We have had so much rain that the yards are knee deep in muck.  Usually, it is not so bad but the North side door has been opened, so the mothers can bring in their calves, and with all their coming and going that area has been churned into slop.


Lady Astor gets the concrete pad because she is on dry hay,  I am trying to drop her production of milk so I can dry her up in a couple of months. Fat chance so far!  I still let her out on the green fields a couple of hours in the afternoon.  There is so much feed out there! To lock her up the whole time seems so mean. But the luscious green pastures do not help me to bring her production down!


Last night we had another inch of rain.

Here is a rubbish shot of Molly sleeping with her head stuck through the piglets creep door. She always does this. She just has to open an eye to see what they are up to. Then they have to climb over her nose to get out


I have already had my coffee and fried eggs and am off out to shovel the proverbial – the moment the barn is opened to cows they come in and stand around and fill the area with manure and pee gallons all over the floor. Thankfully they cannot get into the calves creep area so that stays fairly dry and clean.

Have a good one.

I think that is all for the rain for the meantime – I will go back outside to work now.


WEATHER: Cold, wet and windy. (Wellington weather).

Sunday 10/15 0% / 0 in
Cloudy with gusty winds. High near 55F. Winds NW at 20 to 30 mph. Winds could occasionally gust over 40 mph.

Sunday Night 10/15 10% / 0 in
Some clouds this evening will give way to mainly clear skies overnight. Low 39F. Winds WNW at 10 to 15 mph.

7:04 am 6:11 pm
Waning Crescent, 19% visible 2:32 am 4:22 pm




53 Comments on “POURING

  1. Oh dear – we’ve got a heatwave today and a hurricane coming tomorrow! Though I think it will just be very windy here, with extreme weather on the west coast.

  2. After temps reaching 90 degrees yesterday, we finally, finally got some rain!!! Thank goodness! Not lots, but at least enough to give everything a drink. And to cool things off! It should reach 68 degrees today! I wonder if fall is on it’s way??? So precious that Molly watching her babies!!!

  3. Molly is a good mom trying to keep an eye on her babies. That kind of rain is hard to deal with. I hope you get a bit of dry. We are coming into our rainy season and I’m trying to wish some down to California. Keeping good thoughts for you.

      • Yesterday was gray, warm and drizzly with periods of rain, (puggy describes it perfectly). Walking down the hill in the horse yard was slimy and treacherous and I surely did not want to hit the ground there! Today it blew hard all day and did a bit of drying anyway, also got much chillier, maybe the wind is coming your way and will help dry things up. The rest of the week is supposed to be downright pleasant! Tis surely a strange fall….

  4. Oh l amso sorry that you have such wet weather… I can imagine just how horrible it is. And how difficult it is for you to work…do you have a helper….lots of love

  5. Ooo wow! We would love some rain here in northern California. We have fires everywhere. It is getting older though. I always enjoy your posts!

      • The closest fire is one hour away, the big ones are about three hours away. We live in a relatively safe place. As safe as one can be from wildfires in northern California. A house I leased when my daughter was a baby burned down last week. So grateful we don’t live there anymore.

    • Hey, I’m northern ca myself. Are you affected by the fires? I’m in Walnut Creek, so just bad air, though it’s ok this weekend. Feel terrible for Napa/Sonoma/Santa Rosa. Excited to hear we might have a little rain late next week. Take care.

      • No, not more than smoke in the air. I’m north of you. Can’t wait for the rain! Be safe!

  6. Oh dear. That sounds like a bit of a slog. Some days are like that…you just have to put one foot in front of the other all day long. Keeping your mind trained on something else and far away just to get through it. I wish I were there to help. Or at least to prepare you a lovely happy hour at the end of all the mucking.

      • I look at it as less ‘happy hour’ and more of ‘wind down’ hour, all chores that are going to be done are, every living thing is seen too and I have a bit of a sit down for myself, alone or not. (It’s not drinking alone as long as the dog is there!)

  7. It looks like Wai did not like music in the barn enough to move out 😁 Laura

  8. Turning back a few weeks to the tail end of summer and getting your hay delivered………. a question ….. why is the hay in the middle and eastern states rolled, while all of the hay I’ve seen in Oregon, Wash., and CA are formed into oblong bales? I was so surprised the first time I saw ‘rolls’ of hay in a field in Oklahoma – didn’t know what they were t first, then wondered how they got them that way!

    Your mud – if it isn’t cold, I’d be out the sqwooshing it through my toes!

    Mud, mud I love it! Guess I’m Miss Piggy at heart!

    • Here in Central Illinois, I can buy hay in any of those shapes. Round Bales. Rectangular which weigh about a 1/2 ton and the ‘square bales” that are the small rectangular ones. Different balers for each one. I buy the small ones because I don’t have a tractor that can lift a round bale

      • Hard to find small squares around here, ours are large rectangles, somewhere around 400#, kind of a pain to deal with. What I wonder is if the round bales ever just roll away down all the hills we have around here!

  9. That’s a lot of rain and muck. After a very wet summer, we cannot complain here in Southern Ontario because we’ve had a great September and a mild early autumn.

  10. Here we are embedded in a prolonged dry, hot spell. In early September we were well into fall. Since mid-September we have been in the summer we missed earlier.

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