Sweet Potato Dog Treats

A gift. sweet-potato-dog-treats-004

Not for you.


For them –

dogs-2 dogs-3

(Not the best composition but they did their best). These shots were taken to print and send away to Triple T at basic training. I am sure he misses the dogs and his cat. And his car.

rampage for sid 001

This is a Dodge Rampage that our John fixed up for his son. Beyond that I know nothing except that it is loud.

But back to the treats: The  Postmistress made these dehydrated  sweet potato chips for Boo and yes Boo LOVES them.  How about that for a healthy treat.  She is a member of the Fellowship of the Farmy and reads every morning so maybe she will tell us in the comments how she made them! I  think they are going to become familiar treats around here.

Did  you see how shiny those dogs are? That is because they jump in the cow’s water trough  as often as they can throughout the day and the animals drinking water  is always treated with Apple Cider Vinegar.  Maybe I should wash MY hair in Apple Cider Vinegar.

sweet-potato-dog-treats-011 sweet-potato-dog-treats-013

My new fire hydrant. I have quite a few in the garden, they are useful for pulling hoses around. Plus they are beautiful.  I cannot bear for them to go to the scrap yard. These are Rescue Hydrants.

sweet-potato-dog-treats-018 sweet-potato-dog-treats-021 sweet-potato-dog-treats-024

That little set of photographs turned out autumnal.  Ignore that – I am still in high summer mode, autumn is going to have to work really hard to get one over me this year.

I seldom have a plan as I shoot images during the day.  I just tuck Camera House into my hip and collect images of whatever takes my fancy. It is in the evening that I sit down after dinner and the evening chores are done, the dishes stacked, the dehydrator emptied and reloaded, the last of the 6 daily quart or pint and a half (my favourite size)  jars  pinging as they cool on the counter,  and a glass of wine beside me that I load the days images into my computer – then I see what my day has been like. Sometimes it seems like a very long time from the morning (it really is a 5 – 9 job) and even I get a few little surprises.

Often you have a scented pot pourri of colour, an eclectic mix. But all on the farmy. All right here on our eight acres. And all yesterday.


And now it is today. What will today bring I wonder.

Good morning. I hope you all have a lovely day.

your friend, celi


74 Comments on “Sweet Potato Dog Treats

  1. Lovely photos C
    Anxious to see the recipe for sweet potato chips — when I try to make them (for myself) they don’t look that good 😉

    • It is very simple. I just peel the sweet potato..use my trusty $10 mandolin to slice them in a nice medallion size shape…place them on a dehydrator tray…dry for about 8 hours or until they reach the crispyness you like. My sister has a schnoodle with a fussy tummy. She got this tip from her vet because he can’t eat regular treats. Big hit at her home too. 2 potaotes usually fill up all of my trays.
      The Postmistress

  2. I make sweet potato chewies for my dogs 🙂 I slice them thin and steam them until they start to get a little tender, but not so tender that they fall apart. I sprinkle them with ginger and turmeric, then into the dehydrator until they are dry and chewy. Rudy, my oldest, stands at attention under the dehydrator waiting for me to drop one or for the bell to go off.

    And I only wash my hair with ACV. Haven’t used shampoo in years. My hair gets DIRTY – actual dirt, mulch, bugs, sweat, dog drool… I spend all day outside like you. And the ACV rinse works great. Though I wonder if there isn’t something in cow drool that contributes to the dogs’ shine 🙂

    • Umm Going to try the ACV. My biggest problem is the humidity that frizzes my hair so I look like the wild man of Borneo! That and the sun then dries it out!
      Also will try the chewies for my dogs. Both are on antibiotics at the moment – Sam for Limes Disease and Shelly for Ehrlichia (also tick born). Sam eats anything and everything in his bowl. Shelly is and always has been pickie so having a hell of a time getting these pills inside her. Tried the ‘roll up in cheese’ method and can go through a ton of cheese whilst she still spits out the pill. Tried pill pockets (my own, made of chunks of meat with a hole in the middle) tried breaking the pills aprt and sprinkling the powder on her food and covering with more food. She gets one taste of the antibiotic and just walks away from her bowl! So any advice from the Farmy Folks would be much appreciated! She used to like a drop of milk in the mornings and she has gone off that as well now!

