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A Day Off Pigs

Finally, yesterday, the heat broke and we had a lovely ordinary busy day. The pigs and piglets napped in the sun.  We made sweetcorn relish, and bread and croqueta.  And Summer Sauce (basically I chuck everything we picked on that day into the slow cooker… Continue Reading “A Day Off Pigs”

The Winters Tail

That nasty Discontented Winter has created some gaps in the gardens.  Big gaps. It’s icy tail flicked across the gardens and sent killing shivers down the spines of trees and vines. The peach tree and a couple of a little apple trees -Dead. Also a big apple tree… Continue Reading “The Winters Tail”

Ladybird Wine

With a sudden-ness that happens sometimes (often), when one is juggling more than three balls,  (I’ve stopped counting) the wine grapes  went from imminent to ‘Pick me right now’!  These grapes are a Vidal Blanc and this is our third vintage.  I only have… Continue Reading “Ladybird Wine”

Pickled Eggs and Food Photography

My first attempt at a real composition. This is not as simple as it looks. I can see everything that is wrong with each of these images and whats more  I can see what to do to make the image better.  And some areas… Continue Reading “Pickled Eggs and Food Photography”

Sweet Potato Dog Treats

A gift.  Not for you. For them – (Not the best composition but they did their best). These shots were taken to print and send away to Triple T at basic training. I am sure he misses the dogs and his cat. And his… Continue Reading “Sweet Potato Dog Treats”

You can’t make wine out of that! They say.

I know it looks bad.                                                                              … Continue Reading “You can’t make wine out of that! They say.”

How to make Celi’s Sweet Chilli Sauce

Look at those beautiful grapes, if I could make a wine that tasted just like these grapes I would be thrilled, and look at my beautiful flower, eaten by the bad bugs.  But still beautiful. Thing Two asks that no-one notice the little drop… Continue Reading “How to make Celi’s Sweet Chilli Sauce”

You can run…

But you can’t hide. On the way to pick up the honey frames that the bees had cleaned. So I could pop them in the freezer for 24 hours to kill any bugs, then wrap them and store them for the winter. I saw this.… Continue Reading “You can run…”

Longing for evening

Yesterday was just a little day.  A nice peaceful Sunday. Milking the cow while TonTon watched from his usual  place.  Telling Sheila she knows that John does not like her to play in the traffic and get back in the barn right now it… Continue Reading “Longing for evening”

A Small but Robust Sticky Crush

Yesterday we picked out first little crop of Vidal Blanc grapes for wine. We hauled everything out through the orchard into the teensy vineyard (10 vines to pick),  set up the harvest table, (made from old recycled barn timbers) and numerous vessels. Gathered the… Continue Reading “A Small but Robust Sticky Crush”