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I am not the only One

Someone else is completely bonkers too! Pushy Pig. It gets worse. See what I mean? That little pig gets away with anything.  Poor Boo Nanny. What can you do. (Does a rhetorical question have a question mark?) The Daily View is going, ever so… Continue Reading “I am not the only One”

A snowy-sun shower!

Gentlemen Close your Ears! Hush. Sshh,  I will tell you what I hate about winter coldness the most.  You ladies will understand this one. The toilet seat. It Chills me.  I am getting very tired of my freezing porcelain toilet seat. I sit down… Continue Reading “A snowy-sun shower!”

Beer O’Clock I called to the Kiwi Builder

He immediately began to pack up. After all it was beer o’clock and getting dark. Sadly the weather was not on our side and  we were unable to have the Friday drink out on the dance floor of the coupe, instead we sat inside… Continue Reading “Beer O’Clock I called to the Kiwi Builder”

Charlotte the Pig is Feeling Poorly

She has started limping quite badly. And a fat pig limping is a very sorry sight.  It is  one of her back legs below that rather large ham of a butt-hock. Sorry Char had to say it. I have called around and on occasion… Continue Reading “Charlotte the Pig is Feeling Poorly”

Everything but the Earwigs – Making Wine on the Farmy.

Oh and we tried to take out the spiders too. No spiders were harmed in this post -or photographed – so it is safe to proceed. Yesterday was cold all day. One of those cold days that has a proper serious chill carried by… Continue Reading “Everything but the Earwigs – Making Wine on the Farmy.”