What’s next for this meal?

Let’s think before we cook! So we can eliminate food waste in our kitchens. Say to yourself – “Whats next for this meal?”

I don’t have trouble because we have pigs and chickens but in other houses the people get to eat all the food!

Here is Wai!

Do you remember when he first came to the Farmy?

Here is a funny story about him. We don’t want to go back too much further for Wai. That story is so sad. But he survived! And is the resident curmudgeon.

We were all ready for the cold but this week it is back up in the 50’s. Nice and warm.

Here is a Ukrainian Poppy Seed loaf. This is not a sweet cake. From The Moosewood Cookbook.

We cleaned the windows in the glasshouse to let more light in. The water collected while the shower warms up is all carted into the glasshouse for watering the plants. Also water in buckets makes a kind of heat sink – helping the area to stay warm. But, like I say, it has not got cold yet!

Today I will start some Thanksgiving Loaves of bread. My contribution is also the Baked Acorn Squash. I cannot get enough of this!

No work for the rest of the week which is unnerving. A fluctuating income is not a comfort. But I continue to work and write and move slowly towards my Sustainable Spaces coaching site.

When I make a meal I am always looking to what is next with the meal. Freezing lunch sized portions or making stock and freezing that.

A fry-up!

When creating your Thanksgiving feast remember to think the food through to its next iteration.

☹️Dumping food into a bin is obscene.

So cook in a way that enables you to eat the leftovers. Fry-ups are my favourite. Above is macaroni cheese fried in salted butter! The cheese in the cheese sauce caramelized and the breadcrumbs added crunch. This was delicious.

If you can’t eat those left overs immediately – pop them into containers and into the freezer and don’t forget the note on the fridge telling you what is in the freezer. No meal likes to sit in the deep freeze for too long.

That Turkey carcass will make a great stock! I freeze stock into small two cup containers. Use up all those plastic containers that cottage cheese or sour cream come in. ( oh how I miss my milking days!)

PS Dogs love mashed potatoes and green bean casserole! And stuffed acorn squash for that matter!

PSS Note the dog blankets on the couch! 😳🦋 The dogs are old now. Gone soft!!

Have a great day!

And in the comments tell me your fav way to save leftovers. It is old fashioned! We love old fashioned!


2 Comments on “What’s next for this meal?

  1. I make leftovers on purpose – meat n veg or salad for work lunch the next day instead of buying or eating junk 😁
    If making a large dish I do single portions for an easy meal … or large too, enough for the whole family if I do a double batch of something.
    And all of my veggie scraps go into the freezer to make veggie stock (I have a batch on right now!)

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