      • I also have the curly hair problem,(read frizz) I rinsed with the vinegar for a while and it was a disaster.. the knots were awful, not for everyone I think. It is such a bore when animals will not take a pill. The Big Dog is like this with his worm tablets. Just a whiff of it and he is off. If all else fails i just open their mouths and put the pieces of pill all on the back of the tongue. Then close the mouth and stroke the throat. After a while they HAVE to swallow. They also have to be well trained to take it. Big Dog is definitely not trained at all. Why don’t they make them meat flavoured thats what I want to know. Hope someone comes up with a solution for you.. Limes disease is not good. I had a tick bite the other day. Nasty things. But we are not in a high risk lime disease area thank goodness.. c

        • I also have wavy/frizzy hair in humid weather and I used Light Moroccan Oil. It doesn’t keep the hair straight but it makes it much more manageable in humidity. Only a very tiny amount though…

      • I have a daughter that gets that frizzy hair in the humidity (and we live in WV where it’s humid most of the time 🙂 ) so I take a very small amount of coconut oil and work it onto my fingertips and then into the bottom of her hair. A very small amount is all it takes or you’ll end up oily. We all have hair that’s close to waist length, there’s 5 of us girls, and we wash with baking soda dissolved in water, maybe 2 tablespoons in a quart of water, and rinse with about a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in 2 cups of water. As for that dog pill, I don’t know except to use your fingers and push it down her throat. Not fun but she needs it.

      • I trained my dogs from day one to sit and take their pill. There’s a trick to it. Have the bag of treats, lock yourself in a room with them, make them sit, open their mouths, put the pill as far back as possible (if you can drop it into the gaping black hole it’s best) and hold their mouths closed. Rub their throats and when they have swallowed the pill, THEN they get the treats.
        Honestly myself and everyone I knows with dogs that pay attention knows that pill pockets don’t work. They actually are worse because the dog just keeps getting more treats as they spit the pill out over and over. Pill time becomes a game of “avoid the pill get more treats”, so it’s better to train them into pill-taking like a trick.

        • Very good point, mine get the pill put in their mouths, swallow and then “good dog”. Though now i have sweet potato treats to follow! But when you get a reluctant dog like Big Dog or Lyn’s dog then it is trouble.. With Big Dog I use fresh meat. A small piece of meat, that he will swallow straiight away, give him maybe two or three then have the pill in the last one. c

    • Lacey, do you warm the vinegar and pour it over your head? how do you do that and how does it get the dirt out. Do massage it in? and rinse out with water..No shampoo, ? c

      • I think if you google vinegar rinse on hair most sites will tell you to dilute the vinegar with water.

      • I dilute the ACV by 1/2 and use it in the shower when my hair is already wet – so it may be more like 1/3 dilution. (That’s how I wash my dogs, too, so I always have a bottle ready.) I pour it on, rub a bit like I would with shampoo and rinse. I’m not sure how it gets the dirt out, but it does – maybe an oil and vinegar don’t mix kind of thing…

        I have straight, blonde hair that gets dried out easily, so I use this stuff called Shine On! Conditioner by Living Libations. A little goes a very long way. I squeeze my hair out and put some of the conditioner in and leave it in. No rinsing.

        Have you guys tried sardines with your picky pill pooches? Oh my gosh, they STINK. I open the tin and my dogs start drooling. I think the stench would overcome any pill smell or taste for a dog. AND the trick to always give a chaser – give the pill inside the bite and then quickly give a second bite free of pills… down the hatch!

    • Your chips sound yummy! We have never put anything on our chips because of the tummy thing. I will have to check with my Sis and see if the seasonings might be something her dog can have. Thanks!

  3. and please give my Thank You! x 1000 to Tripple T. I love, respect and admire the men and women who serve and protect.

    • He is definitely working very hard at basic, they have a FB site if you can imagine! the boys themselves are not allowed on the computer but it is for the parents to see what theya re up to.. c

  4. Good morning Celi; as for apple cider vinegar it is to rinse your hair Celi after washing it in baking soda. try it; it is old school. that is all Missy uses. 🙂 she really does me and the girls too. Missy and the girls have all that hair! Missys is probably 24″ at least . be a blessing mike

  5. I special order Crump’s Natural Sweet Potato Rawhides at my Vet’s or Pet Meds, and my dog Luc is crazy about them. You are inspiring me to check into a dehydrator as the treats are expensive to buy. They are thicker slabs than yours appear, but Luc can still get through one in about 10 secs.
    I read your stories & gaze at your wonderful pics first thing every morning and send my best wishes to all at The Farmy & near & dear ones. Thanks so very much for all you do.

    • Lets hope the postmistress pops in soon and tells us how she makes these ones.. I had a couple too and they are great! c

  6. Lovely animal pics, especially Big Dog but too late, I started a new painting of him yesterday! (It rained ALL DAY)

    • Oh good, i have been posting as many as i can so you had a choice. Our John will be so surprised!! how exciting.. c

  7. Your photos are always so brilliant, and your accompanying words so pleasant to read… I do love your blog… and miss it when I’m on the road…

  8. You kind of lost me once I read sweet potato treats – snorts. You *know* my pot belly gives me away every.single.time. They can be for little piggies too, right? I love sweet potatoes. Well to tell you the truth, I’ve actually never met any kind of potato I haven’t liked. XOXO – Bacon
    P.S. After my pot belly stopped rumbling and I begged a snack off from daddy, I went back and finished your blog. I do love your pictures – especially your hydrant – I wonder why?

