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Ladybird Wine

With a sudden-ness that happens sometimes (often), when one is juggling more than three balls,  (I’ve stopped counting) the wine grapes  went from imminent to ‘Pick me right now’!  These grapes are a Vidal Blanc and this is our third vintage.  I only have… Continue Reading “Ladybird Wine”

Bottle Shock – (there’s a song in that!)

Sometimes, well most of the time, when I smell and taste things I smell or taste them imagining the scents as a barcode. Each smell or taste (and they always work  together) has big flavours and little flavours and hints of this and bangs… Continue Reading “Bottle Shock – (there’s a song in that!)”

A Small but Robust Sticky Crush

Yesterday we picked out first little crop of Vidal Blanc grapes for wine. We hauled everything out through the orchard into the teensy vineyard (10 vines to pick),  set up the harvest table, (made from old recycled barn timbers) and numerous vessels. Gathered the… Continue Reading “A Small but Robust Sticky Crush”

More wine, less whine.

Illinois was the fourth largest producer of wine grapes in the US up until Prohibition in 1919.  Johns Great-grandmother being one of those paid up card carrying tough old prohibition women. I even have her prohibition prayer cards to prove it somewhere around here.… Continue Reading “More wine, less whine.”