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Storms of Flowers

Amidst the storms in our skies – there are flowers in the garden. When I as young and had about the same amount of time for the flower garden as I do now, I used to plant piles of annuals that  grew from seed.… Continue Reading “Storms of Flowers”


During the months that I travel my worldly possessions shrink to the size of a small carry on bag and an even smaller bag on my shoulder. I have never been one to own a lot of clothing or shoes or jewellery so choosing what I… Continue Reading “Less”

and the skies blew in

I spent a lot of yesterday looking up. Watching the sky and tripping over things. For weeks the predominant cloud display has been a complete cover. But yesterday a change came and the clouds were skudding across the sky. Gathering in long curtains. Performing… Continue Reading “and the skies blew in”

the full moon night

After the dinner is done and the dishes  are done and the writing is done. I  stand in front of the fire and put all my cold weather gear back on, my clown suit, the jacket, the hats, the scarf, the gloves, pick up… Continue Reading “the full moon night”

Silence made Simple

Silence made Simple by Sheila. I hope you have a lovely day. celi  

Screaming Mistress Wind

The day started off so nicely.  It was not warm  but the calm was nice. The animals woke up slowly.  But soon after breakfast Mistress Wind arrived – her black cape flapping – unpacked her bag of demon daughters and they let loose with a… Continue Reading “Screaming Mistress Wind”

What does wind look like?

I can’t show you what the wind looks like. There are no leaves or long grasses bending in supplication to the wind to help me show you. I cannot take one picture that lets you feel the full force of a roaring westerly wind,… Continue Reading “What does wind look like?”

Daisy’s coat needs attention

About this time of year a cow’s winter coat starts to lift and itch. So while my back was turned Daisy has been rubbing her neck on the big tree in her yard and if you look carefully you will see that in some… Continue Reading “Daisy’s coat needs attention”

New Zealand Week: watching the rugby from the prairies!

As you know we do not have cable TV. But because the rugby world cup had low ratings in the States, it was being shown on the free TV channels out here on the prairies. So we got to see a bit of it.… Continue Reading “New Zealand Week: watching the rugby from the prairies!”