A snowy-sun shower!

Gentlemen Close your Ears!

Hush. Sshh,  I will tell you what I hate about winter coldness the most.  You ladies will understand this one. The toilet seat. It Chills me.  I am getting very tired of my freezing porcelain toilet seat. I sit down and squawk at its icy coldness. There you are now.  You know the worst.snow-tag-002

Yesterday had spots of sun. It was as though the lighting guys were up in the grid randomly hanging and testing lights for one play, aiming light this way and that, while the actors on the stage were rehearsing for another play altogether.  The sun  came out once in the middle of a snow shower! snow-tag-008





Then the snow moved on.  And as the clouds returned to the scene from Stage Left,  the sun silently exited on Stage Right. Off to the Green Room for a cup of tea with Snow.


Then they rehearsed it all over again. But that was good, we got the precipitation And the sunshine.  Perfect really. Of course then I had to go in and very carefully clean the lens on a whining Camera House. That snow was wet!

Good morning. I hope you all have rays and rays of loveliness today. I think you will.


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  1. Wooden Toilet seats are marginally warmer 🙂 Send John in first to warm it up for you 🙂 Glad to see the sheep haven’t been shorn yet – they wouldn’t be happy in your weather! Seems like winter is happy to stay on the Farmy too! Laura

  2. Oh how I wish I could send you some fire wood! I hate having the house cold.

  3. It’s bad enough to have to peel off all the warm layers just to go, but then to have to sit on the icy seat – that’s awful.
    Beautiful sun this morning here…but cold and windy. Hope yours is better!

  4. You need a toilet seat warmer!
    It was 28 here today in sunny Queensland; sending you some sunshine and warmth.

  5. Cecilia.. don’t think the woman have the franchise on this.. Men, like me, who’s morning constitution is when we arise, go through exactly the same thing… my bowel movement has been known to do a U turn due to a cold seat.. I’ve even woken my wife so that she will go before me and warm the seat… isn’t she a good wife.???

  6. I have no suggestions for a warmer indoor toilet seat, but my brother made me a styrofoam seat for the outhouse and it is a real bottom warmer. Wish I had one for the inside seat too!

  7. good morning Celi you know they do make heated seats for the commode right? in extreme climates it is necessary. like in Alaska blessed day to you SAINTS

  8. I wi sh I could send you some of our warmth, Celi. We could use some of that wet snow, but I’d stick it in the mountains. Spring will spring soon, so let your bum know it’ll be okay!

  9. Oh my, that does have to be one of the worst parts of winter. Our winter is pretty much over. It’s still getting chilly at night, but the days are already climbing into the 60s and 70s. I expect we’ll have one more cold spell, but that should be it. I actually dropped my little poodle off this morning to get his first summer shave!

  10. I laughed when I read your first paragraph; we have a relatively new low flow toilet and it came with specifically molded plastic seats which at first I didn’t care for, but they are much warmer than the expensive painted wooden ones.
    It’s chilly and grey again and we’re expecting flurries all day.

  11. Have wooden lavatory seats not yet reached the prairies, or did you specifically order/make a porcelain one to remind yourself of the penance you would have endured had you chosen to be a Carmelite nun?

  12. My dear dear Celi. I feel your pain! For one winter I lived in a house with an outdoor toilet. The temperature would plummet to minus thirty below. Cold is cold even when the seat is wood. A million wishes for a warmer week-end. V.

  13. the hen looks as though she’s trying to work out where all that white stuff is coming from! As for the loo seat, I think that hovering might be the only solution!

  14. I am so ready for spring. SO READY. My kids and I visitied 17 baby lambs the other day…and I thought of you! I adore bounching, jumping, springing lambs!

  15. Haha. My mother came back from Japan raving about the toilets – not only heated but they played a tune as well and then blow dried the nether regions (press appropriate button for appropriate area to dry!)

  16. At school I roomed with a girl orginally from the US, who in winter wore all-in-one Pjs with a flap in the nether regions… which would offer a little barrier to a chilly loo seat I’d imagine. But, the seasons are marching onwards, towards winter for us in the southerm hemisphere, and soon you get our warmth 🙂

  17. The snow had all gone by the time I left Northumberland for home at 5.30 this morning. But it had migrated 600 miles South, and the roads near here were like tunnels, with car-high heaps of snow either side and a single clear track in the middle..

    Jock’s finished the Kupa embroidery while I’ve been away – I’ll put a photo in the Jock’s Embroideries page on my blog when I’ve got over my travel-lag tiredness, to see if you would like to have it.

  18. Brrrrrrr……at least the sun was out for a bit!!! Feeling the cold through your pictures—you are one brave soul, Cecilia!

  19. Oh, your post just brought us sunshine: it had been a dismal morning until I opened your blog and sunrays suddenly flooded the room 🙂 ! Your animals can’t wait for spring days to come either – my what a bored looks on their faces and they don’t have to sit on freezing toilet seats: wooden ones are definitely kinder to nether regions . . . hope counting down the days with you helps just a tad 😀 !

  20. Spring is coming your way. We’ve got daffodils blooming, and we’re just a few hours south. (And, yes, I know exactly what you mean about the toilet seats!)

  21. I had such wonderful plans. Yesterday and today I was going to take advantage of the dry weather and work in the front garden and then make the rounds at my marktes — and that’s when it all went bad. Today, as the 2nd plumber left, the rain started. It was too late for the market and too wet for gardening. Worse yet: no cannoli to soothe my pain.
    On the other hand, my toilet seat was warm.
    Here’s to a better, warmer tomorrow! G’nite, Celi!

  22. You need to get one of them heated throne seats . . . especially nice when you’ve run out of fire wood and can’t heat the house.

  23. C, I’m all about using what we’ve got. Believe me, I am. And I am a huge advocate of LESS plastic on the planet, not more.
    But when it comes to something we use that much, I think I’d wander on down to the nearest Home Depot, liberate $8 from my wallet and buy a cheap plastic toilet seat. They last forever, and are far warmer than porcelain!

  24. Mornin’, c! My daughter was telling me about how, “in the olden days”, people didn’t have toilets inside their houses. Which, of course, reminded me of the acreage we lived in – when I was 14!!! – that didn’t have any indoor plumbing. The well water had to be boiled and heated on the wood stove for cooking and bathing. And the outhouse toilet seat had frost on it in the winter time and spiders all around in the summer time. (*shudders*). “In the olden days”, she says, and I felt like a raisin in a bag of grapes. That was only twenty years ago!

  25. I knew a woman who had, with her husband, been a trapper in northern Minnesota back in the day. She had the cold outhouse problem and ended up lining the toilet seats with unmarketable mink skins! She stated they made a huge difference in her comfort. Perhaps the more easily attainable solution would to be to knit or sew a wool toilet seat covering that could be removed to wash. I would add in a removable layer of padding if I was making theses for someone who had very thin or unhealthy skin.

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