  9. Always look forward to your photos C – it’s lovely to share in what you see everyday.
    How lovely that the pups enjoy sweet potato treats – reckon I would too.
    Oh boy, would my Pete be insanely jealous of your wood piles – he collects wood for our braai’s and they have to be packed in crates in the right order so the oldest driest get’s used first.
    Have a super farmy day.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  10. I saw those peach leaves and said “NO!! I’m not ready for fall!” Michael said “Keep reading.” 🙂 You two must miss TTT. We” I’m off and running. Have to pick okra and beans this morning. Have a great day, Celi!

    • My beans are having a resurgence, so i had better get out there too, I missed your messages when you could not comment, though Michael is always good at keeping me up to date! c

  11. My chihuahua LOVES sweet potato in any form I give to her.She get a special treat during the holidays of sweet potato pudding. I cut them in bits for her fresh or dry them .They replace all store bought goodys.They are also very cheap to buy. Good for us 2 legs also. Have a lovely day.

      • I learned dogs would eat sweet potatoes when a gentleman farmer I work with let me take a whole basket of them home, gratis. I left the basket on the floor of the kitchen, not realizing what a tantalizing treat they would make. My pit bull carried two or three away and ate them, RAW! It makes sense, the dogs’ kibble is a mix of sweet potato and salmon, it just never occurred to me before. Oh well. She was quite cute, perched on her bed, bright orange potato on her paws.

  12. My dog loves sweet potato & pumpkin treats. He takes his pills inside a small dollop of peanut butter. For some reason, it masks the pill when other foods won’t.

  13. I had read that apple cider vinegar is also good for an itchy and flaky scalp! As well as heartburn. I’m going to try it on my hair, I wonder — do you end up smelling like salad?
    I’m with you on this autumn thing, what we’ve had can hardly be called summer. We’ve been at the cottage for a few days and some mornings are just too chilly for August; I’m simply not ready yet. You’ll have to drag me kicking and screaming before I don a pair of socks, don’t even get me started about boots and a coat! Hope you have a lovely day too Celi.

    • But we love our boots don’t we Eva,so we might be forgiven for looking forward to the boots.. with heels that is not the gumboot kind!..c

  14. I’ll have to give a try with those treats. A while back I made some baked (soft) sweet potato treats & had the neighborhood dogs come over for a taste testing. All the pups seemed to like them although my Lola wasn’t exactly the best hostess & swiped a lot of treats.
    Your pics are absolutely lovely, as always but I am fascinated by the fire hydrants & had no idea that you could buy them. How did you ever find out about that?

  15. Celi, i do have a Mac –it’s a desk top model. But I also have an iPad which was given to me by my sister and nieces for my– EEK–70th birthday. But recently I was unable to write a comment on the iPad. It wouldnt “take”.I am technologically challenged so I had to wait until one of said kind nieces was available to figure out the problem. Yesterday, she did. : )

  16. Miss A would love to give those treats to Ton and Boo. And the fire hydrants are lovely. Great idea to send pics to triple t. 🙂

  17. And … early in the morning just after my single wonderful cup of joe I sit at my computer and follow Celi around the Farm and am transported far away to Illinois and The Kingdom of the Farmy. How very, very fortunate I am to have this glorious place to travel to every morning. There are the sad times but for the me this is a place of inspiration, encouragement and appreciation of the life that surrounds us. V.

  18. I heard that sweet potato is good for delicate stomachs, ones that suffer from diarrhea. (I mean dogs.)

  19. teddy will not eat sweet potato treats. she is so very fussy. and pill taking, i have tried everything. i finally found that if i put the pill in something she really likes and hold it above her, she opens her mouth and i drop it to the back of her throat and down it goes…most of the time!

    • Same with Ton. Even when i put on in his mouth he just lets it fall, he just is not a treat dog. Boo very kindly came and took the second one out of Tons mouth to save him the bother.. c

  20. Question postmistress…do the sweet potatoes have to be peeled before drying? I hate to peel potatoes! 🙂 Plus the skin is good for you, right? Has anyone tried baked, sweet potatoe fries? They are very good too!
    I love the photos today C. and who would throw away perfectly good fire hydrants?? Looks like the dogs have lots of nice ones for pee stations without having to go all the way to the city! 🙂

    • I do peel mine but I guess you wouldn’t have to. I just use my veggie peeler and lickety split they’re done. If you leave the peel on make sure you scrub them really well. You would be surprised at what comes off of a potato skin. Yuk! I love sweet potato fries…they are the best!
      The Postmistress

      • also if you have bought them the pesticide residues in the skins of root vegetables is off the chart. Always peel unless grown in organic soil.

