This was not yesterday

Yesterday I went back through some of our old shots so that I could compile an extra page that new people can refer to if they need to identify one of the animals or birds. It sits up there, (look up) right next to About.

It is  The Cast of Characters Page. Do you see it up there under Kupa? Pop over if you want to see the whole page. It will give you an overview of the Lead characters in our little farmy Play. It is not quite finished – however I have a feeling it never will be.  Life is like that. Fluid. Like old glass. Things change you know!

I was uplifted by the colour that I found in our previous pages. ( As The Farmy  dives back into yet another Bloody ‘Cold Snap!’. I’ll give you Cold Bloody Snap!) So, it was a relief to look back and KNOW that things will change soon . Here are a few of the shots I came across. wednesday06-016

You will remember some of these old shots~!

Mama and Hairy MacLairy
Mama and Hairy MacLairy
Bobby Blanc is an Ayrshire steer out of Daisy. He will be raised with care and respect to feed the families.
Bobby Blanc is an Ayrshire steer out of Daisy. He will be raised with care and respect to feed the families.


Baby Charltte and Sheila.. Were they ever this little?! Not one of these photographs is from yesterday.waiting-for-dinner

In fact some of these are not even from this year!! I have gone straight to  summer so we can feel the warmthbee11! Remember that the bees come on April 13th! I hope it is warmer by then. This cold cannot hold on too much longer surely.



Soon it will be THIS hot!

Bendy tree day in May
Bendy tree day in May

There isn’t that better? Keep the spring faith.

Good morning. Yesterday and the day before the ground thawed just enough for us to get some heavy work done. We worked hard and fast. The old summer pigsty was removed and that little field (the salad bar field) was covered in compost for the chickens to spread around.  This will be lightly tilled and sown in a mixture of red clover, white clover, summer rye and a fescue I have not grown before. It is a difficult field because of all the gravel below the thin layer of soil, so this is a hardy fast growing recovery mix. I will also add chicory.

Yesterday was funny. Was there a change in  gravity? Everything I lifted seemed so much heavier than usual. I am used to time doing strange things but when gravity waxes and wanes it is a weird sensation.

After this next cold spell, and once the ground has dried enough to work,  we will be ready to  sow the seeds. We are re-sowing four small fields this year so we have our work cut out for us.

I hope you all have a lovely day. I really do. I have just realised that I have not added myself to The Cast page. Later I will go back and see if there is a shot of me we can use. I am always on the working side of the camera so images of miss c are as rare as hens teeth!

Good morning!


58 Comments on “This was not yesterday

  1. Good to hear you had a productive day yesterday…It’s a bit odd to start the day without you and the Farmy, though.
    Angel and I were doing the same thing – looking at last year’s photos. On the 22nd, she was outside barefoot…that won’t be happening this year. We should look further than last March, to remind us that someday, SOMEDAY, it’ll be that warm again…

    • Well she certainly won’t be barefoot with a bad cold like that, I am sure you are in and warm for the next few days.. take care! c

  2. Pheww, you did work hard yesterday !! 🙂 Great Cast of Charaters page, thank you. There is a picture of you on May 29, 2012 as well as a great broccoli and garlic soup recipe. Changes in gravity could be due to low blood pressure and/or blood sugar – rember to eat properly before flying around like a mad thing 🙂 Enjoy the rest of the week end. Laura

    • I eat breakfast every day, but today i am stronger so no worries.. I shall go in search of that pic, how did you remember.. they are hard to find, thank you! c

  3. Ah, now we get it! (blushing) all the time we were looking for your post yesterday, you were right there working on the new Cast of Characters page! I wondered where you were in the morning at the usual time, and then saw you on FB at the end of the day, so nipped back over here. Still nothing. However, I sort of noted the new page, kind of subliminally…but didn’t think to peek! Duh! Its wonderful to see all that warmth and summer on the page! I so love the bee photos!

    • And yesterday I just felt heavy, I knew you would forgive me for getting straight to work without sitting down to post.. i just did not think I would be able to get up again and I had NOTHING in my brain at all!!.. c

      • I have whole strings of days like that this time of year… On another related topic: Think of it, a year ago we had by now several 70 degree days, a very disturbingly early spring that led into a horribly droughty summer. So even as I complain about the cold, I try to remember that this is more “normal” March weather…We have yet another wintry blast with snow heading our way Monday. And so it goes…

  4. Good Morning! So nice to see you. I missed you yesterday. You had a very busy day.
    Those cute little pigs! It’s hard to believe that your big girls were that little such a short time ago.

  5. Gravity always seems to change for me with the shifting winds. I swear that when the wind is from the west, everything is twice the effort. Easterly winds — however biting — are like a shot of adrenaline.
    Your animals look so well looked after and contented 🙂

    • This is interesting because we are having an unusual Nor’East. It is a mean cold little wind and I seldom have to shut that side of the barn against a wind. Hmm. Is the wind affecting me? A southerly blow in the summer sure affects me!! have a lovely day sarah.. c

  6. Missed you yesterday! However I was a busy girl yesterday as well due to a freak in nature!! It got to 80F here in Bedford VA yesterday – yes you are reading that right! So I was flying around my yard like a crazy thing – even got to clean out the chicken hut and run, so they have nice clean straw and nice smells. I usually put down more cedar chips than straw in the spring and summer to keep it cool in there, but the cold snap is back for at least another week. Did I say 80 yesterday? Well it has dropped 40 degrees and not getting much [ast the high 30’s today, with rain/sleet – what a difference a day makes…..

    • EIGHTY! That is outrageous. and now we are both down in the dumpy 30’s again. Ah well. We can do another week? Though I am going out to start clearing the garden beds today anyway.. i just cannot wait another week!

