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Two lost heifers and a steer

Today we will finish chores quick-quick  and then drive up to the airport to collect the fourth member of our mid-summer team. Michael – he is Scottish. And will be staying a month. That should be fun.  So today I will leave you with… Continue Reading “Two lost heifers and a steer”

I have no shadow

It has been weeks since I saw my shadow. Did I fire him in a fit of pique or is it just this endless Tolkien gray. Or maybe the Martha Stewart beige. Though truthfully I may have seen my shadow on that one sunny… Continue Reading “I have no shadow”

I am not the only One

Someone else is completely bonkers too! Pushy Pig. It gets worse. See what I mean? That little pig gets away with anything.  Poor Boo Nanny. What can you do. (Does a rhetorical question have a question mark?) The Daily View is going, ever so… Continue Reading “I am not the only One”