  21. There is much to be said for your ability to come up w/ new images for us each day. You continue to amaze me with that talent. As always,they are such a treat to view.

    Are the sweet potato chips for human consumption also? I recently discovered sweet potatoes, not having grown up with them except for the horrid ones served with brown sugar and marshmallows at Thanksgiving. Now I drizzle them with olive oil, spice them with sea salt and ground black pepper and a sprinkle of red pepper and enjoy. I never knew sweet potatoes could taste this good.

    • I was shocked when i came to america and was offered the strange and deeply unsettling sugar and marshmallow version. What is that all about?.. I love them straight with the pepper! or mashed with garlic! YUM!! c

  22. i love autumn with all its colours =) great post. i do wonder if you ever did a farmy tour? virtual that is… i would love to stop by but its a bit far from the middle east to the us. (even though i can imagine that a lot of people would also come to a non virtual farmy tour 😉 ) i am only a follower for some months now and still dont have the bigger picture about where is what… but then maybe that is not too important. have a lovely day!

    • You are right though Cat. Israel right? With tones of europe? germany? I think i am right. I should do a drawing, that’s what i should do so you can all see what is where.. I shall ‘tink on it! c

      • yes, israel at the moment but originally from germany (and going back there with guy and cat in december to start our own small farmy in the north of germany). did you ever do a non virtual tour, open door day sort of thing? i am sure there are many people interested in meeting you in person. i would come for sure…. but we talked about that. think about it =)

  23. Sweet potatoes for pups – who knew? Will have to try them with Molly who has a delicate stomach.
    That Apple cider vinegar is an old old idea – my mom grew up using it and used it on us when we were little. Sometimes long hair can be “dipped” into a bowl if you don’t want to pour it all over the scalp

  24. Oh, I know about those nasty pesticides…I keep my list of the dirty dozen nearby in the kitchen but ALWAYS try and buy organic, if I can’t dig them out of my own soil! 🙂 One of the worst for pesticide residue is strawberries, so if mine arn’t in season, we go without!

    • MM.. those strawberries.. plus their SUPER SIZE is a little unsettling.. ours are small, thin on the ground and tasty! c

  25. Beautiful photos, as usual. I, too, found when we were traveling that I would just photograph things all day long, then after reviewing them decide what to write about. An interesting way to write. X

    • I have absolute confidence in the monster too. i know that it will work. Some posts are deadly dull, like now, middle of summer, we are just trucking along getting fat, but usually i have at least one good shot, speaking of which,i had better get dinner on and get out there again, the light is changing, it will be a beautiful evening.. c

  26. You could just join the dogs in the cow’s water trough, you’re out there, anyway! 😉 Your photos are always a lovely potpourri of farmy things. Pinging jar lids, it’s been a long time since I heard those.

  27. Thank you Connie for letting us know how you make your dried sweet potatoes. What kind of dehydrator do you use? I live in tropical Queensland where we have ample, hot sunshine, and I was wondering if it is possible to dry them naturally in the sun.
    Love your photos Celi, interesting as always.

    • People around here (sub tropical Northern NSW) dry produce naturally the sun. The produce is placed between two screen doors to stop bugs getting in. It is normally brought inside after the sun goes down as any moisture in the air ruins it, then it goes back out next day if more drying is required.

      • Well if they do it down there in Northern NSW, then I shouldn’t have a problem up here in Qld! Thank you so much for responding to my query red box gal!

  28. Andre loves Freeze Dried Green Beans that I get from Ohnuts.com. In fact he is trying to get me outside right now to play ball with him, he gets a green bean when he puts the ball back in the throw stick.

  29. Well, I am still laughing at your 5-9 workday! We are so used to 9-5, I wonder how many noticed 🙂 ? When I was knee-high-to-a-grasshopper Mom always rinsed my hair with diluted vinegar to make it shine: don’t think we had apple cider! The other popular rinse was diluted strained lemon juice – one was supposed to be for blondes, the other for dark-haired. Think the boys posed very artfully [another photo pinched!] and shall try the sweet potato slices over the weekend as a treat for me!!!!

  30. My days are 5-9 as well, although I try to grab a few extra minutes sleep after the G.O.’s alarm goes off, and despite our best efforts bedtime is often well after 9 – sometimes 9 is dinner time. In summer I don’t mind so much… but winter 😦
    Sweet potatoes are a staple in our kitchen. The dehydrator is already on my looooong one-day list and I’m adding home made sweet potato chips 🙂

  31. How handsomely the dogs are posing. Your photos are full of light and magic. I’m jealous of the dogs, getting those yummy-looking sweet potato chips! May summer linger for you.

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