  7. The new cast of characters page is awesome!!! You are such a gifted photographer as well as everything else that you do!!!!

  8. Your farm will always have a ever-changing cast of characters so I think your new page is great. Fun to have some photos that show warm weather will eventually arrive. We have 6 to 10 inches of snow coming our way so we will wait a little longer.

  9. I hear ya about the weather, Celi! Time for Old Man Winter to let us go and to move on. (With apologies to our dear friends in the far South.) I want to open windows and to see green outside them when I do. Your new page is a great idea and will help many of your new followers. And it will be good for the rest of us, too, as time goes by.
    TIme for me to get busy. Have a great day, Celi!

    • I was in the garden today and wondered if you were too.. it was cold but ok for a little clearing! c

  10. I have to tell you that I stared at the basil photo for a very long time! I’m thinking this incessant March rain cannot last forever and, anyway, it’s time to plant out the sweet peas. Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday and thanks for the summery eye break. Hugs. 🙂

  11. Love the cast of characters. I am astonished to learn that the pigs stand hip high!!

  12. The new Cast page is wonderful – all the wonderful pictures – fun to review.
    Yeah, it’s 80 here ( cooler front coming in shortly…but…). Don’t fret – the humidity is already much too high – soon we will all be escaping indoors from excessive heat and humidity while you guys are all outside.
    And the tree pollen is making everything green ( just for St Patrick’s Day? I always wonder if Mother Nature has such a sense of humor..)
    Oh, the heavy feeling? Hmmmm. Big sunspots released end of last week. NASA did mention it might affect the poles and disrupt cell communications…are they not telling us something?
    Wishing you a light heart and sunny mild weather.

  13. Even though I know the current cast of characters…I think…I must go check the new page. Meanwhile, so fun to see these shots again, and the no longer baby pigs!! Yesterday was a blue sky day here like the one in your first shot. Our first real day of spring, even this far south. We’ve been out all weekend enjoying the warm (74 degrees) weather, which will begin a cool down tomorrow, just in time for the equinox! Your spring is coming soon, so hang in there. Have a lovely day!

  14. I actually took a deep sniff of that basil !! And the Sushi sisters look SO cute! Thanks for the cheery pictures.
    We’re in for another winter storm starting tomorrow……..ho, hum, oh well, it will eventually melt.

  15. Good grief, you have been so busy 🙂 I love the farmy cast page, and I can feel you willing the warm weather to you… possibly the forces of nature played around with gravity in response 😉

  16. Just what I needed to see, these splendid images of spring and summer. My husband received a blizzard alert text message this afternoon. That’s how far we are from spring here in Minnesota.

  17. Hi Celi
    I love the new addition of your “cast of characters”….I love all the animals but have to say my favs are Thing1 and Thing2 cause I’m such a cat lover….so I am eagerly awaiting their entrance to the play!

    • Thing Two has gone at the same time as mary’s cat. which leaves us with an interesting question, should we include the principals who have already left us and even ones who we know will be leaving in the future.. i think yes. like white cat, and mary’s cat..hmm.. something to think about.. thank you nancy.. c

  18. Oh darn…lost my comment, Celi. I popped up to the gallery and lost whatever wondrous words. Y’all have come a loooong way, Babe! Even I sat murmuring, “Oh yah, I remember that shot.” And “I remember when she was only wishing for a peacock.”

    I saw the sketch our blogger from Skye did of Ton Ton. Then the cat. So well done. I’m wondering if you received copies…

    • I havbe the one of Ton and I believe she is spoiling me by sending Big Dog as well.. that girl is such a talented artist! c

  19. Much hand wringing Saturday when I couldn’t find you Celi. I even got up at 3 am to see if you had posted today. I think we need to warm you up a little. This cold weather drains one of energy. Come on spring. V.

    • Oh no, that is awful, maybe I should just post that i am not posting if I have another of those days.. i shall do that.. i missed it too .. c

  20. [laughing] We are dependent on your posts, aren’t we? I have to admit, honest gal that I am, that I even went thru’ googling thinking perhaps my email address had somehow disappeared from your lists 🙂 ! And now you say you are on fb as well! Sugar, lady, how do you manage – I gave that up end of 2011 as my personal time management skills had deserted me and the virtual world was taking over . . .

    • with the FB I just pop up the page for the people over there and often any good shots that i come across that don’t go into the blog.. Most people are very forgiving of my time restraints, and are kind enough to visit me even though i seldom have time to visit them.. i am so lucky.. c

  21. I hear you about the weather, expecting another snow storm, hope the forecast is incorrect. I so appreciate the Cast of Players page.

  22. Oh, dear, god.. we have the same Cold Snap.. I wish I could snap my fingers and be done with it!! I love your Cast of Players.. I thought I was such a simpleton because I couldn’t keep track of everyone.. thank you from this “somewhat older” reader:) xx

    • you are most verily welcome.. if you pop back – am I right in assuming you are close to canmore? I will be flying into calgary in july, to go up the mountain.. are you close to there, i cannot remember why i think this, your daughter skis up there maybe?.. c

  23. Hello Miss C, I’m still in the North Island and we had rain all night; lovely to wake up and see everything so refreshed…..not sure if the rain made it to HB….hope so…E

    • I’m laughing but I agree with sorrygnat? above.It looks like Bobby Blanc is having a smoke in his pic.He has that devil may care Bogey look

  24. I’m laughing but I agree with sorrygnats? post above.Why does it look like Bobby Blanc look like he’s having a smoke.He’s got the Bogart devil may care look going to boot.

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