ‘outhouse’. Maybe cover with a rubber mat to waterproof and a couple of skifs of straw to insulate, the white stuff should complete the roof insulation – just as long as he doesn’t get snowed in 🙂 Laura

  9. I keep remembering when he could barely move. And I thought you were on the road to breaking your kind heart with all the work you put into him. Now he’s Mr. Construction Pig. It’s such a happy grouchy thing. 🙂 You have wrought a miracle.

  10. You make me smile or laugh every day with the antics of this band of crazy characters. Love the photos of each one. Sad that Wai has not been able to make a friend. Such a lonely life without them. Good luck finding a way to insulate against the weather on that tin shed. I’m sure you’ll think of something. You are quite ingenious.

  11. Oh my! As others have said, let’s hope Waiwai doesn’t decide to occupy the sunroom next! he just may! I wonder, too, what he will think of his new estate come the true cold days of winter. I’m sure you will come up with something ingenious to help make him more comfortable – where there is a will, there is a WaiWai!

  12. I wonder if you could cut styrofoam insulation board to size, then cover that with a tarp?? Pigs are very determined blokes.

  13. I think you do a very nice job of letting your readers know about the animals and how they think and even why they think like they do. Only someone close to the land and the animals, who keeps their ears and eyes and heart wide open can do so…speak to and about the animals.

  14. The honeymoon that never really was is truly over I guess! This is just so funny. He knew you would go along with him, too.

  15. Wai Wai is quite stubborn and willful, but in a “i’m gonna live, so I’m gonna do what i wanna do”! How are his wounds? Have they healed completely?

  16. Each critter is such an individual! Might your hay man have any leftover bales, not food quality, even had gotten wet– he might give you to haul away? I’ve used those to anchor tarps and then the bale adds to the windbreak/insulation as well as holding the tarp solidly to the ground. Too, silicone caulk? could spotfill those nail holes if the house is sturdy enough for you to climb on. In between everything else you are prepping for winter, that is!

  17. I quite like Wai’s attitude. We all feel that way sometimes. Hopefully he will become more social but you still have to love him. Would a big tarp and more straw bales work? A pig yurt?

  18. “If a pig does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, whether measured or far away.” –Thoreau (more or less)

  19. Maybe he’ll be like a teenager…moving out because independence sounds “cool” but after a while realising that home comforts are better and he’ll gradually move back in again with the family!

  20. So I’m guessing the fairytale three little pigs building their house of straw to protect themselves from the wolf had its basis in fact… if Wai goes looking for sticks, that’s ok but bricks, well, that might be a problem!

  21. pure and simply…Wai Wai has a mind of his own! and we all love him in spite of his grumpiness….I’d be the same if I’d been
    through what he endured.

  22. im so happy to read this i could cry ! im so proud of you and waiwai !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you for filling our lives full of hope thru these months , what you 2 have done fills us all with possibilities when confronted with serious dilemmas. what a strong woman and a tuff little bugger 🙂

  23. Wai is worth his weight in gold just because he brings a level of amusement with his antics. You have to grab your laughs wherever you can find them to keep you looking up. I can just hear the kune couple sniffing ‘well, I never!’. BTW where is Bacon? We haven’t heard from him in a while.

  24. PBF (sp?) I loved that … ‘ where there’s a will, there’s a WaiWai! Ceci, your description of Wai’s antics strongly remind me of my grumpy Aunt Sarah. Forever moving, never quite satisfied with the new place! Here’ to you, Aunty Grump! She was just ‘plump’ as Wai too! What a couple!

  25. He’s still scraping himself raw? Oh bless him, I was hoping he’d be totally healed by now… Good luck figuring out the logistics of his new residence and plugging a gazillion screw holes; )
    About using silicon caulk, surfaces need to be totally dry to adhere and (I’m fairly certain) temps also need to be above 50°F to cure properly…. But honestly, after seeing the “bow” in the roofline over the door, totally seconding the suggestion about using a solid chunk of plywood to deflect water and also spread the weight of “roofing” and snow load over the entire surface? Also wondering if it’s possible to give that bale a 1/4 turn (up onto its edge) to totally fill the door opening and also prop it up to prevent collapse? (Sorry, sometimes I think too much):

  26. Seems the kids and pigs have the same disposition at times…. they want what they want. LOVED this !! ; o )

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