A Day Off Pigs

Finally, yesterday, the heat broke and we had a lovely ordinary busy day. The pigs and piglets napped in the sun.  We made sweetcorn relish, and bread and croqueta. corn relish

And Summer Sauce (basically I chuck everything we picked on that day into the slow cooker and cook it for hours). The sauce is partially blended, cooled,  and ladled into labeled ziplock bags.  The labels give a good description of what is in the sauce. Then they are sealed then placed flat into a plastic container that is the exact size of the trays in my big freezer with the label facing the side.  Later I just tip the frozen sauce out and they all stack up in the freezer like books. I stack them in a way that I can read each label and retrieve the sauce I want without having to rummage through everything.

garlic drying

And Jo my beautiful willowy visitor took Camera House for a walk – luckily – because the moment the temperatures drop many of the Waiting List of jobs feel doable. So we were all working flat out and sharing the camera.


And this morning we have another cool day and I started early and already have achieved heaps. Just Sheila to shift to a new field and the teenager chicks shifted to their first outdoor home.

I am so late posting! Now it is coffee and breakfast time.

Love celi

PS Here is my sweetcorn relish recipe. I do not have the time to write the whole recipe out for you so I have taken a photo of the card from my own recipe box. Click on the image and it will get bigger for you. It is in my shorthand though so if you do make it  just ask your questions in the comments and I will  decipher it for you. DSC_0072

FP is food processor,  c is cup.



21 Comments on “A Day Off Pigs

  1. So pleased to see bunches of grapes, and the garlic drieing on the verandah. Laura

  2. I didn’t get a chance to comment yesterday on your son’s beautiful post but I just wanted to say how very lovely that was and I also was moved to tears…being the mother of two good sons myself, I could just feel that love for you and his family in his words…
    Senior son…you are a gift to the world…

  3. So glad the heat has broken for you. When you get a chance, I’m wondering what kind of tree that is with the peeling bark? We have a lot of trees that do that here, but I’ve not seen trees in the USA do that very often. Is it a Plain Tree or Sycamore? The leaves look a little like Maple but I’ve never seen a Maple tree with peeling bark…just trivia, not urgent. Best to you all!

  4. Oh, the sun through those grapes… As I write, it’s Sunday morning here, and you will be sleeping the sleep of the deserving. Have a wonderful day off blogging, thank you for all the beauty you’ve shown us this week.

  5. Dear, dear Celi,

    I am so full of admiration for your freezer organizing skills. I’m sure that they were born out of systems it didn’t work quite well and now you have perfected the freezer packing of your sauces. Well done!

    I, too, would like to comment about your son’s post yesterday. It was vibrant with love for you and for his little family. It’s always nice to see photos that other people have taken of the farmy. I appreciate the unique visuals that come when different people take pictures of your little farm.

    Much love,
    Your Gayle

  6. Presume ‘Jo’ is your DIL . . . . lovely, lovely photos – especially like the one looking at the barn. And tho’ I but rarely make relishes and such I do like the sound of yours and shall try: our handwriting is SO similar I can read & understand from a country mile away: love it that you use turmeric [prevents and cures almost all ills!!] and apple cider vinegar 🙂 !

    • Haha!! You forgot the Uzis (water pistols for the pigs, they can’t be trusted with dangerous projectiles).

    • Yes, I was already around at that time and there were a lot of very big uzis in the threat-to-fire line and no one had time to wear sunglasses . . .

      • ROFL – I’m sure that the Pay of Pigs is picturesque today, but the CIA definitely wore dark glasses. I think the Farmy will be alright as long as the pigs don’t find a copy of Animal farm 😉

  7. Looks like the garlic is ready to pick. You must tell us about this new phenomenon, air gardening!

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