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the full moon night

After the dinner is done and the dishes  are done and the writing is done. I  stand in front of the fire and put all my cold weather gear back on, my clown suit, the jacket, the hats, the scarf, the gloves, pick up… Continue Reading “the full moon night”

Green Tomato Pie

You didn’t see that coming did you.  Nor did I, especially after yesterday.  Your comments from yesterday impressed on me once again that we all have such a lot on common. All living in our different worlds but dealing with so much that we… Continue Reading “Green Tomato Pie”

How to make Celi’s Sweet Chilli Sauce

Look at those beautiful grapes, if I could make a wine that tasted just like these grapes I would be thrilled, and look at my beautiful flower, eaten by the bad bugs.  But still beautiful. Thing Two asks that no-one notice the little drop… Continue Reading “How to make Celi’s Sweet Chilli Sauce”

Maybe the coyotes just want to be friends. Making music for us in the night.

I went to bed last night after loading my pictures for this morning.  But I had no words in my head.  I looked at the writing book that sits beside the bed, it’s pen at the ready, then reached past it for the reading… Continue Reading “Maybe the coyotes just want to be friends. Making music for us in the night.”

Coyotes and Wild Dogs in the Moonlight.

Last night something died in the cornfield. In the night a dreadful sound woke me and I came fully awake  standing barefoot out in the middle of our little home field.  The sounds of dogs were everywhere.  Two huge herons erupted noisily from the… Continue Reading “Coyotes and Wild Dogs in the Moonlight.”